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MP3 Slice Repetitive Lines

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I have a MP3 file where each line of the song is repeated thrice. When I hear it closely, what they have done is they have taken the whole song and somehow identified where each line ends (maybe they have their identifier as the 1 second silence between each line), copied the line and pasted it twice.

The reason why they have done this is, so that we will be able to memorize it easily. Now, what I want is the opposite. I want a software/method, where I identify the gap i.e., 1 second gap and then chop of the repeating 2 instances of the same line.

How do I do it and what software would best be suited for this?


What you are looking for is Audacity. Also free.

When you open your MP3, it will show you a graphical representation of the track and the splits should be easy to see, particularly if there is a gap. The repeats can be deleted and the track saved.

It will not do it automatically, but it is an easy enough manual task

The graphical representation looks like this - (from wiki.audacityteam.org/) and shows what total silence gaps look like:

MP3 Slice Repetitive Lines

Here is an image of a stereo track with silence gaps. In this image the user has selected part of the recording, shown as shaded, by "click, drag and release". To delete the selected sound all he has to do is hit the Delete key.

MP3 Slice Repetitive Lines

If you wanted to do it automatically, like you were writing software to do this, you could use autocorrelation to find the repeating sections. :)

Have you heard of Cool MP3 Splitter? It doesn't detect the gap per se but if you listen to the mp3 and watch the time of the gap you can tell Cool MP3 Splitter that time in the track and split it there. The software also has a Joiner to to you can rejoin the mp3 without the repetition. The software is free.

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