• I2C Voltage levels with difference

    I2C Voltage levels with differenceMay 19

    I have an I2C slave device in which the maximum input voltage to SCL & SDA is 3.6V. And the I2C Master device is PIC16F877A operating at 20MHz which provides a 5V output on SCL & SDA. Pls help me to interface these two devices. --------------Solut

  • Calibrating Servo MotorMay 19

    I am working on a project on image tracking on MATLAB, by moving the mounted camera on a servo motor controlled by the Arduino Uno board, the data is serially sent to the arduino using USB according to which the servo motor changes its angle, but the

  • Atmega328P ports stop working after starting TWI transmissionMay 19

    I'm running following piece of code: #include <avr/io.h> int main(void) { TWCR = (1<<TWINT)|(1<<TWSTA)|(1<<TWEN); DDRD = 0xFF; PORTF = 0xFF; for(;;) asm volatile(""); } After that, with multimeter, I check DC voltage leve

  • Battery Charging Currents

    Battery Charging CurrentsMay 19

    I know that when charging a lead acid battery, there are 3 stages, 1.Constant Current 2.Topping 3.Float. Referring to this image, I can see that there is some current, 1A in this case, driving the voltage to some voltage threshold, about 1.85 maybe,

  • Simple stepper motor circuit safe?

    Simple stepper motor circuit safe?May 19

    After various disappointments i finally understood how to find those damn wires on stepper motors. I tought it was simpler to drive bipolar motors but at the end i prefer unipolar stepper motors.. more cables but easier to drive. Anyway... after brea

  • Atmega328 not sending data to screen

    Atmega328 not sending data to screenMay 19

    hello I have an atmega328p with code on it to display graphics on a screen. It works when I upload it to an Arduino uno but when I upload it to an atmega328p that is powered by the Arduino it does not display the graphics on the screen. I checked the

  • Slow fall time damaging LED driver?May 19

    I am using a CAT4104 led driver to drive a high power LED. The part has an active high enable/pwm input. I've used this part without issue with a microcontroller driving the enable line. On a more recent project I used a pushbutton with a simple RC d

  • Matlab && Raspberyy Pi May 19

    I am trying serial com with Matlab and ı am using "Raspberry Pi Support from MATLAB" it is so simply and basic. Firstly ı create a object with this command mypi = raspi and myserialdevice = Serialdev(mypi,'/dev/ttyAMA0',115200,8,'none',2) and ı

  • LDO issue for atxmega32e5 powering

    LDO issue for atxmega32e5 poweringMay 18

    Hello everyone! I am trying to test this circuit, but actually I have some issues with LDO power supply! Actually the problem is that, the two LDO: LDO_circuit and DLDO are working fine. I mean that if the power supply is 3.3 V they put on output 2.6

  • Is there any real world difference in upgrading TL071 to OPA314?May 18

    I have a DIY made guitar amp in which there is a TL071 preamp section. I read various opinions about how upgrading op amp improves that sound and how it doesn't do anything really... I'm quite confused - would upgrading TL071 to OPA134 make a distinc

  • software for wiring and designing electric panel

    software for wiring and designing electric panelMay 18

    I need some help in designing an electric panel. I have designed some pcb's (Power, control, relays...) and I want to place all of them in a nice way (As shown in the pic. The pic is taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZiqUZGjGc0). I want to

  • USB Charge and data separate cables

    USB Charge and data separate cablesMay 18

    Is it possible to split micro USB to USB cable so two cables (data + and data -) go to the PC with USB and two other power cables go to power brick? --------------Solutions------------- Yes, but not quite what you suggest. You would have to feed D+/D

  • Passing greater of 2 voltages using 5V signal

    Passing greater of 2 voltages using 5V signalMay 18

    I need to output the larger of two voltages (Va, Vb) (both of which could be in a range 0-30V), but drive the circuit using a 5V supply. A simple solution (using op-amps, FETs) is needed. I have looked at solutions using just an op-amp in comparator

  • Atmega328p output voltage

    Atmega328p output voltageMay 18

    I just programmed my Atmega328p with an Arduino as ISP. I am making a permanent circuit on a piece of perf-board. I need to connect the Nokia 5110s Vcc pin to 3.3V on the Atmega328p. Which pin is 3.3V because there are two positive pins and I'm not s

  • Is it possible to use an external PCLK to measure the interval between two capture events in LPC2148?May 18

    I am trying to come up with a circuit to measure the duration between two pulses accurately. After toying around with the LPC1114FN28 uC (Will using a CMOS OCXO as extrnal oscillator for the XTAL input for LPC1114FN28 work?), I now think using the LP

  • Wireless Device to switch on/off light [on hold]May 18

    I want to make or buy a device which will have very cheap cost and will have the following functionality. Suppose I have a closed circut with a glowing bulb. I want my device will have two input and two output. Two power source wire will be as input

  • Can I use multiple resistors is series to approximate a precision resistor called for in schematic?May 17

    I have seen in several schematics where a precision resistor, or matched resistors are called for, but every one of them talk about you going to purchase special resistors for this purpose. I am building the Go, No-go transistor matching circuit show

  • Help identifying modulation scheme

    Help identifying modulation schemeMay 17

    I'm trying to identify the following modulation scheme being used to transmit a infrared code. It looks like manchester, but there's some gaps where there's no transitions. The code being transmitted is in hex = 621da4 in bin = 01100010 / 00011101 /

  • Press back button by accidentMay 17

    I own a samsung a5 and would like to either install stock android or just move the buttons so the back button is not on the physical phone (but instead on the screen) so that I don't accidentally hit them. My fingers are fat.

  • how to restore files from vault?May 17

    I had installed nq vault in my phone. I hide some files in it. But later due to some problem I had to reset my phone. Then I reinstalled the nq vault but I was unable to recover my files.

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