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Is Google+ available for Google Apps accounts?

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Google Plus launched today but when I try to check it out, I get the error:

Google Profiles is not available for your organization.

I have Google Apps on my domain. Am I missing a setting in my administration panel where I enable this feature or is it simply not available to people with Google Apps yet?

My guess is the latter but I would just be surprised if Google launched with it disabled for Google Apps users.


Google+ (and the +1 button) require a Google Profile, and Google hasn't activated Profiles for Apps users yet.

Google stated back in March that Profiles were "coming soon" for Apps, but there's still no sign of it.

UPDATE (July 21)

Still no sign of Profiles/Plus for Apps users, but Googlers keep saying it's coming "in the coming months".

John Costigan, Technical Lead for Google Profiles:

"We're actively working on making Profiles (and Google+) available for Google Apps - it should be available in the coming months." (June 28)

Dave Girouard, President of Enterprise at Google:

"Making Google+ work for Google Apps users is a very high priority for the team. Sorry to make you wait - we have to do it right." (June 29)

Google has announced that as of 27 October 2011 Google+ is working with google apps accounts.

Enabling Google+ for Google Apps

We recommend you follow these steps to roll out Google+ to your users:

Taken from this Google Help Article

Google Plus is now allowed for Google Apps users. The administrator for your domain has to enable the service first, and then it takes a few hours for it to be enabled for the individual users.

To turn on support, an administrator needs to login to the Google Apps dashboard.

Is Google+ available for Google Apps accounts?

Once logged in, go to the “Organization & users” section and click on the “Services” tab. Scroll down until you see “Google+” and then you can toggle the service on or off.

Administrators can enable Google+ for all users in an organization or for select users. Once access is enabled, users need to sign up at the regular Google+ page.

Source: Google+ Comes to Google Apps

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    Is Google+ available for Google Apps accounts?June 29

    Google Plus launched today but when I try to check it out, I get the error: Google Profiles is not available for your organization. I have Google Apps on my domain. Am I missing a setting in my administration panel where I enable this feature or is i

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