• Unable to open Software & Updates in 15.10February 18

    I'm unable to open my Software & Updates in Ubuntu 15.10 I think this error is part of the problem software-properties-gtk Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/software-properties-gtk", line 37, in <module> from softwarepr

  • Why cant I run Ubuntu on any virtualbox version later than 4.2.16?February 18

    So for the last month or so I have been trying to figure out why I've been unable to run Ubuntu on virtualbox on my win7 host machine. Here is a Video link of issue After trying many older versions of virtualbox I finally found 4.2.16 to work. This p

  • Run an application from ramfs/tmpfsFebruary 17

    I am developing a python plugin for an application (QGIS) and to see certain changes reflected I have to reclose and reload QGIS. It is getting quite tiresome staring the QGIS splash screen. If the resources/bins were running from a RAM disk the whol

  • XAMPP: running index.php leads to error (Win/Linux)February 17

    I used to use XAMPP on a Windows Computer to see how my homepage (php) works. Everything works fine without any issues. I now installed XAMPP on my Notebook which runs on Linux. Installation went fine without any problems. When I open http://localhos

  • Resolution Limited to 1152x864 instead of 1680x1050 - Ubuntu 14.04.3, Nvidia 8800GTS

    Resolution Limited to 1152x864 instead of 1680x1050 - Ubuntu 14.04.3, Nvidia 8800GTSFebruary 17

    GPU: Nvidia (BFG) 8800 GTS 320Mb Monitor: Acer 22" Max resolution supported by the GPU: 2560x1600 Max resolution supported by the monitor: 1680x1050 Resolution stuck at: 1152x864 I have spent almost two weeks so far trying to fix this resolution limi

  • How can I quickly toggle (external) monitor orientation?February 17

    While looking if someone asked this question before, I landed on this for Windows. I'd like to do something similar (shortcut or terminal alias/command) on Linux/Ubuntu to be able to quickly switch the external monitor between landscape and portrait

  • Bluetooth (BCM20702A1) doesn't find devicesFebruary 17

    I bought this card (BCM94352HMB) on ebay to replace another one. Installed with the bcmwl-kernel-source driver, and wifi seems to work. However, the bluetooth module is detected, but when scanning for nearby devices, nothing appears. Here is some rel

  • Removing the dot or period from htaccess files - A dangerous move?February 17

    Removing the dot or period from htaccess files and thus making it unhidden - A dangerous move? I tried to search in Google with the string: Can I remove the dot htaccess But I didn't find anything directly related to this question. The reason for rem

  • Why is my itemprop='image' markup incorrect?

    Why is my itemprop='image' markup incorrect?February 17

    I've been experimenting with Microdata and thought I would try it on my blog. It turns out the template I was using already added some markup. It wasn't great and so I fixed up what I could. To try and push my luck I have added more markup to my late

  • How to determine the value of a domain name?February 17

    I'd like to register a second-level domain with the .com extension and I noticed that it has already been registered and the owner put it for sale and let the possibility to make an offer in their site or by contacting them. I saw that domains are ge

  • Backdoor Links for Online Shops [on hold]February 17

    I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with using backdoor links to access online shops before certain items go on sale. A recent trend in fashion has been releasing exclusive items such as sneakers at an allotted time, but many go before

  • Should I block this dynamically generated results page in robots.txt? [on hold]February 17

    I have a tiny two page site: the parameters page and results page. The results page can either work with URL parameters or hidden POST ones. The output is a giant table of data that depends on the parameters. Should I just block the results page in r

  • jQuery not loading from CDNFebruary 16

    I have a custom CMS, and for some reason jQuery will not load from the can. After sitting on this for days, I remember I made a change the the .htaccess file but not sure if it's really the cause. RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

  • top-level domain registration: does "updating" imply a license extension (Whois report)?February 16

    I created a blog and I want to purchase a second level domain, that's to say I want to move from domain.altervista.org to -> domain.com. I would like to register that domain with the .com extension but it is already registered. By doing a research on

  • I need a site with possibility to change prices of my price-list. It will be a very light site. Which CMS to choose? [on hold]February 16

    I need a site with possibility to change prices of my price-list such as in Excel tables. It will be a very light site. Which CMS to choose?

  • I've changed my site's domain, created a redirect, but old URLs result in 404February 16

    I've changed the domain of my site, created a redirect, but it seems to work only partially. That is, when I go to example.co.il (old) I do get to example.biz (new). But when I go to example.co.il/just-a-nice-webpage-111 I get a 404? Please tell me w

  • Attack Targetted Enemy OnlyFebruary 16

    I have a perfectly working targetting script and I want to be able to deal damage to my currently selected enemy. I have a targetting script which is below:? public GameObject enemy; public List<Transform> targets; public Transform selectedTarget; p

  • How do I simulate vehicle movement in a non-gravity environment (e.g., space)?

    How do I simulate vehicle movement in a non-gravity environment (e.g., space)?February 16

    As a series of small experiments, I've began to tinker with game development, specifically using SpriteKit and Swift. I'm looking to simulate a body moving through a non-gravity environment, specifically space. My vehicle starts in the middle of the

  • List derived class serializationFebruary 16

    I have an extremely simple ObservableCollection<T> implementation using [Serializable] public class ObservableCollection<T> : List<T>, INotifyPropertyChanged {...} in Unity3D with Add(T item), AddRange(IEnumerable<T> items), T[] an

  • Open gl blending problem c++

    Open gl blending problem c++February 16

    im creating project from nearly scratch in c++.. i created skybox and terrain . the result is catastrophic ! the terrain goes away and the ground also goes away,i dont know why ! i tried to disable blending or enabling it but nothing works ! .. any i

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