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How to keep or drop LVM snapshot?

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I have made an LVM snapshop by

lvcreate --name snap --size 10G -s /dev/vg00/vm 

What command should I write if I want to drop the snapshot, and not keep the changes that have happened since the snapshot?

And what command should I write to roll the changes from the snapshot into /dev/vg00/vm ?


to drop snapshot use:

lvremove group/snap-name

to merge snapshot use:

lvconvert --merge group/snap-name

Though merging will be deferred until the orgin and snapshot volumes are unmounted. You may need to update kernel (>=2.6.33) and lvm tools to have support for merging.

Looks like this has been asked before:


As well as:


OK, first of all: the grand old LVM1 supported only read-only snapshots. In that case the modifications were copied to original image after unmounting the snapshot. LVM2 provides support for read-write snapshots, allowing you to do funkier stuff with virtual machine images and stuff like that.

Novell has a very niece piece of documentation about the concept of using LVM for rolling back a failed OS update. Take a look at that article, it provides all the bits and pieces you need for your case.

you can use lvremove command to remove the old snapshot files:

lvremove /dev/vg_brcvhost1/snap this will ask you to remove a sanpshot persent in the your LV.

other commands are also there for managing a LVM based VM setup.

you can find the details commands in the link below: http://linux.math.tifr.res.in/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/snapshots_backup.html

and the below link may also be usefull: http://dentarg.it64.com/content/lvm-based-backup-virtual-machines

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