• Deploy a css file on {SharePointRoot}\Template\LAYOUTS\ using modulesJune 18

    I created a feature that contains a module and in the module I want to put a custom css file that will be deployed to the theme file in: {SharePointRoot}\Template\LAYOUTS\mytheme\css When I deploy the application I get an error because it will be dep

  • moving Pages Library items to arraylist or any collectionJune 17

    I want to move my pages library items to any collection e.g, Arraylist or any other collection, Is that possible? i want to do this because i want to delete and add again same CT (that pages library items are using ) from Pages Library, for this i wa

  • Web part with buttons like a listJune 17

    Using a web part to mimic a list, how do I create buttons New item and edit in a web part? These buttons should look and work exactly like in a list.

  • Web Part with New Item and Edit buttons like a listJune 17

    I am trying to build a visual web part that looks and behave like a list. A list with data is connected to the web part. So I need to display the data in the list and create the new item and edit buttons. The display part is done using gird view to d

  • update the attachment in the document library programaticallyJune 17

    i have A list and B document library . in the A list i have attachment field and once user adds an attachment it should go to the B document library . how can i do that . and i want to do it in my event receiver . using (SPSite SPSite = new SPSite(Co

  • SharePoint 2013 hiding ribbon control

    SharePoint 2013 hiding ribbon controlJune 17

    I have a requirement to hide the ribbon control from edit.aspx of a list. The control is the code i used in designer is $('#Ribbon\\.EditingTools\\.CPInsert\\.Media').hide(); asa first statement after document.ready. but this doesnt hide the control.

  • 'Working on it..' message displayed for several seconds after Modify View is clicked on lists and document libraries that were migrated via PowershellJune 17

    getting this error in our test environment after a site collection migration from dev to test via PowerShell. All servers are SharePoint 2013 on premise. Any help is much appreciated: 'Working on it..' message displayed for several seconds after Modi

  • Query Rule to promote SharePoint Sites in search result

    Query Rule to promote SharePoint Sites in search resultJune 17

    I'd like to promote sites in my search results, preferably using a query rule as described in this post https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/tothesharepoint/2013/10/03/how-to-change-the-order-in-which-search-results-are-displayed-in-sharepoint-server-

  • Export from Access 2013 to SharePoint 2013 failed because Name column inserted by defaultJune 17

    For Access 2013, you can export a table as a SharePoint list. I was able to export fine to a SharePoint 2010 site, and export to a SharePoint 2013 Foundation site. However, when I tried to do it to a SharePoint 2013 site in my company, it will create

  • Open specific excel sheet from sharepoint URLJune 16

    I have one excel with sheets ( Sheet1 and Sheet2) uploaded in sharepoint. Requirement : to create a URL to access the uploaded excel document and open specific sheet (say Sheet2) Any solutions here? --------------Solutions------------- The URL will b

  • Event on: Create Document LibraryJune 16

    After the creation of a Document Library I need to execute some things, like: add a Content Type add a Workflow to the library may be other stuff These things should be executed automatically. I could write a Farm Solution to implement this requireme

  • How to custom format column values in OOTB XsltListViewWebPart [on hold]June 16

    I want to format a column of an OOTB list view as #,### Can this be done in Sharepoint Designer? --------------Solutions------------- You can create a XSLT using SharePoint designer. After that, provide the XSLT file link under XSL link field in list

  • Changing password through CA for any managed account

    Changing password through CA for any managed accountJune 16

    Does changing password through Central Administration for any managed account (like my farm admin account) also sync and update the password in AD? If we change password for a managed account in AD then definitely we need to update the same password

  • Is it bad to create long list of text input for translation (200 items)?June 16

    I want to be able to let my users change the text of the web app they using, for translate and for customization.I have about 200 texts to edit. I'm not sure if I will add a description to each text or not. I thought that a lone infinite scrollable l

  • Visual representation for higher-order functions

    Visual representation for higher-order functionsJune 16

    I'm creating a visual programming language. I base on functional programming paradigm, because I believe that declarative thing should be mapped to visual more easily. I mostly done with conceptual design but there is one thing that I need to make th

  • On a single section of multiple items in mobile device, whether to scroll horizontally or vertically?

    On a single section of multiple items in mobile device, whether to scroll horizontally or vertically?June 16

    I am designing some file sending app similar to email apps. Below is an example of layout. For the [files attached] section, which scrolling method is more preferable, horizontal scroll, or vertical? Seems horizontal scroll allows the information abo

  • Menu collapse css/bootstrap [on hold]June 16

    I'm making a menu for my website. I want to make it responsive so using bootstrap to collapse it and to show only logo/project title. I tried to add class "collapse" or "navbar-collapse" but no effect. I can't even add a dropdown insid

  • What is the best approach to use after user has made a payment?June 16

    After a user has finished paying for an item, what is the best thing to show them right after they are finished? I was thinking of showing an order status page with a receipt that would show whether the purchase was successful or if it failed to be p

  • Navigating back to the previous page from current selection.

    Navigating back to the previous page from current selection.June 16

    Need help in understanding the interaction. Me and my friend are stuck in one interaction where right side gets updated, when we select an item in the left. Right side has default little amount of information. The problem is how to go back to this pa

  • How to convert a sparse matrix to a list of sparse arrays?June 15

    I have a matrix stored as a SparseArray. How can I convert it to a List of its rows, where each row is stored as a SparseArray? Note that the matrix is huge, so the conversion should use as little memory as possible (the lower bound being the memory

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