• get current java PID using reflect apiSeptember 20

    How to get the PID of the java program which invokes the shell program. The below getPID() method retrieves the PID of the process executed by java in the shell. But, I would like to get the PID of the Java Program itself. I mean the parent PID with

  • Does rustdoc generate runnable binaries?September 20

    I'm trying to run kcov on a Rust project. This works really well for usual tests, but I haven't been able to figure out how to make it find doc tests. Does rustdoc create any binaries that I can pass to kcov to run coverage on?

  • how to find who is holding the lock of a file in RCSSeptember 20

    Suppose I lock a file which is controlled by RCS [[email protected]:/etc/yp]# co -l group auto_home RCS/group,v --> group revision 1.6103 (locked) done RCS/auto_home,v --> auto_home revision 1.4003 (locked) done [[email protected]:/etc/yp]# I see the files with &

  • mousedown and mouseup dragging function touch screen?September 19

    I have a jquery function to move background when user click in the image. My problem is, I need it to work on touch screen too. any ideas? var isDragging = "false"; $("#back").mousedown(function() { isDragging = "true"; }) $(

  • Android fragments communication with mapsSeptember 19

    I have in my project an activity (that extends FragmentActivity), and two fragments (extends v4.fragment and one of them has a map fragment). I made my project for tablet, and both fragments are shown on screen. the problem is, I tried communicating

  • feature selection through LASSO in glmnetSeptember 19

    approx. 400 dichotomous predictors and response is ordinal with 3 levels(1 -high,2-medium,3-low) . n ~ 5000. Note : 400 predictors are actually the dummy variables created from categorical variables having high no. of levels. I am trying to perform f

  • Getting data from functionSeptember 19

    I am having some trouble getting the logged in status from the below function. I can set the loggedIn status with currentUser.setProfile(username, token), which works. But when i then try to get the isLoggedIn afterwards, i can't seem to get it. cons

  • yii2 using nginx for rewrite urlSeptember 19

    i'm trying to use Nginx to rewrite the url to more user friendly. Removing index.php?r= is success, but the problem is, after i tried to visit other page, it says 404 Not Found. I already add in the config/web the urlmanager for pretty url but its no

  • JavaScript Prototypical Inheritance - function not rendering proper alert

    JavaScript Prototypical Inheritance - function not rendering proper alertSeptember 19

    I am using prototypical Inheritance in JavaScript and trying to run a function on the prototype object: JS: //Constructor Function var Person = function(name,age){ this.name = name; this.age = age; } //Adding custom function in Constructor Person.pro

  • How to open User control as Popup on top of webbrowser WPFSeptember 19

    The hierarchy is as follows <Grid> <WebBrowser ></WebBrowser> </Grid> Now I want to add another child to the Grid which will be shown as a PopUp. This works everywhere but when we have a WebBrowser as a child in the Grid it is not

  • Nodejs Socket chat app : Need to display the online and offline status

    Nodejs Socket chat app : Need to display the online and offline statusSeptember 19

    I just created the chat app using Socket and nodejs. i displayed all user who connected the socket. in my right side of the chat box now i need the status of the user weather offline or online here the code i used index.html <html> <head> <

  • openui5, Java script - nested this keywordSeptember 18

    lets say i have this code in java script: var temp = Controller.extend("sap.ui.demo.wt.controller.App", { onInit: function () { // set data model on view var myoData = { recipient: { name: "World" } }; var oModel = new JSONModel(myoDat

  • initialize the data members in Constructor September 18

    I've been programming in C# and Java recently and I am curious what is the best place to initialize your classes fields? Should you do it at declaration?: public class Dice { private int topFace = 1; private Random myRand = new Random(); public void

  • How to ignore parts of the text and do search-and-replace in the remaining part?September 18

    While doing regex find-and-replace in text file, I wanna jump over & ignore certain segments of the text. That is, certain parts of the text should be excluded from the search, and only do search & replace in the remaining parts. The criteria is:

  • Python Web Scraping - trying to get numbers from table tags

    Python Web Scraping - trying to get numbers from table tagsSeptember 18

    Having difficulty extracting some data I need from a web page. I've tried so many different methods it's probably not even worth posting what I've attempted. This is the website I need the '5169 Lots' inside the 'td' tags, and the same thing for the

  • type mismatch; found : Unit required: String on retutning json response using Play Framework and Postgresql?September 18

    I am trying to return json response data from Postgresql database using Play framework(Scala). I have tried the following: but I am not able to return my json response output.(As I have couple of json objects in my database table: jsondata, which is

  • What is the difference between Fixnum and Numeric (ruby)September 18

    I'm working in ruby, though the answer may be more generalized to other languages/ Running IRB in a terminal, they seem equivalent, but when analyzing them against each other, they're false: 2.2.2 :035 > 5.is_a? Fixnum => true 2.2.2 :036 > 5.is_a

  • GROUP BY takes foreverSeptember 18

    I am running this mysql statement in where you have a group by and an aggregate function, the avg one. The distance function here is simply the implementation of the cosine distance function. The POI is 30k rows. And immobilier_ad_blank is 500k. SELE

  • I/O Handling with SigActionSeptember 18

    I need to write a driver which is capable of reading and writing on the serial and the can bus port. The serial port is realized with a sigaction and an event handler. When I try to realize the same thing for the can bus, just the last event handler

  • Find user which is in server and in AD and find user which is in server not in AD in C#September 17

    I've one application hosted in server and i created two users in it Different username not in Active Directory (User123) Same user name in Active directory without domain(A15487) For Local user i am validating with Principal.FindByIdentity(domainCont

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