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iTunes: making it remember the last song and position

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I have a big collection of music. I thought it would be so natural to remember the last playlist, the last song (and possibly also the position within the song) that I played before I closed iTunes, e.g. because I restarted the computer. So many applications do this, take XCode for example.

So is there maybe a script, or some kind of a plugin that does this? Or any other way?

Or maybe we should ask Apple to add this simple functionality?

Update: iTunes 10.6 remembers the last playlist, but still not the last played song. Well, getting closer each year...


You can use Relaunch application: before close iTunes take a snapshot from iTunes by Relaunch and next time you must load this snapshot (or set it to auto-load).

Relaunch saves you time by taking Snapshots of which applications you are using, and starts them back up for you. Think of it as a launcher on steroids that lets you switch between work contexts with one click.

You can take a snapshot before restart your system and after that double click on the snapshot you created then it restored all your files and application you worked on.

Actually, you're asking for the same functionality as the iPod, which picks up right where you left off when you turn it on. You'd expect the same thing from iTunes. Maybe Apple is trolling the forums and will get the hint.


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