• Open gl blending problem c++

    Open gl blending problem c++February 16

    im creating project from nearly scratch in c++.. i created skybox and terrain . the result is catastrophic ! the terrain goes away and the ground also goes away,i dont know why ! i tried to disable blending or enabling it but nothing works ! .. any i

  • Pathfinding onComplete event?February 16

    In HaxeFlixel 4 all FlxObjects have a path property which must be a FlxPath instance class FlxObject extends FlxBasic { ... /** * The path this object follows. */ public var path(default, set):FlxPath; ... a tilemap can be used to find a path var poi

  • Character doesn't move. I think I've tried everything, so I'm asking [Unity3D]

    Character doesn't move. I think I've tried everything, so I'm asking [Unity3D]February 16

    The animations are playing fine, however I can't manage to move my character. My script: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class PlayerMovement : MonoBehaviour { public float turnSmoothing = 20f; public float speedDampTime = 0.1f; p

  • Grapling hook in 2D platform game (C programing)February 15

    I'm new in the programming world and I'm studying programming for video games, and I'm trying to create a game for a class project. I need my character to throw a grappling hook into a specific "rock"/"point" in a wall and make it swin

  • Issue with in game replay systemFebruary 15

    I am creating a game in Unity 3D and I have recently come up with my own simple replay system. It works well except for one small problem: it doesn't always start off where I would prefer it to in the recording of the gameplay. Basically every replay

  • Map generation, issues with midpoint displacement algorithm

    Map generation, issues with midpoint displacement algorithmFebruary 15

    I'm trying to generate an endless 2d terrain. So the terrain isn't random per say as the random function I'm using is a hash based on an X,Y coordinate. static public float rand (System.UInt32 x, System.UInt32 y) { /* mix around the bits in x: */ x =

  • C# temporary variable error [on hold]February 15

    I get the following error when running the code below: Cannot modify a value type return value of `UnityEngine.Transform.position'. Consider storing the value in a temporary variable public void Hello () { transform.position.y -= 1; } What's the prob

  • How to set a specific face's texture color in Unity?February 15

    First off, let me describe my situation... So I'm building a voxel engine based on this tutorial. I'm using my own texture tilesheet. Most of the tiles have their own color except grass, leaves, and a few others. These specific ones are meant to be c

  • Tower Defense - Prevent units from stacking on top of each otherFebruary 15

    I'm currently implementing a 2D top down Tower Defense game. For the pathfinding I've used a Breadth-First-Search backwards from the goal. Everything works quite fine, though my units all follow the exact same line and therefore might stack on top of

  • Axis Aligned Bilboards in shaderFebruary 15

    Hi I need to implement following effect using vertex shaders. Basically its a shader for particle laser beam that rotates to particle along its own y axis till its "best" visible (Roughly). My idea was: Take "y" axis of particle model

  • Player keeps bumping when walking over to another spriteFebruary 15

    So, my problem is that my play when he walks over to another sprite he will stop. I fixed that by adding a physics material with 0 density and 0 friction to the player and adding a circle collider instead of a box collider to the player. However now

  • How to get trigger option in unity for imported sketchup model?February 15

    How to get trigger option in unity for imported sketchup model? My friend and me are new to game development. we have to submit the game within a week. Please help me. I got an airport model from sketchup warehouse and we imported it to Unity 5.1.2 a

  • How can I instantiate in the current rotation in Unity 2d?February 15

    Backstory I'm currently working on a 2D sidescroller/platform game as a hobby, and I just started recently. Followed a few tutorials and such I managed to wrote my own code for basic command like walk, jump, health and so on. However my basic code wa

  • AABB Collision Problems in SFML

    AABB Collision Problems in SFMLFebruary 15

    I have a problem with AABB collision. I am making a top down rougelike in SFML and my collision algorithm does't quite work properly. It mostly works, except for when you're against an edge of the block and hold the direction towards the block for a

  • How can I set a Steam achievement in Steam via LibGDX or native Java?February 14

    Is it possible to set or 'unlock' a Steam achievement via LibGDX or with a native Java solution? If so, how it this possible. Furthermore, what would be a good implementation for 'saving' achieved achievements when you were offline. For example, when

  • MikTex 2.9 Package Repository woes

    MikTex 2.9 Package Repository woesFebruary 14

    After trying (unsuccessfully) to install the mathtools package it now seems my entire package manager is broken. I can no longer get to a point where I can select a mirror from the list. Automatic downloads and install no longer works and I can't see

  • Issues titling an equation block

    Issues titling an equation blockFebruary 14

    Does anyone know how I can put a small title right before a line that I have created without putting a large amount of space between the small title and the line? Space is of utmost importance on this page, and I need to fit all of this information h

  • Inset paragraph with vertical text next to it

    Inset paragraph with vertical text next to itFebruary 14

    I'm looking for a way to inset an entire paragraph and add a vertical line to the left of it with some vertical text in the middle (text need not be a variable, there's only going to be 3 or 4 different words in total): I have no idea where to start

  • Trouble left-aligning last column in table (array, rotating)

    Trouble left-aligning last column in table (array, rotating)February 14

    I'll keep it brief. I have this table: \documentclass[]{article} \usepackage{array,rotating} \begin{document} \begin{sidewaystable} \raggedright \caption{This is my caption.} \scalebox{.85}[.85]{ \begin{tabular}[width=\textwidth]{>{\raggedright}p{4cm

  • How to get \vsplit to separate an equation from the previous lineFebruary 14

    I've been experimenting with determining the height of lines by using \vsplit to break up a paragraph. I've set pretty much every penalty associated with page breaking to 0. It's not the end of the world if it can't be split off, but I'd like to know

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