• DD-WRT Router and Squid3 transparent box denying everything April 23

    As the title implies, I have a DD-WRT router that I use for the wi-fi network. What I want is to have my wi-fi traffic sent to my squid box so that I can monitor what is being sent over the wi-fi network. My DD-WRT router runs on The Squi

  • running AWS Windows server instance with amazon workspacesApril 23

    Its for a project and not for production and just verity and test windows server 2012 r2 i want to create a AWS server running with windows 2012 R2 with active directory and create a AWS workspace windows 7. My question is, can i have them all on the

  • Random SSH connection timeout on first try to CentOS serversApril 23

    Have got a curious issue with SSH on CentOS 6 and haven't found a solution yet. We have our CentOS 6 servers all joined to an Active Directory 2012 R2 domain using Winbind. It is not used for filesharing, but single sign-on and group access. Most of

  • ASUS-WRT VPN config: DNS config failing [on hold]April 23

    I'm currently connected to an enterprise network which allows for VPN connections. Using an OpenVPN client on any of my devices allows me to connect successfully. In order to be granted access to the network, the MAC address of the device must be 'wh

  • nginx access log and $connection variableApril 23

    !Hi, guys! I've added $connection variable to output of nginx access log and everything seemed working fine. But i've noticed that sometimes different client IP's assigned to the same connection. Up to 5 ip's per connection. I doubt that it could be

  • Why does ntpq report reachability (reach) in Octal?April 23

    I'm not sure if this is better suited for ServerFault or Stack Overflow. The return of ntpq -p reports "reach" as an 8-bit octal value, 1-377, as in the following example: remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ===================

  • Powershell: Save CSV result to folderApril 22

    This should be absuredly easy but I keep running into a brick wall. I am running a Powershell script which performs an audit of my tasks and saves the result to a CSV. I keep getting a permissions fault though and I can not figure out what I am missi

  • Lighttpd fails to serve cgi over unsecure http when compiled with --with-opensslApril 22

    I'm setting up lighttpd on an ARM embedded linux platform. This is so bizarre. 2016-02-22 11:49:04: (log.c.194) server started mod_cgi.c.913: assertion failed: s 2016-02-22 11:49:13: (mod_cgi.c.1341) cleaning up CGI: process died with signal 6 I get

  • nginx reverse proxy address/port already in useApril 22

    I have an nginx reverse proxy, and I would like to have it forward traffic on to several sites, and listen on port 443 for all of these services. I've seen this done several places, and seems like the normal way to have a reverse proxy setup...it lis

  • How can I link to a site without boosting its search rating?April 22

    I would like to link to a site without boosting it's search rating. Is there a URL shortener which google's spider won't follow? --------------Solutions------------- You can prevent bots from completely visiting your site. If you are the web manger,

  • My Instagram tags disappear after a refreshApril 22

    If I tag someone in a picture and then post it, the tag is there but when I refresh my feed, the original tag is gone and it has been doing that all the time. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, I have logged out then back in to my account.

  • Find slope/intercept of last 30 values entered?April 22

    I have a column A7:A that has numbers from 1+; I have another column B7:B, that has dates from Oct 31st, 2015 +; I have a column F7:F that has weight values; I have a goal weight of 108.36297798; I need to find on what date from today will I reach my

  • Online text layout with margin annotations and margin imagesApril 22

    I'm intending to post some texts, on a website of my own design. I intend to display these texts continuously, like blog posts. In the margins of the page, I'd like to have notes and images that are directly linked to specific sentences and words in

  • Outlook web's indent key shortcuts vs text selectionApril 22

    Does anyone using Outlook web ever use alt-left arrow & alt-right arrow to move a word at a time? What about the same with the shift key down to select a word at a time? Apparently not since shift-alt-right/left arrow is instead the shortcuts for ind

  • Does iMac 12-2 work with Ubuntu15.10?April 22

    I got a iMac 12,2 and i triple boot Ubuntu 15.10 with mac osx + windows. But I don't know what will happen if i put my AMD graphics installation. I got AMD Radeon HD 6770M. Is it bad or good? I'll stick with the original one if its bad. I'm newbie to

  • How to prevent ISP DNS from appearing in resolv.conf with a VPN connection?April 22

    Ubuntu 15.10 and dns=dnsmasq is commented out in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf Before I connect to a VPN /etc/resolv.conf contains nameserver 2xx.xx.xx.xx <-- ISP DNS 1 nameserver 2xx.xx.xx.xx <-- ISP DNS 2 after a VPN connection /etc/reso

  • On font mapping through fontconfig + fonts.confApril 21

    The following question is just an example. I'm hoping that the answer to it will clarify for me the way ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf (or just fonts.conf, for short). (The fontconfig docs didn't do it.) I want to implement the policy "map every fon

  • desktop sharing wont enable - ubuntu 15.10April 21

    i am attempting to utilise the integrated "desktop sharing" on my ubuntu 15.10 system. the problem occurs when i try and enable the desktop sharing check-box. it simply wont move over. if i attempt to move it over to the on position, it instantl

  • i have no wireless connectionApril 21

    total linux newbie. i've just installed kubuntu 14.04 64 bit on my pre-installed windows laptop. when i clicked connection editor i only have wired connection 1. my wireless card is qualcomm atheros qca6174. and it seems there's no softmod hardmod bl

  • Can't boot ubuntu on Win 7April 21

    I downloaded ubuntu 14.08 iso (64 bit), put it in it's own Win 7 (64-bit) directory, and mounted it using Daemon Tools Lite. Then ran wubi. After a couple of reboots, I got the option to run : Windows or Ubuntu. Choose Windows, it runs perfectly. Cho

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