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How to lookup Email based on given User name (not current user)

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I am trying to populate the custom Email field of all the records of the account object. Based on a custom field MName which is a lookup to the User object, do a lookup to the User object and get the email and populate the email__c in the Account object. I need this bulkified because there can be many account records to do this on.

Here is what I have attempted but am very new so this may be very far from where I want to be.


    for(Account acc :Trigger.New)  {     List<User> users = New List<User>();     for(User currUser : users)      {         if (currUser.MName == acc.Name)         {             acc.Email = currUser.Email;         }     }    } 


Try the below code hope this helps you :

else you can create a formula field as suggested by @Poet

Set<Id> setuserId = new Set<Id>();
Map<Id, Email> mapUserIdToEmail = new Map<Id, Email>();
List<Account> lstAccount = new List<Account>();
for(Account objAcc : Trigger.new){
    if(objAcc.MName__c != null)

for(User objUser : [SELECT Id, Email FROM User WHERE Id IN : setuserId]){
    mapUserIdToEmail.put(objUser.Id, objUser.Email);

for(Account objAcc : Trigger.new){
        lstAccount.add(new Account(Id = objAcc.Id, email__c = mapUserIdToEmail.get(objAcc.MName__c)));

update lstAccount;

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