• Can someone please tell me where I went wrong for an exercise submission?September 4

    I recently submitted an assignment in a group for our databases class and we lost points on one of the exercises and the correction is unclear. If someone could examine the question, the submission and the grader's comment for me and tell us what we

  • hook_node_update hitting a wall with a loop I createdSeptember 4

    I have a taxonomy multi-select list that is used to create/delete entries in a field collection in my node. I'm trying to make it so that if the user deselects an item from the taxonomy list, the corresponding field collection item is removed from th

  • Facebook scraper ignores default languageSeptember 4

    I have a Drupal 7 setup with an internationalized site. The default languages is English but the content is also available in German. However the site focuses on a German audience. As in Drupal you cannot switch the default languages without messing

  • How to make a direct admin-visible URL to a private file in: sites/default/private/September 4

    Say I have a file in sites/default/private/archive/20160221.csv How do I make a direct full URL to this file for admins to download. I looked at file_create_url but am not sure what it would require to be passed in: https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/

  • Drupal 8 public URLs have web/ prefix while admins do not, how to remove 'web' prefix?September 4

    I've setup Drupal 8 using https://www.lullabot.com/articles/goodbye-drush-make-hello-composer But hen I visit the site, all the links begin with web/ which means they break. If I remove web/ then they work. If I login, the links don't have web. How w

  • How to create an article with "show on demand" part of the text of the article?

    How to create an article with "show on demand" part of the text of the article?September 4

    What I am trying to do is like in the picture. So I would have an article of same text of multiple language. When I click on the Flag/text link on top of the article, it should show particular part of the text of that language selected. All other tex

  • Contextual links for node body and fields panesSeptember 3

    I use Panels Everywhere on my site. Contextual links work appear for each pane (custom blocks, bean blocks, views, menus, and even Blockify elements). But contextual links do not appear for node body and fields panes. How to enable node contextual li

  • How to enable Database search & autocomplete live search?September 3

    Found a great article of how to enable live search on drupal 7 http://www.stevepolitodesign.com/blog/create-live-search-results-search-you-type-drupal But seems all modules are not yet available for drupal 8. Can anyone show some light on this please

  • How can I style fields in custom content typeSeptember 3

    I am using Drupal 8 and I've made a custom content type, and I've figure it out, that I can "style" this content type with page--mycontenttype.html.twig and with adding this code in mytheme.theme: function mythemename_theme_suggestions_page_alte

  • If "you can never trust the client", then why do companies such as Valve rely solely on client-side verification?September 3

    In video games, most anticheat software is run clientside (e.g. PunkBuster or Valve Anti-Cheat)- but isn't one of the first rules of security to never trust the client? If so, then why do these companies not offer server side verification for video g

  • Unauthorized remote control performed today - teamviewer?September 3

    I came home a bit ago from an overnight trip and saw my PC screen moving around. I hoped it was just some ad animation but as I sat down I realized someone was opening 30+ tabs in my Chrome to an Apple gift card order... presumably readying them to e

  • Does deauthenticating MACs on AP affect non-deauthenticated MACs on the same AP?September 3

    In my attempts to learn more about infosec, I have started a small initial project. greedy-mac on Github A linux shell script that continously deauthenticates all MACs on a given AP except for the MAC of a USB wireless dongle (with packet injection c

  • access to mounted luks partition by non-root userSeptember 3

    Recently I searched substitute for truecrypt and played a bit with cryptsetup. The steps I did: ... 1. mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sdb1 2. sudo cryptsetup open --type luks /dev/sdb1 enc_vol 3. sudo mount /dev/mapper/enc_vol /mnt After that I(non root user) can

  • 16 Year Old Hackers How do they do it ? [on hold]September 3

    I was reading an article earlier about the guy from the UK who hacked the CIA directors email account. All these guys seem to be all locked away in chat rooms deep within the Internet. How do these guys do it? From what I've read some if them stumble

  • SQLmap POST parameter 'txtLoginID' is not injectableSeptember 3

    I have a lab machine that I have been practicing some SQL injection on. I know that the POST parameter that I am trying to exploit is vulnerable as I was able to extract the user DB manually. I then went to do this with SQLmap with the below command.

  • How to analyze a suspicious traffic under linux machine?September 3

    Often under Linux machine, networks are protected by firewalls. This protection, though necessary, do not detect external attacks. Indeed, a Firewall is designed to block unwanted network flows while passing the "useful traffic." down. I have tw

  • Best Way to Port KnockSeptember 2

    ... if there is such a thing? I have a Linux box so wrote a shell script #!/bin/bash HOST=$1 shift for ARG in "[email protected]" do nmap -Pn --host_timeout 10s --max-retries 0 -p $ARG $HOST done The run it by ./k.sh 10.x.x.x aaaa bbbb cccc dddd It's a CTF I'm

  • Secure Image Upload, or Bypassing PHP mime-type CheckSeptember 2

    When securing image uploads there are basically three approaches I know of (of course, ideally, all three are used): check file extension store uploaded files in non-executable directory outside the webroot check content/mime type of the file For the

  • Is it possible to guard a System by checking HDD capacity? [on hold]September 2

    Is it possible to prevent a system from being hacked by controlling the data flow or checking the HDD capacity? (or how can control data flow?) Example: transfer 5 MB of data from A to device B and check capacity of HDD for being sure that only 5 MB

  • Remembering email in login formSeptember 2

    After logging out Google remembers recently used email addresses in the login form so the user only needs to enter the password. See accounts.google.com. How secure is it? What factors should I consider when implementing this in my own projects? ----

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