• Trouble configuring pfSense firewall to obtain OSFP route information from attached routersSeptember 22

    I am having trouble configuring pfSense to accept the OSPF routing tables of attached routers. Any advice would be appreciated! I have installed the Quagga OSPFd package, but I am not certain it is configured correctly at all. All OSPF tables are bei

  • Sequence number in AODVSeptember 22

    how does the sequence number at the destination node change. Does it become max of seq of RREQ n its current sequence number, or does the dst node increment sequence number by one? Please give an example!! --------------Solutions------------- It is s

  • Dell PowerConnect 6248 experienceSeptember 22

    Does somebody have experience with the Dell PowerConnect 6248 for the datacenter usage with high traffic? Does it run stable and can it passthrough 10gbit? How is your performance experience?

  • Yellow color birthdaySeptember 22

    If this is not right place to ask this thing, please comment so that I can ask on proper exchange. Why yellow color is called yellow? Who used this name first time in the world and when and why? Is there some solid answer?

  • Lens recommendations?September 22

    Hi im an amateur and im really interested in learning photography.im not trying to be a proffesional i just want high grade quality shots! Id like to take studio grade pics of my newborn, family events, birrhdays etc. I want to invest in my collectio

  • My photos gets way to dark, must use 6000+ iso insideSeptember 21

    I have a problem. I recently got a new lens (18-105mm) and my pictures just gets dark. I am shooting in manual mode, I changed to automatic mode without flash and it got lighter. There must be a setting or something that I use in manual mode which ma

  • Software to wipe my screen (display black color and ignore tactile input)September 21

    Tactile screens tend to gather fingerprints at a very high pace, so I clean mine with a wet tissue every few days. PROBLEM: If I clean my screen when it is locked, the background is not dark enough so I can't clean perfectly. If I clean on a black te

  • Comparing two directories and build difference directory of changed or new filesSeptember 21

    Are there any gratis Windows tools that can compare two folders as source and destination in deep and export the differences with folder structure. So considering below sample Source > File 1 > File 2 + Branch - File 3 - File 4 Destination > File

  • A tool to convert number strings to percentagesSeptember 21

    I have a bunch of different numbers like 235, 312, 324, 156, 267 and so on. I'd like to be able to assign a 100% value to one these numbers, and the rest would be shown as the percentage accordingly. So from above example if I say 312 is 100%, 156 wo

  • iOS app to add slow motion to videos easilySeptember 21

    I'd like to be able to easily add multiple sections of slow motion in an MPG video. I've not been able to find a stable app to do that. --------------Solutions------------- You can use iMovie by Apple for free. Select ranges to add to your timeline,

  • Need help creating a visual (2D or 3D) inspired by the words - Jungle, Youth, Government [on hold]September 21

    Use all the words below, to construct visualization that describes/demonstrates the world as you see it. The visualization can be two or three-dimensional; it can be textural, photographic, collage/assemblage, multimedia or other. Use words as a grap

  • Remove transparent pixels from an imported image in Flash ProfessionalSeptember 21

    I know this isn't Blender related, but this is the closest community I could find related to animation/animating. I'm using Adobe Flash Professional and using a sprite my friend drew for me. It has a transparent background and when I import it into f

  • Logo for social martial arts project

    Logo for social martial arts projectSeptember 21

    everybody. I need tips on a new logo I'm making for a social martial arts project. I'm not a designer, so could you give me tips on how I can make it look better? I'm going for a flat design. I'm not sure the kicking kid fits well, as this is a socia

  • Leading and aligning to a baseline grid in InDesign

    Leading and aligning to a baseline grid in InDesignSeptember 20

    I'm using InDesign CC trying to format for an academic journal-style article. My problem is with consistent leading. I have a text frame, and in Baseline Options I set Offset to: Cap Height. At the start of the frame I have text 'Part One', which ali

  • TypeError: cannot use a string pattern on a bytes-like objectSeptember 20

    Cannot figure out this error message. Can someone help? Error appears on the re.findall line. import re, urllib.request infile = open('phone_numbers.txt') for line in infile: line = line.strip() area=line[0:3] area1=line[5:7] area2=line[8:12] xyz = '

  • Macro for making excel cells as read onlySeptember 20

    I have tried below code to make cells Read only. This code is making entire sheet as read only. But, I want to make all those cells read only which are Empty (holds null value). It should work for different excel files where the used cell range could

  • How to write a shell script GIT pull every 1 hour, how to setup cron job for this to avoid manual thingsSeptember 20

    GIT data repositories should be automatically updated on each every system - script that performs the updates should configurable per environment. It should be able to pull a specific branch/repo per environment and export the repo to a configurable

  • Can I pass an object when EditValue change of dxe:PopupColorEditSettings from devXSeptember 20

    I want to pass an object of class which will have two valriables one is enum and other is string when Edit value changes Xaml Code > <dxb:BarEditItem x:Name="editModelColor" Content="Model Color" > EditValue="{Binding Pat

  • Specifing the keys map autowiring in springSeptember 20

    Can I specify for spring how to set the key of a map when it is autowired? In the following example I would like to somehow let spring know that the returned value of the beans' getKey() should act as key for the autowired map of the mapHolder bean.

  • PHP - JSON to Multidimensional Array From JQuery NestableSeptember 20

    how to converting JSON data to array. i have data in JSON like : [{ "id":11, "children":[ { "id":12, "children":[ { "id":13 }] }] }, { "id":14, "children":[ { "id":15, "c

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