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How to get link from onclick event using Scrapy?

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I've been using Scrapy for getting content but I am having some trouble getting links from this particular site:Taleo Site

Clicking the title takes you to the job description. But the href is set to '#'.

And the onclick event is:

onclick="javascript:setEvent(event);requisition_openRequisitionDescription('requisitionListInterface','actOpenRequisitionDescription',_ftl_api.lstVal('requisitionListInterface', 'requisitionListInterface.listRequisition', 'requisitionListInterface.ID1380', this),_ftl_api.intVal('requisitionListInterface', 'requisitionListInterface.ID1384', this));return ftlUtil_followLink(this); 

Also the link for all job descriptions is the same for all jobs. All of the description links are:


I've been using scrapy for a while and would like to following the link and scrape the content. I'm just having trouble with this sort of setup where the href attribute is '#' and the link is created by JavaScript.

In the past I would do the following to get links and follow them, but in this case this doesn't work.

item['link'] = sel.xpath([email protected]').extract()[0] 

How can I fix this? Thanks

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