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How to create this type of stuff in illustrator?

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please share me video tutorial if you have. and what name of the style?

How to create this type of stuff in illustrator?
How to create this type of stuff in illustrator?


There's no "specific" way to make these type of illustrations. BUT... from what I can see, you're focusing on pattern designed illustrations, most of the textures are built from patterns (repetitive symbols, from dots, to lines, triangles, circles...) mixed with several different fonts.

You can find how to make patterns in Illustrator for example:
Adobe's official guide - giving you a link instead of a personal guide since your question has no hint on what software are you using.

Then again... thats just 10% of the magic, the other 90% is your creativity, and that mate can't be taught through a video (you can get some inspiration though), you just need to practice. How about taking the first image you posted, and try to replicate it in your software? Use it as a guide.

So in few words, I recommend learning how to craft patterns and play a lot with it, a lot. Mix some fonts (you can also find free cool fonts all around the web) and have fun while testing.

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