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How to use FFmpeg Command for Reverse Video?

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i am use to FFmpeg library in android for reverse video. I can dump images from video but how to reverse all images and make video. See this link that from i am use to library in my gradle.. Library is compile 'com.github.hiteshsondhi88.libffmpeg:FFmpegAndroid:0.2.5' i can use some of command and some are not. i use command as like below

-i /storage/emulated/0/ffvid/frameCount.mp4 -an -qscale 1 /storage/emulated/0/ffimg/revi%06d.jpg

above command use for dump images from video. i can't use command as liki $ffmpeg , $sox and $cat

i have referred many link but not success in see below some links...



So please help me and give me solution. if other library available then suggest me. thanks advance


It looks like it runs ffmpeg and so instead of this:

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -an -qscale 1 %06d.jpg

and this:

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -vn -ac 2 audio.wav

Run this instead:

-i input.mkv -an -qscale 1 %06d.jpg

and this:

-i input.mkv -vn -ac 2 audio.wav

It looks like this only works for ffmpeg commands and so commands like cat won't work.

I didn't look at it too close but it looks like if you try to run cat you would really be running ffmpeg cat which does not exist.

You see, if you run -i input.mkv -an -qscale 1 %06d.jpg from a terminal, this does nothing but if you run ffmpeg -i input.mkv -an -qscale 1 %06d.jpg it does. This indicates that this application runs ffmpeg and allows you to add the option -i input.mkv -an -qscale 1 %06d.jpg to the ffmpeg command.

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