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How to configure this network setup

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I have two DroboPro's. Each DroboPro has a single GbE connection.

I have 3 servers. Two servers have 5 GbE connections (2 onboard, 2 adapter, 1 adapter). The other server has 4 GbE connections (2 onboard, 2 adapter).

I have 2 network switches, stacked - Netgear GS748TS. There are 35 workstations connected.

What's the best method for connecting everything so that data backups from server 1 and 2, go to server 3 without interferring with user traffic. The two DroboPro's replicate via DFS.



What you want to do is create a private "backup" VLAN on a dedicated subnet.

You need to assign it an unused IP range and connect a dedicated "backup" NIC to this VLAN. Make sure these interfaces don't automatically register with your local DNS servers. Then, you would create a static route on each server to the backup subnet and bind it to the backup NIC using the route.exe command. Same goes for the backup server.

After doing this, all backup traffic will occur over the dedicated links and will not traverse your production data network.


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