• Ubuntu 15.10 - League of Legends - Nvidia GTX 960 - 15 FPSApril 21

    I'm using a Nvidea GTX 960 on my Ubuntu 15.10 machine. I've gotten everything setup and working well on my machine after a few days of tinkering and I love it. The only downfall is that when I use PlayonLinux to play League of Legends in wine, I'm on

  • Why is my command not remounting my partition as read-only?April 21

    Through the terminal, I used the mount command to find a disk partition that I wanted to remount as read-only. The specific one I am working with is /dev/sdb2. I attempted to remount the disk as read-only with this command, expecting the disk to be r

  • configure apache to support wget/wput with authenticationApril 21

    I have a stardard apache web server running on Amazon AWS ubuntu 14.10 with my company site pages. Very simple and standard. I´ve used a framework and PHP for page handling. I have client machines (win7 embedded) will have a cellular chip (GSM or 3G)

  • Whats happened to the battery? Help understanding the BAT0 reportApril 21

    my laptop's battery seems dead(the laptop only runs with the AC plugged in), but the BAT0 report says the following: -- NOTEBOOK BATTERY (BAT0) -- Complete Report: Name GC06066 SBDS Manufacture Date 2010-10-16 design capacity 5900 mAh last full capac

  • Alienware-kbl is not installing due to python3-usbApril 20

    I am pretty new to Ubuntu and I am trying to install alienware-kbl on my laptop to fix the lights on the keyboard. I have used it in the past with ubuntu 14.04 and everything worked fine until a few days ago. I have tried re-installing ubuntu several

  • Change size of touchpad buttonsApril 20

    My touchpad is all one piece - no separate buttons for clicking. I'd like to adjust the location of the areas where clicks occur. It's a large touchpad (4"), and I usually find myself working on the right side of it, as I'm right handed and the cente

  • Ubuntu Server Preseed network offilineApril 20

    I have a preseed file that is doing some automation for an installation of Ubuntu 14.04 Server. At the point where the network hardware is auto-detected, however, it fails to find hardware and displays a message, "No network interfaces detected"

  • Ubuntu Mate installed fine, regular Ubuntu not so wellApril 20

    These are both USB bootable drive installations not on my hard drive I installed Ubuntu Mate fine, got it set up just to try it out. I then tried to install Ubuntu with the same process (using pendrivelinux.com usb installer recommended by Ubuntu) bu

  • MySQL 5.7 No directory, logging in with HOME=/April 20

    I'm sorry if this question has already been asked, but I can't find any solution to this (maybe small) issue: I just made a fresh install of mysql-server 5.7 on a 14.04 server. Every time the MySQL service starts, I get this error: [email protected]:/etc/mysq

  • Ubuntu Installation 15.10April 20

    Can I install Ubuntu and run it next to Windows 10? Will it cause problems with windows? I want to be able to tab from one system to the next or is it log in and out of each system?

  • How to type an en dash on Ubuntu 14.04April 20

    How can I type an en dash? On OS X, I can type Alt+- (hyphen). On Windows, I can type Alt+0150. If you're not familiar with the different types of dashes, you can read about them here: http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/2116/when-should-i-use

  • Browser asks for password several times .htaccess using subdomainApril 20

    I have a private homepage and I want to password-protect it using .htaccess. This is what my .htaccess file looks like: AuthName MySite AuthType Basic AuthUserFile /what/ever/.htpasswd require valid-user #making embeded videos work in wordpress <File

  • Problems with graphics while booting UBUNTU

    Problems with graphics while booting UBUNTUApril 20

    I have installed the minimal UBUNTU 15.04 - NO GUI and I DO NOT want it. This Ubuntu has 3.19.0-49-generic kernel. When the system boots with this kernel at the beginning I can see strange characters/letters/numbers - totally unreadable (see attachem

  • Chromium not loading google related sites, youtube ubuntu ask etcApril 20

    noob here having issues with google, youtube, etc not loading running 12.04 LTS. I uninstalled and reinstalled chromium various times. I'd hate to reinstall 12.04 as i have had issues with various programs and now everything was working fine over the

  • left-over grub/ubuntu after partition removal in windows 10April 20

    I am new to ubuntu. I tried installing 14.04 as dual boot with windows 10 on dell xps 13. It wasn't completely working, so I decided to install instead 15.10. I removed the ubuntu partition from inside windows 10. I made a bootable usb with 15.10 and

  • Hard blocked WIFI after suspendApril 19

    I just purchased a new HP Pavilion 15-ab223cl. I then installed Ubuntu 14.04 (4.2.0-27-generic) in dual-boot with the existing Windows 10. Everything went very smoothly, except that every time I suspend the computer (either using the menu or by closi

  • How to poll a variable while executing a script?April 19

    I want to continuously poll a boolean variable which i'm reading from a file while i'm executing a script. The polling have to start if the script starts (that part is working). Only i want let it run untill the script is finished. Is it possible to

  • Trying to create a bootable USB stick for ubuntu, how long should the execution step take?April 19

    Not sure if I did it right, and the file got changed to a .img.dmg ... not sure how that works. And not sure how long the sudo dd command should take? --------------Solutions------------- Using Mac to make bootable USBs does that. When you turn the I

  • Suspect both OS's are trying to boot at the same time? [on hold]April 19

    I recently dual-booted on a Lenovo Y-50 and am experiencing slow boot times and sometimes no boot at all, I suspect that my computer is trying to boot Windows 10 and Ubunto at the same time despite what ever OS I choose to boot, is there a way to che

  • debuild - secret key not available (someone elses key)April 19

    I'm trying to build cairo with debuild. I get to the end and this message: gpg: skipped "Robert Ancell <[email protected]>": secret key not available Since I'm not Robert Ancell, this makes sense - how do I make it use my own key

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