• What is the most probable cause of terminal freeze / unresponsive keys?May 25

    What is the most probable cause of terminal freeze / unresponsive keys? I'm a relatively new Linux user (2 yrs) and am still learning to use the command line. I have used xkill and similar commands to clear a stuck process, but in some cases the keys

  • Why is apt installing a package during a purge?May 25

    I'm switching from Apache2 to nginx. So I issued this command: sudo apt-get purge apache2 Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer r

  • Grub, booting to windows issueMay 25

    I'm having a bit of an issue with my 'dual boot' PC in that it wont boot windows(10). I've had a look around several forums but can't seem to find anyone who has managed to screw themselves just quite as spectacularly as I have. I installed fedora(23

  • EFI boot entry disappearsMay 25

    I have a problem, the Fedora 23 EFI boot entry keeps disappearing. Set-up is Asus Z170-deluxe motherboard, i7-6700k CPU and 2x16GB DDR4. BIOS is the latest 1602. Disk is NVME Samsung 950 Pro 512GB. No other disks connected, just the Graphics card (As

  • Error in installing package in yum [on hold]May 25

    I recently install redhat 7 on vmware and when i want to install package with yum i got this error : Loaded plugins: langpacks, product-id, subscription-manager This system is not registered to Red Hat Subscription Management. You can use subscriptio

  • Gnome Terminal error with VT100 cursor movement codes

    Gnome Terminal error with VT100 cursor movement codesMay 25

    I've got an ansi escape issue with Gnome Terminal. What could be causing and how do I fix an issue like this? Since I cannot describe the issue very well I have a screenshot to show it off. When I edit a line in the terminal or change lines in Vim I

  • How do I move photos from Photos to Documents without converting from RAW to JPG?May 24

    I bought a Mac this week. I uploaded several hundred pictures into Photos. I then drag and dropped them into folders under Documents (for organizational purposes). Unfortunately, the RAW files were automatically converted from RAW to JPG when I did t

  • macbook to external monitor via vga adapter not filling whole monitorMay 24

    I've connected my macbook pro 13" to an external monitor via vga adapter which has a resolution of 1920 * 1080. I was advised on this forum to not use "mirror displays", but only if I use mirror displays do I actually get to choose the 1920

  • Force Finder and Trash to stop using external drive so Disk Utility can eraseMay 24

    I want to reformat an external disk, but in Disk Utility "Partition" is grayed out and when I click Erase it says it cannot unmount the drive. I think Finder is not allowing the disk to be unmounted because I put a large directory from the exter

  • Flashtool does not convert .swf to .png, says JPEG library not compiledMay 24

    I've made this sh script to convert a bunch of swf files in a directory to pngs. for img in *.swf; do swfrender "$img" -o "$img.png"; done; This gives Error: No JPEG library compiled inrfxswf: I've tried variants of this script, and th

  • Login Prompt from App Store when Starting an App I've Been UsingMay 24

    I like to make unique passwords and store them in a vault. A few months ago I purchased a new vault from the App Store on my Mac (mid 2014 Macbook Pro running Yosemite) that I could also use on my phone. I also have this on family sharing so my wife

  • The time on my Mac is 5 minutes ahead of the actual timeMay 24

    The date-time has been configured to be automatic and yet, the time on my laptop is 5 minutes ahead of what it should be. OS: El Capitan 10.11.3 Model: Macbook Pro Retina 13" (2015 Edition) How do I fix this? --------------Solutions------------- If n

  • How can I get the Chinese Plants vs. Zombies 2 on iOS without jailbreakMay 24

    I have been trying to get the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. I use an iPhone 5c iOS 9.2. I will do just about anything but I do not want to jailbreak or lose any in app purchases I made with my American account. --------------Solutions-----

  • Extract photo from Live PhotoMay 24

    I recently backed up all my iPhone 6s photos to my media server (running Linux). All of the Live Photo files are in a ".mov" format. They play fine as videos, but I'd like to extract the high quality photo from each file. I tried inspecting the

  • Why does my iPod shuffle occasionally fail to sync play counts with iTunes?May 23

    It's been about half a year since I moved from an iPhone to a Windows Phone. This was a particularly difficult decision, as play counts are extremely important to me but non-Apple devices don't sync media play counts with iTunes. (More on this in a b

  • Easier to achieve exercise goal in Apple Watch watchOS 2May 23

    My Apple Watch has recently updated to watchOS 2.1. Since this update, I've found it is far easier to achieve the 30mins exercise goal in the Activity app. Anyone else noticed? Is this an intentional change by Apple?

  • Turn off accented characters

    Turn off accented charactersMay 23

    When I type ' then A , it types Á, instead of simply 'A . How to disable this feature. It's a pain while programming, as we need to type things like 'example string' a lot. --------------Solutions------------- If you use the proper keyboard layout th

  • Changing resolution of iPhone video without changing date/time?May 23

    I have hundreds of videos of my children on my iPhone as they have been growing up. I thought 128 GB would be enough, but apparently not, since I'm about to run out. I would like to keep the videos on my phone but downgrade the quality, I don't need

  • Why is my new Apple TV suddenly not showing my purchased TV shows?May 23

    A few days ago, my new Apple TV stopped showing me my purchased TV shows. When I select the TV Shows app on the home screen, and click on the "Purchased" tab, I get a spinner that never goes away. When I do the same for the Movies app, I see all

  • SSH (or SFTP) upload files from OSX terminalMay 23

    I'm trying to upload a file through terminal (didnt managed to do it trough transmit.app) I'm connected to SSH to my server. I want to sent a file from my Local desktop to my server. That the command I'm trying : scp /Users/username/Desktop/ad-blocke

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