• Force use of gateway for communication on same subnetJanuary 13

    I currently have a set of four virtual hosts on a private network, with a fifth host running pfSense to act as the gateway. When communicating with hosts outside of the private network, all traffic is routed via the pfSense gateway ( Howeve

  • How to identify IPsec phase 2 on particular phase 1January 13

    I want to find out which phase 2 is associated with a particular phase 1 on cisco ASA device. There are several phase 1 and phase 2 on the device. With the following commands, I can see the active SAs : show crypto isakamp sa details show crypto ipse

  • I just upgraded to Lightroom CC from 5.7 and now all my photos are messed up

    I just upgraded to Lightroom CC from 5.7 and now all my photos are messed upJanuary 13

    I just upgraded to Lightroom CC from 5.7 and all my photos look like this now: The problem is in develop mode only. They look fine in the grid and loupe views and when I export them as well. I can also edit them normally, although it's hard to see wh

  • New SD XC card, works fine in T5i, Windows is prompting to formatJanuary 13

    I used my new SDXC (64GB) card in my camera Canon T5i camera and took lot of photos (around 1000). For coping to laptop I removed the card from camera and inserted to my laptop SD card slot. Its prompting to Format the card. Looks like my Windows 7 i

  • Infinite focus setting on prime lense (4/3)January 13

    I'm using olympus M5 mark ii and my prime lense is Panasonic H020A (20mm / 40mm (35mm camera equiv) Focal Length). I don't know if I can set the camera's focus to infinitive to avoid the blurring effect when I don't want. For example, when I want to

  • Why won't my camera detect an external (ring) flash?January 13

    I have a Nikon D5200 and Metz 15 MS-1 wireless digital macro flash. It used to work perfectly, but now my camera can't detect it :( Any suggestions/solutions? --------------Solutions------------- Any suggestions/solution? Replace the batteries in the

  • Is a superzoom bridge camera good for landscape and travel photography?January 13

    Does somebody knows if the Canon Powershot SX60HS, a superzoom bridge camera, is a good camera (for travel)? Needs: We like making landscape pictures (stars, moon, river, mountains...) so the colors from the camera should be as natural as possible :D

  • What software/toolkit should I use to manage/plan out a year-long trip across multiple countries?January 12

    FYI: I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS In a few years I plan on traveling, pretty much all around the world. This is going to cost a good deal of money and be very complex, so I'm going to begin planning now. My question is this: what software/toolkit is the b

  • Graphic Editing Framework, C++ WindowsJanuary 12

    Hi I need a framework for creating very simple diagrams by the user . Like putting objects on grid, moving them and resizing them. something like Visio but more lightweight? Preferably open source but it is not a must.

  • What are some C/C++ static analysis tools for finding dependencies in code?January 12

    I am looking for a tool that would analyze C/C++ code on windows and should be able capture reads and writes to variables by different functions. For example: //in file1.c extern int a; write_to_a(){ a = 1; } // in file2.c extern int a; write_to_a_ag

  • Software to access windows hardrive from android phone via USBJanuary 12

    When I plug my phone into my Windows 7 laptop, it automatically lets me access the phone's SD card. What I want to do is the reverse: when I plug in via USB, let me access the PC's files via usb on the phone's file manager (I use ES explorer, but any

  • Scanning and cropping photos

    Scanning and cropping photos January 12

    I am looking for a decent scanner software that will allow: Automatically crop a scan of multiple photos (Approx 4 photos every scan) Re-orientation Scratch and dust removal (if possible) Color correction Red-eye removal I have about 1000 of old phot

  • Open source project that helps to book printing orders onlineJanuary 12

    Is there any open source project/software application (alternative to one by http://www.designnbuy.com/catering) to meet needs of printing houses wherein users select options such as text, color. font, for a printing item (say business card), get pre

  • Get specific content from a website (software shopping)January 12

    I need to get some content from a website. The problem is, when I use HTTrack Website Copier I get only the HTML. But the content I want is requested in PHP. Is there some tool which visits each link and can save the content (or the whole page, I can

  • Simple Cloud using PHP [on hold]January 12

    I am looking for a simple Cloud written in PHP. It should be possible to integrate it in a existing design. Also you should be able to create accounts for your clients, and put files into their folders so that only those clients can access the files

  • Chrome extension to highlight searched keywords in a websiteJanuary 12

    I have to make use of search engines, like Google, Yahoo, etc, to retrieve information from many websites. But when viewing these re-directed websites, it would be tedious to always manually press Ctrl+F to locate the searched keywords. Is there a Ch

  • Setting 100% zoom on low resolution image zooms way out

    Setting 100% zoom on low resolution image zooms way outJanuary 12

    I am working on a low res image (artwork for a retro-style video game). In the "Image Size" dialog I have set the resolution to 21 pixels per inch, and the document size says its about 6"x6". However when I run cmd+0 (set zoom to 100%)

  • Alpha channels and effectsJanuary 11

    I tried to apply an effect to a composition but the effect had been applied to the whole composition and not to the contents of the composition , this composition is consisted of animated shape layers , adjustment layer and a rectangle background lay

  • Adobe Illustrator Maximum Size?January 11

    We know Adobe Illustrator allows a maximum dimension of 577.95cm. I want to design 1200 CM *150 CM Poster and 360 DPI. How I can do this in Adobe Illustrator ?

  • icon sizes and consistencyJanuary 11

    I downloaded an icon pack and there isn't an icon for a certain category in my project.I want to keep my icons consistent with the look so what should I do in this situation? Do I just look for something that is the closest in looks? Also in terms of

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