• How to share internet connection between Ubuntu and Windows XPApril 19

    **Hello, i am trying to figure out how to share an Internet connection between a Windows XP SP3 laptop and an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Desktop. What I want to do is, through Ethernet, take the xp laptop wifi connection and allow the Ubuntu desktop to use it.

  • I get no wireless conection in Ubuntu 14.04, in a desktop computerApril 19

    I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 in a desktop computer (this has no wireless adapter, and I am trying to install one WiFi adapter via USB, Acteck USB 150 5cBi), when I installed Ubuntu, I did it with the Ethernet cable, and then without it, and I get no

  • Can I use a SSD Master, & mirror it with a HDD?April 19

    As the name suggests,I haven't used Ubuntu past the stage of just trying it out so far. I have grown to see though that it is a great OS & am currently typing this on a laptop that belongs to my auntie who is a light PC user that only has this one PC

  • How do you make a live persistant Ubuntu USB with more than 4GB?April 19

    I have looked this up a few times and they are all telling me the same thing that doesn't seem to work. Here are some specks: Toshiba satellite, Ubuntu 15.1, 2 USBs (one 2.0 the other 3.0), and I'm using Ubuntu startup disk creator and GParted partio

  • Show index and not defaultApril 19

    I have apache2 well working, and get the default page "it works" so that is fine. I have, to the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, added: <Directory /home/meteor/webcam/> Options Indexes FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None Require all granted </

  • Trying to monitor a windows raid with Nagios on Ubuntu 15.10April 19

    Hello I am trying to get my Nagios install, which is working fine, to monitor a windows server with some raid disks. I have a nagios installation working but when I installed the nagios-plugins-contrib_14.20141104_amd64.deb binary I do not see the co

  • How to customize Nautilus to display directory tree?

    How to customize Nautilus to display directory tree?April 18

    I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS a little while ago and I consider myself a beginner. I am using the Nautilus file manager: I wonder if you can navigate the folders through the directory tree, as well as in Windows through folders or the + sign. ----------

  • Upgrading hard drive but new installation won't recognize old backupApril 18

    In preparation for installing new hd, did several backups. Went to restore backup and Backups won't recognize the file. I see the file on the hd. The hd is working fine, did another backup of new install and I have the option to restore it. I think t

  • How to resize a Windows partition after Ubuntu installed?

    How to resize a Windows partition after Ubuntu installed?April 18

    I have a new laptop which came with Windows 10. I managed to make it dual boot with Ubuntu 15.10. Unfortunately I left the Windows partition(s) too large when installing from a USB stick loaded with 64 bit 15.10. My hard disk, which does dual boot fr

  • Bluescreen on full screenApril 18

    I've recently updated the AMD graphics cards (what a mistake..) AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series. Since then, many full screen applications show a blue screen. So far I was unable to find a solution. How can I fix this, or at least go back to the d

  • Is there an istaller? [on hold]April 18

    Is there an installer instead of having a browser download? because I want to install on a thumb drive. drive specified

  • Okular opens with chapter unfoldedApril 18

    Whenever I open the document from this link in Okular and unfold Part I in the table of content, then chapter 4 is also unfolded, no matter how the TOC looked when I last closed the document. Downloading a new copy of the file does not remove this. I

  • Why are URLs case-sensitive?April 18

    My question: When URLs were first designed, why was case-sensitivity made a feature? I ask this because it seems to me (i.e., a layperson) that case-insensitivity would be preferred to prevent needless errors and simplify an already complicated strin

  • Should it be beneficial to put dot (period) in the end of Image Title tag's text or ALT text?April 18

    When I looked in the Google for such data I found only one article that deals with ALT attributes and (if I understood correctly) clues that indeed it is logical to put dots in the end of ALT text especially when it's a sentence; What about Image tit

  • SEO for an entity with name "-widget"April 18

    Let's consider a hypothetical web platform provider, operating under the domain name "dashwidget.com". It would provide the platform to be used in child sites, such as "catswidget.com", or "blahwidget.com". The actual name of

  • is it possible to use a domain name to redirect to another?April 18

    I have to choose between two names (A and B) for my website: A is a cool short name which doesn't mean anything; B is a longer composition of two words, the former of which signals the topic of the website by using semantic in a way that is congruent

  • cookies and useragent is not enough ? to emulate browser?April 17

    I am building kinda a search engine for online shops, and several website are blocking me although I check the robots.txt Let's take an example, I need to get this page: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1pcs-Easy-use-Pet-Animal-Dog-Grooming-Nail-Clippe

  • where can I find a database which report domains value? [on hold]April 17

    I want to better understand which criteria I should adopt while chosing a domain name and therefore I'd like see some examples of how much already registered domains are worth, since when, and possibly which hosting service they are hosted by. Is the

  • Calculate total area of a composition of imagesApril 17

    I'm trying to calculate the total area of a game object composed of several images. For each image, I know: Width, Height X, Y Rotation ScaleX, ScaleY OriginX, OriginY Where OriginX/Y are floats in the range [0, 1] indicating the relative point insid

  • Build a vbo once every secondApril 17

    I have a VBO storing some data in my game. The thing is, the data can change at a rate of about a second. The data is not fixed size, meaning that some objects will sometimes be visible, sometimes invisible and could even have a different polygon cou

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