• What is the concept of variable-free programming?April 20

    What does it mean by concept of variable-free programming? I have to write a program which adhere to concept of variable free programming for my class assignment. But I have no idea about the concept of variable-free programming. here is the instruct

  • External subwoofer "Sonic Master" on an Asus N750JV dosen't workApril 20

    My config: Distro: Debian 8.3 jessie DE: Gnome 3.14.0 lspci -k | grep -i -A2 "multimedia\|audio" output: : 00:03.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor HD Audio Controller (rev 06) Subsystem: Intel Corporation D

  • wget command problemApril 19

    I am using wget to 1) login to a webpage and 2) subsequently download a series of sequentially ordered files. Now the wget command runs seamlessly when downloading a single file from a URL, wget --post-data='identity=username&password=password&que

  • USB only detected when connected to internetApril 19

    For some reason, my laptop does not detect USBs at all unless I am connected to the internet. (I also am not very good at using Ubuntu, so I have no idea what could cause the problem.) Note: I have tried searching, but I am not sure how to get releva

  • How much was uploaded in the last five minutes?April 19

    I do not need some kind of realtime visual status of my ethernet - I want to run my script when last five minutes I uploaded less than X. So I need to get only one number from some command. What can you recommend? --------------Solutions-------------

  • xinput shows two trackpoints instead of oneApril 19

    I have been using a script to configure trackpoint for ages. It worked on my current Lenovo x230 laptop with Gentoo but stopped working probably due to some software update. #!/bin/bash trackpoint="TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint" xinput set-prop "$t

  • Creating my own repository on debian based linuxApril 19

    I want to create my repository on my debian based machine! so: $ touch /etc/apt/myown.list urls: http://www.domain.ext/path/to/repository smb: smb://path/to/repository ftp: ftp://ftp.domain.ext/path/to/repository Right? So how can I put nfs and cd-ro

  • ziping all files in a folder without all directoriesApril 19

    I used this command to zip all files in a folder : zip -r fixedrom.zip /sdcard/dbtools/zipfix/fix/ ; It works fine but the zip should be like this : Meta-inf Recovery System Boot.IMG Etc... But after unziping its like this Sdcard>dbtools>zipfix>f

  • How to add the location of websocketd to your PATH variable?April 19

    I'm new to Linux environment (Mint), and recently I was trying to create a websocket for my HTML web app. Eventually I came across websocketd. As per installation steps, I'm supposed to add this websocketd to PATH. I know adding variables to PATH in

  • Make a directory named with dateApril 19

    I want to make a directory with the name being the day. I have this variable: [Desktop]: $dia 21/02/16 created this way: dia=$'date +%d/%m/%y' I'm trying to make a new directory this way: mkdir "$dia" mkdir: date +%d/%m: No such file or director

  • Why is thunderbird leaving its workspace when I click on a notification?April 19

    On XFCE (Archlinux) I have the problem, that thunderbird leaves workspace 2 and comes to workspace 1, when I click on a "new email" desktop notification. I have tried to set thunderbird to stay "always on this workspace" but it did not

  • Why does fopen have troubles with relative filepath arguments when spawned by C# mono?April 18

    Why does fopen have troubles with relative filepath arguments when it is used in a Linux C++ shared object which is invoked by a C# managed executable spawned by mono? For example, mono ./BuildCameraListLinux.exe fopen("AssemblyCameraList.xml",

  • How can i install Avro for linux 17.3 (rosa)?April 18

    I can not install avro in my linux pc 17.3 (rosa).If anyone know the process please share it. Thank you.

  • List services with port numbersApril 18

    I would like to list all installed services (especially running) with their port numbers, where they are assigned. Could you be so glad and help me with this command?

  • Make sure package can not be deletedApril 18

    I have some PCs running various types of debian testing to have the latest version of a number of packages. Usually this works great for my usage, but occasionally, an apt-get dist-upgrade wants to remove packages I will keep on my PC due to some inc

  • parse HTML in Bash (when grep just isn't enough)April 18

    This is driving me insane, as I'm sure there must be some program doing the job but I just can't find it. To be noted, I'd be on ARM/Raspberry so unfortunately Xidel is not an option here, unless someone is kind enough to point me in the right direct

  • How to copy from an app like a browser into Emacs over existing text?April 18

    I am trying to copy some text from the browser by highlighting it. I then go to emacs and want to paste over an existing paragraph without deleting it beforehand. How do you do that?

  • Is there any way to fully encrypt my hard-drive AFTER an installation of Linux Mint?

    Is there any way to fully encrypt my hard-drive AFTER an installation of Linux Mint?April 18

    I'm askin myself, is there any software who can encrypt my whole hard drive with Linux Mint 17.3 on it AFTER the installation? Like TrueCrypt for Windows?! If not and I've to reinstall everthing is there any possibility to safe all my datas (includin

  • Running lampp at boot not workingApril 18

    I had a lampp installation working fine, but after some mistakes I decided to reinstall it, but now when I reboot it still starts but I have 2 websites: - the first one has no domain - I call it by the server ip, and is stored in the htdocs folder, t

  • UNIX pipe for grep commandApril 18

    I read everything in UNIX is works through I/O piping. Below command is not working and giving unexpected results . service --status-all | grep '+' Well I started reading Unix very recently. 1) Can you point to me right material to learn more about w

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