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Lenovo G500 bluetooth not working (was woking fine earlier)

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I have a Lenovo G500 laptop. Its OS is Windows 8. When I bought my laptop everything was working fine. But for a week now bluetooth is not working. I looked in the 'Device Manager' and bluetooth was not found there.

Why can't I find bluetooth there ? How can I make my bluetooth working again ?


I can't turn on the bluetooth through the Charms menu -> Settings -> Change PC Settings -> Wireless. But I can turn on WiFi from there.

Also I searched in 'services.msc' and I was able to find 3 bluetooth related services there out of which 2 were running.


Things to check,

 Windows 7
     Press FN+F5 on your keyboard and make sure the Bluetooth status is ON.

 Windows 8
     Pull up the Charms bar

     Select the Settings charm, and then click Change PC settings.

     Select Wireless.

     You can now change the Bluetooth setting to On or Off.

 Check your mouse about paring mode or connect button underneath, (Some mouse has a trigger to pair)
Make sure that the Bluetooth services are started

       Press Windows button +R

               Type services.msc

                    Look for any Bluetooth related services and make sure they are on automatic and running.(system reboot needed after changes)

You can follow the guide on these articles

Windows 8

Windows 7


I have had this problem many times before. However, I cannot recall how I fixed it. But, just know that you are not alone!

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