• Linux kernel: Role of zero page allocation at paging_init timeSeptember 17

    I am trying to understand the kernel memory reservation at bootup for arch/arm. There's a call paging_init() for setting page tables, initialization of zone memory map etc in setup_arch(). It also allocate one zero page before allocating actual mem_m

  • Runtime Error 1004 application-defined or-object defined errorSeptember 17

    I'm fairly new to vb and have created a macro with the help of a work mate, the object of this macro is to open saved log files copy the contents into a sheet, close the form and start again. I have over a thousand files which I want to import into a

  • Angular2 http post not providing data the way it shouldSeptember 17

    I have the following issue: I have a http.post request to get json data from the server. It excecutes properly and when I log this.data in this method I get the required data. However, once I try to call this data, the method does not seem to fill it

  • Searching inside a selected divSeptember 17

    I am trying to add client side, search while typing functionality to a grid. With using Grid.Mvc I created a grid table like this: <input type="text" id="search" placeholder=" Search"> <div class="farmsGrid"

  • How to write regular expression for password in Ruby with below conditionSeptember 17

    How write regular expression for password in Ruby with below condition 1)It must contain three caps 2)It must contain three small characters 3)It must contain 2 numbers 4)It must contain 1 special char it must contain total of ten characters ex: vali

  • Use of angular-translate-static-files-loader in htmlSeptember 17

    I used angular translate static files loader for translating the content in html. My code works fine when page is loaded it is visible in selected language after loading when i select another language it is not translating. my html code is: <select n

  • Android: How to constantly update/pass values from one activity to another?September 17

    I am pretty much making a custom count down timer for one a activity and I am having difficulty constantly updating the value when I switch activities. I am able to udpate the value only once everytime I change activies. Example: Activity A -> B (def

  • Setting IDLE timeout setting in ELB via botoSeptember 17

    I was trying to set idle timeout setting in boto, but didn't found any way to do that. It can be done via aws cli, https://docs.aws.amazon.com/ElasticLoadBalancing/latest/DeveloperGuide/config-idle-timeout.html I was looking if boto can do it. I was

  • How to make datatable row or cell clickable?September 16

    I'm working on a history development of a particular user and I want it to be done with dataTables. However, I cannot find the way with which I can make my row or a particular cell clickable. I need to open separate links with the separate clicks for

  • create a file in S3 with the specified location and write the result in that created file in javaSeptember 16

    I need to create a file in S3 with the specified location say, "s3://manthan-switchon-data/Chaitra/status". once i create a file , i need to write my results in that particular file eg, fileName1,InvalidCount,20 fileName1,ValidCount,10

  • Kendo Line Chart - Datasource from json fileSeptember 16

    I've problem to plot data into line chart. There is nothing appear accept label. My data from json file. Here is my json file format: [{ "country": "India", "value": [ ​3.907, ​7.943, ​7.848, ​6.284, ​7.263 ] },{ "countr

  • Unable to get correct output in MIPSSeptember 16

    I have to convert the following which copies all the non- zero values to the array : #include <stdio.h> int source[] = {3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9, 0}; int dest[10]; int main ( ) { int k; for (k=0; source[k]!=0; k++) { dest[k] = source[k]; } printf ("%d

  • Set height of div equal to height of imageSeptember 16

    So I've been banging my head on this for a long time but can't seem to get it to work. I've read similar questions and tried their answers but they're not working for me so here I am. I have a slider and it contains some tags, I wanna set the contain

  • What are SQLite3 special characters?September 16

    I want to create SQL statements dynamically in my C++ program using a self-made placeholder syntax. However, there are some special SQL-specific or SQLite3-specific characters, which I should not use. Can you please help me to make such a list? My ai

  • getNewedtime(() returns null in adf Gantt schedularSeptember 16

    i am using j developer 11g , and working on assignment , in which i am using gantt schedular based on departments and employees tables in hr schema , i want to update department, hiredate and enddate of an employee (shown as tasks and department as r

  • Raspberry Pi Jessie import error timezoneSeptember 16

    Im trying to configure onedrive-d and im getting the error Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/onedrive-d", line 9, in <module> load_entry_point('onedrive-d==1.1.0dev', 'console_scripts', 'onedrive-d')() File "/usr

  • SQLiteDatabase.query find result for multiple values in a TableSeptember 15

    I am using the query method of SQLiteDatabase to find list of items by applying multiple filters. I want to search list which has columnJobType= columnJobTypeValue and columnName= columnValue in TableClass.TABLE_PRODUCTS. On running the code LogCat d

  • Mysql error : Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now - Query working fine a few days backSeptember 15

    Please read question properly before marking it duplicate. I have a query which was working fine a few days back and it is select id,title, details, filetype,filepath,size,details,location,datetime, IF(hid=1, 'Anonymous',(SELECT name FROM users where

  • How to set color of nth list item in listview androidSeptember 15

    i searched a lot for this but i coudnt find any aswer or suitable links, how to set a particular color for the nth list item in list view when list view is loaded. say if i want to set the color of 10th list item to red when the list view is loaded..

  • Alamofire check the data returnedSeptember 15

    How can I check the data, which I get from web service use Alamofire? My code: Alamofire.request(.GET, URLString, parameters).responseJSON() { (response) -> Void in if let jsonResult = response.result.value { let Field1 = jsonResult[0]["Field1&quo

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