• Figuring out PlayfairJanuary 14

    I'm currently working on a message in playfair cipher text. The issue is there is no grid, and only potential crib is attack. After using frequency analysis, I managed to find that QK appears to be the letters 'th' since it is the most common diagrap

  • Proving a function is a one way functionJanuary 14

    I am trying to prove that a function is a one-way function. The function I am working on in particular is $f'(x,y)=f(x)||f(x \oplus y)$. For what I have understood looking at similar solved solutions (e.g. 1c), the strategy is the following: Assume $

  • Unknown encryption type [on hold]January 14

    I have (plain text) encrypted string of 100 characters (a-Z and 0-9) and 16 characters potential key (also a-Z & 0-9) for encryption. Any clue where to start?

  • How would you name and/or describe this algorithm?January 13

    First up: this is not a decoding request or anything. This is about terminology. Twice per year, we email another department to ask for a new licence file for their software. They are always slow to reply. The licence files are encrypted, but I notic

  • Help getting Cisco Router to forward on path information to pfSense and vise versa

    Help getting Cisco Router to forward on path information to pfSense and vise versaJanuary 13

    Networking community, I have hit a snag and was hoping for advice or suggestions: I am having trouble getting Router 2 to transmit traffic between the Firewall WAN port (internet) and Router 1 and vice versa and am not sure what to do. The Firewall (

  • Force use of gateway for communication on same subnetJanuary 13

    I currently have a set of four virtual hosts on a private network, with a fifth host running pfSense to act as the gateway. When communicating with hosts outside of the private network, all traffic is routed via the pfSense gateway ( Howeve

  • How to identify IPsec phase 2 on particular phase 1January 13

    I want to find out which phase 2 is associated with a particular phase 1 on cisco ASA device. There are several phase 1 and phase 2 on the device. With the following commands, I can see the active SAs : show crypto isakamp sa details show crypto ipse

  • I just upgraded to Lightroom CC from 5.7 and now all my photos are messed up

    I just upgraded to Lightroom CC from 5.7 and now all my photos are messed upJanuary 13

    I just upgraded to Lightroom CC from 5.7 and all my photos look like this now: The problem is in develop mode only. They look fine in the grid and loupe views and when I export them as well. I can also edit them normally, although it's hard to see wh

  • New SD XC card, works fine in T5i, Windows is prompting to formatJanuary 13

    I used my new SDXC (64GB) card in my camera Canon T5i camera and took lot of photos (around 1000). For coping to laptop I removed the card from camera and inserted to my laptop SD card slot. Its prompting to Format the card. Looks like my Windows 7 i

  • Infinite focus setting on prime lense (4/3)January 13

    I'm using olympus M5 mark ii and my prime lense is Panasonic H020A (20mm / 40mm (35mm camera equiv) Focal Length). I don't know if I can set the camera's focus to infinitive to avoid the blurring effect when I don't want. For example, when I want to

  • Why won't my camera detect an external (ring) flash?January 13

    I have a Nikon D5200 and Metz 15 MS-1 wireless digital macro flash. It used to work perfectly, but now my camera can't detect it :( Any suggestions/solutions? --------------Solutions------------- Any suggestions/solution? Replace the batteries in the

  • Is a superzoom bridge camera good for landscape and travel photography?January 13

    Does somebody knows if the Canon Powershot SX60HS, a superzoom bridge camera, is a good camera (for travel)? Needs: We like making landscape pictures (stars, moon, river, mountains...) so the colors from the camera should be as natural as possible :D

  • What software/toolkit should I use to manage/plan out a year-long trip across multiple countries?January 12

    FYI: I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS In a few years I plan on traveling, pretty much all around the world. This is going to cost a good deal of money and be very complex, so I'm going to begin planning now. My question is this: what software/toolkit is the b

  • Graphic Editing Framework, C++ WindowsJanuary 12

    Hi I need a framework for creating very simple diagrams by the user . Like putting objects on grid, moving them and resizing them. something like Visio but more lightweight? Preferably open source but it is not a must.

  • What are some C/C++ static analysis tools for finding dependencies in code?January 12

    I am looking for a tool that would analyze C/C++ code on windows and should be able capture reads and writes to variables by different functions. For example: //in file1.c extern int a; write_to_a(){ a = 1; } // in file2.c extern int a; write_to_a_ag

  • Software to access windows hardrive from android phone via USBJanuary 12

    When I plug my phone into my Windows 7 laptop, it automatically lets me access the phone's SD card. What I want to do is the reverse: when I plug in via USB, let me access the PC's files via usb on the phone's file manager (I use ES explorer, but any

  • Scanning and cropping photos

    Scanning and cropping photos January 12

    I am looking for a decent scanner software that will allow: Automatically crop a scan of multiple photos (Approx 4 photos every scan) Re-orientation Scratch and dust removal (if possible) Color correction Red-eye removal I have about 1000 of old phot

  • Open source project that helps to book printing orders onlineJanuary 12

    Is there any open source project/software application (alternative to one by http://www.designnbuy.com/catering) to meet needs of printing houses wherein users select options such as text, color. font, for a printing item (say business card), get pre

  • Get specific content from a website (software shopping)January 12

    I need to get some content from a website. The problem is, when I use HTTrack Website Copier I get only the HTML. But the content I want is requested in PHP. Is there some tool which visits each link and can save the content (or the whole page, I can

  • Simple Cloud using PHP [on hold]January 12

    I am looking for a simple Cloud written in PHP. It should be possible to integrate it in a existing design. Also you should be able to create accounts for your clients, and put files into their folders so that only those clients can access the files

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