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how to optimize mysql fulltext search

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When searching nice language there shows flowing result and if i want to give 1 score for one word repeated (like a nice nice) results what should i do. For example in the result PHP is a PHP is a nice nice gets 2 score

+---------------------------------------+-------+-------+ | Opinion                               | Score || date  | +---------------------------------------+-------+-------+ | PHP is a  nice nice                   |     2 ||2016/2/23 | | Spain is a nice country to visit      |     1 ||2016/2/22 | | Perl is not as nice a language as PHP |     2 ||2016/2/21 | | Perl is not language language as PHP  |     2 ||2016/2/20 | +---------------------------------------+-------+-------+   SELECT Opinion, MATCH(Opinion) AGAINST('nice language' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AS Score FROM opinions WHERE MATCH(Opinion) AGAINST ('nice language' IN BOOLEAN MODE); 
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