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Mouse not working correctly

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So for the last month or so on my Ubuntu 13.10, after installing nvidia drivers and then re installing nouveau drivers (because nvidia didn't work correctly) I got a problem with my mouse. I just made fresh install of 14.04 LTS, but problem persists. Problem is:

  • Every 3rd or so click my mouse does not register left click.
  • Sometimes mouse makes double click when I make just a single left click.
  • Often mouse releases and reapplies left click when I am holding left button.

For example when I try xev | grep ButtonRelease and click on rectangle, I often get double release output, sometimes even triple. I cannot even select text normally due to this problem, it usually goes like this: Mouse not working correctly

I tried mouse in Windows 8.1 and it works perfectly. I am extremely frustrated because of this problem. I posted about this on Ask Ubuntu several weeks ago with no replies.

Update: tested friend's wireless mouse and it works well. So maybe it's a defective mouse, but then why it works in Windows 8.1?

Update 2: tested this mouse on friend's ubuntu 12.04 system and it works better, but still same problem happens. Does that mean it's defective mouse for sure?

Update 3: I bought new simple Logitech mouse and the problem is solved. Apparently it was defective mouse.


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