• Spring-data Cassandra query : missing EOF exceptionMarch 7

    I am trying to query to cassandra table and trying to retrieve subset of row data based on my filter But am getting exceptin as missing EOF @ repository- @Query("select * from customer_request where product_id = ?0 and date_period = ?1 WHERE token(K)

  • How to disable action mode after the long click releaseMarch 7

    After selecting a list item through long click then again click the selection disappears but the action mode didn't disappearing.!! I want after longclicklistener while the lisitem is being selected, if the user again clicks on the lisitem it was des

  • How to use react router (createBrowserHisroty) on Microsoft IIS to make routing working?March 7

    I am using react-router (createBrowserHistory) for my react app. Below is my code of var ReactDOM = require('react-dom') ; var ReactRouter = require('react-router'); var Router = ReactRouter.Router; var Route = ReactRouter.Route; var Link = ReactRout

  • Multiple strings for one VariablesMarch 7

    I am trying to create a system which allows for authorizing a transaction via a Admin ID. I wish to have multiple Admin ID's, to track which user made the transaction. $txtKnownAdminHash = "c0b71d437b9138ce3c1860b09b8923ebed6f8aeb3db4093458f38300f6f2

  • Why aren't SAS Macro Variables Local-Scope by Default?March 7

    I found this very helpful SO page while trying to resolve an issue related to macro variable scope. why doesn't %let create a local macro variable? So to summarize, writing %let x = [];or %do x = [] %to []; in a macro will: create a local-scope macro

  • Matching file name pattern in robot frameworkMarch 7

    I've to download a file in an empty directory using robot framework. I'm able to download that file. The downloaded file name pattern would be any of below everytime : file_name_1.pdf file_name_2.pdf . . file_name_NUM.pdf where NUM is any + integer.

  • Is there a way to add Xamarin.forms to a Universal Windows App(UWP)?March 7

    I have a UWP application and I want it to be able to run into Android and also IOS using Xamarin.forms. Is there anyway to port it and run it on both of them?

  • Why i am getting 4683872 in my output?March 6

    Can anyone tell me why i am getting this wierd output for my program? --------------Solutions------------- I think the problem is caused by the return value from function cr7(). Since you didn't return any value and tried to print the return value ou

  • Noob Alert!, 'it' variable in GHCi Haskell

    Noob Alert!, 'it' variable in GHCi HaskellMarch 6

    Just started with Haskell and it is said that Haskell has immutable variables. Then why does 'it' variable keep mutating its value every time an expression is entered in GHCi prompt? Have attached a screenshot of the result --------------Solutions---

  • How does cin split a sequence of integers?March 6

    How does cin split a sequence of integers? An example of this has been given below: #include <iostream> int main() { int sum = 0, value = 0; while (std::cin >> value) { sum += value; } std::cout << "Sum is: " << sum <&

  • sql query for combobox to populate second combobox c#March 6

    I have a windows 10 universal app 3 sql tables 1 contains countries with id 2nd contains matching country id with states from that country 3rd contains columns to submit the data into I have 2 combo box queries 1 to get country, 1 to get state. how d

  • which better Ruby on rails and django on restful service?March 6

    For develop web service between rails and django, which better programmer languages(python and ruby ) in web service like: performance,speed

  • How would you do RandomizedSearchCV with VotingClassifier for Sklearn?March 6

    I'm trying to tune my voting classifier. I wanted to use randomized search in Sklearn. However how could you set parameter lists for my voting classifier since I currently use two algorithms (different tree algorithms)? Do I have to separately run ra

  • ionic2 + Angular2 selection of listMarch 6

    http://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/components/#select I'm trying to show select option and capture the selection. I have tried from method, onChanges and even on putting inline on click, but nothing works. <ion-list> <ion-item> <ion-label>

  • Generic Failure when sending message in AndroidMarch 6

    I have the following code to send a sms to a number that is supplied from a sms listener. private void sendSMS(String phoneNumber, String message) { String SENT = "SMS_SENT"; String DELIVERED = "SMS_DELIVERED"; PendingIntent sentPI = P

  • Cannot resolve symbol " in xmlMarch 6

    I created a fragment by blank Activity with fragment but I keep getting error that CANNOT RESOLVE SYMBOL " . yes that double esc char is not resolved. Which leads to a further error in my java file while adding fragment. Xml Code is this.. fragment.x

  • Kotlin varargs overloadMarch 6

    I have a java class like this: public class A { public static void print(Object s) { System.out.println("object=" + s); } public static void print(String s, Object...objects) { System.out.println("string=" + s); } } In Kotlin call A: A

  • Unable to access Inner Interface of classMarch 6

    I have an adapter class for recyclerview: public abstract class RecyclerViewArrayAdapter<T, VH extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder> extends RecyclerView.Adapter<VH> { ... } I am creating an object like this : new RecyclerViewArrayAdapter<String

  • Newb Query: How to query the DB to list specified details, then sequence them

    Newb Query: How to query the DB to list specified details, then sequence themMarch 5

    I've done tougher stuff then this, but currently experiencing SQL Writer's Block, Here's the Question along with the Relational Diagram to help identify the Tables & Columns: List the details for all teams and the members that play on them. Sequence

  • jQuery get text include single quote using text() doesn't show properlyMarch 5

    So I want to show div's text to input value if button clicked. But if the text includes single quote, It doesn't show properly. <div id="content_comment">It's Yours!</div> <button id="btn_comment_edit">Edit</button

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