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Need a way to turn off chkdsk at startup

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  • Why does CHKDSK run everytime I boot my Windows 7 machine? 3 answers

My laptop was working fine, but I ran a comprehensive disk check (Stage 1--5) just for the heck of it. The check stops at stage 4 and gives no feedback. I let it sit there for 1.5 hours but it didn't give any more indications on the screen or move to stage 5.

The problem is: The chkdsk hangup prevents me from being able to log in. I can't get past it to use my machine. I haven't found a way to turn it off.

I opened the Windows command prompt using my system recovery disk and typed "chkntfs /x c:" but it did not stop the chkdsk from running again on restart.

Addendum: Now that I can login, I ran HD Tune Pro 4.01 and found that 1.5% of my blocks are damaged. It's time to buy a new HDD.


I would try booting into safemode and doing this:


It's a solution for XP, but the registry key it talks about is the same for Windows 7.

If you need detailed info just How to disable CHKDSK at Startup:

  1. Go to to Run, type regedit and hit Enter
  2. In the Registry Editor go to the location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager
  3. Here you can see a DWORD BootExecute , Right click and select Edit and change the DWORD value to autocheck autochk *

I had a similar problem with Windows 7 chkdsk hanging at Stage 4. Then chkdsk started at every boot up. C: was marked as dirty after that. I cleared the problem by setting chkdsk /f to run during next boot up. Next boot up chkdsk ran through stage 3 successfully. That cleared the problem of chkdsk running at boot up every time. My hard drive is probably bad which prevented chkdsk /r from completing but allowed me to get back into the computer to retrieve files.

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