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Opentype fonts in OpenOffice

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How to get opentype fonts in .otf format working on Ubuntu and OpenOffice 3.2?

It would be great if I could use opentype features in OOo, but I'll be glad enough if I could use them even converted to TTF.

I've tried numerous ways described on the net, but with no success. For now, I succeeded with using OTF fonts in Inkscape.

  • How to get it working with OOo?
  • Any news about opentype in upcoming versions of OOo?
  • Can you recommend any other alternative to MS Word, or better yet Adobe Indesign with good OTF support?


OpenType fonts should work with OpenOffice.org 3.2 (unless there is a bug somewhere in either the font or OOo).

An alternative to InDesign could be Scribus (also available in the Ubuntu repositories).

In at least since jaunty, I've never even thought about font support, it just works. I think the magic is contained in the fontconfig package.

For a good time, try:

sudo apt-get install fontconfig

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