• ThinkPad L460 Wifi does not workDecember 29

    i want to apologize, but I have nerlay no knowledge of Linux/Ubuntu at all since this was my first try with it. I was trying to set my Thinkpad L460 up with Ubuntu 14.04. After somehow i magicly got the touchpad to work, i had serious issues with my

  • Cannot access wireless on LubuntuDecember 29

    I have recently installed Lubuntu on an old laptop (Dell Inspiron). I cannot access my wifi - cannot scan for wifi, and don't see any indication that wifi being picked up. I have set up a profile for it manually using the Network Manager, and double

  • what i need to know about TLP?December 29

    I had a heating issue so I searched and I found this "TLP" I installed it and BAAM!! 20 degree less Great!, so I want to know what is TLP and what I need to know about this software Please I need to know everything and the more you give me the m

  • ubuntu on external hard driveDecember 29

    I've accidentally installed ubuntu on external hard drive and the computer is not able to read the external anymore Is there anyway to restore the data ? Any help will be appreciated Thank you

  • make a bootable stick using chrome,December 29

    make a boot ubuntu stick on chrome book chrome shell not possible as it is non existent all instructions only shellac the new chrome book will not go to shell, how much crap is there , I have a chrome book dead, drive partitioned, it is set to boot a

  • how can I override priority between paths of /bin and /usr/local/bin?December 28

    Today I wanted to run ss -tpla command to see network connections, to my surprize I got error: unknown option -t. Then I checked location of ss command: ~$ whereis ss ss: /bin/ss /usr/local/bin/ss /usr/share/man/man8/ss.8.gz As you see I have two ss

  • "sudo btrfs filesystem defragment -r /" can't defrag immutabe files, right?December 28

    Files made immutable by sudo chattr +i can't be defragmented by "sudo btrfs filesystem defragment". I get the message: "ERROR: defrag failed on /path/filename: Success total 1 failure" Is this a bug or not?

  • Ubuntu gnome 15.10 nvidia 840m external monitor problemDecember 28

    I am having an annoying issue with the nvidia drivers, and was wondering if someone has came across something like that and solved it. Long story short, when setting my GPU to Intel from xserver settings, everything works (I can use my external monit

  • Windows Dualboot Bootloader ProblemDecember 28

    Being new to Ubuntu, for the past two days I am having trouble getting my Ubuntu and Windows dualboot to work together. The setup is as follows: Partition Setup /dev/sda2 is where I want Ubuntu to be installed /dev/sda3 is the windows C: partition /d

  • Is sudo's bruteforce protection really helpful?December 28

    In this question: Why is there a delay when entering a wrong password? it appears that there is a 1-2 seconds timeout in sudo once it is given a wrong password in order to make cracking attempts more difficult. This is annoying for many users, and is

  • Folder on desktop as rootDecember 28

    I have a folder at /media/TEST I'm trying to make it available from the desktop using a folder widget. The folder is owned by root and I cannot change the permissions for "other" from forbidden, neither from graphical interface nor from cmd line

  • Upgraded to ubuntu 16.04 and cant get an internet connection [on hold]December 28

    I've upgraded my personal ubuntu server from 14.04 to 16.04(Development branch) but I don't seem to be able to connect to the internet after reboot. I've read some other similar cases, but don't seem to figure it out. I'm using a wired connection. Do

  • partitions showing different sizes on gparted and MS Disk Management

    partitions showing different sizes on gparted and MS Disk ManagementDecember 28

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on an HPG60 Laptop. I'm having a difficulty to install this coz I cant see the unallocated space I prepared in Windows. As you can see on the attached screenshot I've prepared an unallocated space 96.72GB using

  • Printer Canon Pixma MP610 problem Ubuntu 15.10December 28

    I can no longer print to Canon Pixma MP610. I used to use inameiname repo but that is not available for 15.10. The michael-gruz repo is also not working. I have tried the solutions here: Printer Canon Pixma MP250 driver problems Ubuntu 15.10 How to i

  • How install python3-pip on Ubuntu 14.04December 27

    When trying to install python3-pip using apt-get I get the following error: Unable to locate package python3-pip What is the repository I have to use?

  • unknown outbound net traffic

    unknown outbound net trafficDecember 27

    I recently had a scare with a botnet trying to access my system through VNC. As a precaution I have been monitoring the log gnome log files and network traffic. Since disabling VNC I have seen no suspicious activity ,in the logs however while looking

  • No installation occuring in ubuntu

    No installation occuring in ubuntuDecember 27

    once i tried to install matlab in my ubunut,but unfirtunately due to wrong key,it did'nt install,after this whenever i tried to install anything ,this error comes which is described in picture.

  • xubuntu - resuming after sleep causing graphics problem

    xubuntu - resuming after sleep causing graphics problemDecember 27

    I am using Xubuntu 14.04.3 with all defaults, freshly installed yesterday. My graphics card is Intel HD 5500, closing laptop lid has been set to sleep the computer. When I resume by opening the lid again causing graphics problem like shown in System

  • How can i enable the sound on Ubuntu in Vmware?December 27

    I installed Ubuntu 15.10 on VMware and i cant make the sound work for some reason. I get this message from VMware " A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system.Sound will be disconnected." I want to be able to solve all this k

  • WiFi howto in Ubuntu 15.10 with kernel 4.2December 27

    I am dual-booting Ubuntu 15.10 (kernel: 4.2) alongside with Window 10 in my new Aspire E15 E5-573G-779S. Appreciate if anyone can help to advise on activating WiFi auto discovery in Ubuntu 15.10. Results of lspci shows Network controller [0280]: Qual

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