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I have a server running windows 2008 hyper v with 4 virtual machines on it. There was some raid controller issue and I've lost parts of the snapshots in the process due to corruption. I am wondering if there's a way I can force the remaining snapshots I saved to merge and form a semi/functional system to at least save some files? Thanks


No. Restore from backup. That's your only option at this point.

You can try the steps here.

To Start Merge follow the below steps

  1. First Identify the Youngest AVHD ( In Our Ex : AVHD4)
  2. Rename the Youngest AVHD (AVHD4) to VHD
    1. Should not rename all the AVHDs at a time. Need to Rename only Youngest Avhd First
  3. You can choose the Edit Disk option from the Actions menu in the Hyper-V Management Console.
  4. Click Next through the first screen and select the snapshot file on the following screen.
  5. Select Merge on the next screen and choose the To parent virtual disk option and click Finish.
  6. After Successfully Completing Merge, Now Automatically AVHD4 will be deleted.
    1. Now Rename the Second Youngest Avhd (AVHD3) to Vhd.
  7. Repeats the Steps from 1 to 4 until Oldest AVHD ( AVHD1) Get Merge with Parent VHD.
  8. Once this has completed you should create a new virtual machine with the default options you would normally use, selecting to use an existing virtual disk on the hard disk screen. You should select the newly merged VHD file.

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