• Can't login to Gmail via Mail on iOSFebruary 3

    I am having trouble accessing my Gmail account via Mail on my iPad. It keeps saying my username or password is incorrect when it's not. I have that rotten two-step authentication turned off and this is still happening. How do I fix this?

  • Multi-colored lines only on screen when booting 17" iMac Core Duo 1.83Ghz

    Multi-colored lines only on screen when booting 17" iMac Core Duo 1.83GhzFebruary 2

    New to StackExchange/Ask Different. Been a lurker for a long time, this is my first question/discussion. I hope somebody might point me in the right direction. I was recently given a couple old iMacs that were going to be thrown away by a family memb

  • Error message in my terminalFebruary 2

    I am having a problem in Terminal.app since I tried to make some modifications in the appearance. I am getting this message error always when I try to write down a new message. And I don't know very well how to solve it. Could you help me? Last login

  • None of my services show up in Apple Photos; fix?February 2

    I've got tons of services; none show up when I select an item in Photos. I created a service via Automater to Get Selected Photos Items, Export Media Items, Open Finder Items using the default settings, and Service receives selected Image Files in Ph

  • Favorite list of servers of "Connect to Server" window disappears

    Favorite list of servers of "Connect to Server" window disappearsFebruary 2

    Usually, when I connect to a server (cmd "⌘" + K), I can see the list of my favorite servers : But after upgrading to El Capitan (Mac OS 10.11.X) and after freshly booting my MacBook, this list sometimes disappears and I can't add a new server t

  • iPhone 5s/ iCloud infoFebruary 2

    Is there a way to see the settings of my iPhone without actually looking at the phone? For example on a computer logged into the AppleID or iCloud? I need to make sure the "Find my iPhone" info is turned on on my daughter's iPhone. I was using t

  • How do I copy (or move) and then delete my photos from Photo app?

    How do I copy (or move) and then delete my photos from Photo app?February 2

    I am trying to copy (or permanently move) and then permanently delete the original photos of mine from Photos app in OSX EL Captain. But I cannot copy them at all. It keep showing me the following dialog box: I tried to go to file->export unmodified

  • IPad 8.1.2 Yahoo problemFebruary 2

    Every time I try to clear out unwanted mail in my online Yahoo account, I get a pop-up asking if I want to increase my data size on my iPad. I am not using the Yahoo app. I want to keep Yahoo on the Web and not store any data locally. But I can't cle

  • My iPhone 2g frimware whitedoor 7.1 wont mount alongside my usb mount (hauwei E15556) [on hold]February 1

    My iphone wont mount when any of my usb drives are connected to my computer (dell latitude d520 windows 7 ultimate) especially my modem any help on how to fix this problem?

  • Can I hope to learn iOS development on my mid 2009 MBP?February 1

    13 Inch MBP Mid 2009 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo 4 GB RAM GeForce 9400M 256 MB 250GB HDD I just installed El Capitan on in and it's crawling. I plan on upgrading the ram to 8 GB and slapping an SSD in it but even after that is it realistic for me to do light

  • strange mouse' cursor behavior regardless of usb port and mouseFebruary 1

    a very strange problem has been bothering me for long time, since when I started to use this mac which is not mine. Often, while I'm moving the mouse the cursor suddenly begin to move randomly. This happens with strange time intervals. Maybe it happe

  • Edit BODY TITLES of processing order email woocommerceFebruary 1

    In the customer processing order email, I want to EDIT 'Our Bank Details' title and 'Customer Details' title. I have already changed the header title in order-details-customer.php and it is correctly reflected on thank you page but NOT IN PROCESSING

  • Extending TinyMCE to Work with Medium EditorFebruary 1

    I'm trying to extend tinyMCE. What i'm trying to achieve is to use this Medium Editor extend tinyMCE functionality as buttons within the backend Page / Post / Custom Post Type. This is similar to what i am trying todo but i just want it in the backen

  • How to generate slugs?February 1

    I have the following situation. I accidentally updated post_name column in wp_posts tables for all rows. Now I need to update those back somehow. I have researched that WP uses this function to generate slugs wp_unique_post_slug. Can anyone please pr

  • Woocommerce disable order button on submitFebruary 1

    I'm trying to disable ("grey out") the 'Place Order' button once a user has clicked. I can get the button to disable with: onclick="this.disabled=true;this.form.submit(); This just reloads the checkout page. I'm simply trying to disable the

  • Unable to add or edit any menus in WordPressFebruary 1

    in WordPress 4.4.2 I am unable to edit any menus that have been added. When I add a menu, it adds it once, but I am unable to edit it. If I add another one, it adds it and duplicated both of them. Add another, they all get three. More, then more. I c

  • How to set up Elegant Updater Plugin for your Divi theme on a multisite?February 1

    We have a WordPress multisite that uses Divi theme activated for the network. Some of the sites have a child theme based on Divi. We have Divi v2.5.3, and want to update it to most recent as we write this, v2.6.4.1 After installing the Elegant Update

  • Change Out of Stock Error Message in WooCommerce Cart

    Change Out of Stock Error Message in WooCommerce CartFebruary 1

    I manage product inventory by manually entering the stock. When I have 2 in stock, but a guest adds 3 to their cart, WooCommerce shows the following error message: I have located the code for this error message in the following file: woocommerce/incl

  • Why register_taxonomy not work with get_option?February 1

    I'm just trying to build a taxonomy with get_option, but not showing in admin panel. $coba = get_option('coba'); add_action( 'init', 'create_coba_nonhierarchical_taxonomy', 0 ); function create_coba_nonhierarchical_taxonomy() { // Labels part for the

  • plugin update loses styling, though it also knows it's there

    plugin update loses styling, though it also knows it's thereJanuary 31

    I'm trying to update a plugin - LearnDash LMS from an old version to the latest. I know there's been a major update to the way the devs do things with the new update but am hoping someone here can help me troubleshoot. I lose the styling completely w

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