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Nginx, check for request method without using IF?

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I am trying to optimize my Nginx config but ran into an issue I don't know how to fix. I have a folder /images on my server from which I deliver various static files for a website. The same folder though is also used in order to upload files via WebDAV.

Therefore, I have have to check for every request is the static file exists AND if the request method is GET, I deliver the file. Otherwise, I assume that the request was related to WebDAV (such as PUT, etc). See this sample:

if ($uri ~* ^/images)         { set $getimages "${getimages}A"; } if ($request_method = GET)    { set $getimages "${getimages}B"; } if ($getimages = "AB") {     rewrite ^ $uri$args last; } 

This above sample works fine. But I was wondering if there's another way to do this, without using IF. Given the IfIsEvil reference in the Nginx Wiki

Ideas anyone?


Re-post comment from Pothi as CW

If is not evil, if used outside a location block! Even inside a location block, it can be used with return and rewrite directives!

Snippet from IfIsEvil page

Directive if has problems when used in location context, in some cases it doesn't do what you expect but something completely different instead. In some cases it even segfaults. It's generally a good idea to avoid it if possible.

The only 100% safe things which may be done inside if in location context are:

return ...;
rewrite ... last;

Anything else may possibly cause unpredictable behaviour, including potential SIGSEGV.

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