• theorem header still not breaking line

    theorem header still not breaking lineFebruary 17

    The question has been asked before at How can I get a line break in a theorem headline?, but the answers seem not to work for me: \documentclass[a4paper, twoside]{book}%[a4paper,oneside] \usepackage[ngerman]{babel} \usepackage[autostyle]{csquotes} \u

  • PGF/TikZ closed curve

    PGF/TikZ closed curveFebruary 16

    As a math teacher I regularly draw curves with GeoGebra then export them to my LaTex files as PGF/TikZ. I recurrently face the closed curves syndrome on my prints. Trying to be clear : my curves are perfect on the computer screen but on paper the pri

  • How can I make note paper in LaTeX?

    How can I make note paper in LaTeX? February 16

    This question already has an answer here: How to use Latex to print a document to look like a lined notebook? 2 answers I would like to make note paper, such as this in LaTeX. I know that you can achieve this with TikZ. I wanted to ask if there exist

  • Automated test for a procedure that takes a bunch of input data and outputs a bunch of data - should it be split up?February 16

    I'm about to write a program and test(s) for it. This question is about how to structure the top-most level integration test. At the top level, the main program takes a chunk of data, and outputs another chunk; specifically, it takes in a whole load

  • Deserialization of evolving modelFebruary 16

    I'm currently using XStream to serialize/deserialize the state of my model hierarchy and starting to have problems because the model is still evolving and the structure keeps changing. I'm searching for alternative: easy to use backward compatibility

  • PHP project directory ogranization best practicesFebruary 16

    I am looking for some best practice advice. I have a php script which I have encapsulated into a class to reuse elsewhere in the project. In order to render the page properly and function I use some very specific javascript and css. My question is fi

  • VMs are not created the same physical server to balance load?

    VMs are not created the same physical server to balance load?February 16

    When load reaches a certain level in IaaS environemnt, new VM instances are created to reduce load (scalability). My Questions that these VMs are not created on the same physical server, right? I mean one VM with like 10 users will give the same perf

  • parse xml conditional with JavaFebruary 16

    I'm trying to delete content in an xml file with elements like these; what I've been trying to do is delete every host with status.state="down" (there hundreds of those) and delete the content of the one tag names "output". <host co

  • ASP to MEAN modernization how to? [on hold]February 16

    I have a website with the following technology Classic ASP SQL Server IIS. I would like to make it mobile and web 2.0 and think moving it to MEAN stack with SQL server as the backend for additional processing. I am a developer myself and would like t

  • Is there an advantage to the way JavaScript does not throw basic warnings and error messages? [on hold]February 16

    Recently started using JS and I am surprised by how badly it handles human mistakes. Example 1 function myfunction(x) { return x * 2;} y = myfunction(); // no error message about missing input Example 2 function myfunction(x) { x * 2;} y = myfunction

  • Let Xamarin clients listen when server send an API

    Let Xamarin clients listen when server send an APIFebruary 15

    My situation I will make a Xamarin application for Android that can access an ASP.NET MVC webserver with API's. The problem is when I'll send an API to the server, all the connected clients must receive an API with the changes that happens by client

  • Explain MapReduce without using any kind of counting examples [on hold]February 15

    I am new to MapReduce and I have probably read more than 50 articles that claims to explain the concept. However, it seems almost all of them are just paraphrasing the original paper, and repeating the word counting example over and over again, thus

  • How to get row number of text-area in Drupal? [on hold]

    How to get row number of text-area in Drupal? [on hold]February 15

    I have a form with text-area and submit button. On hitting submit button, text-area saves XML to database. By some effort, I'll be able to show line numbers with each row in text-area. Now, What I want to achieve is, if Source/Destination URL remain

  • Install optional sage package (nauty) on archlinuxFebruary 15

    tl;dr: how can I install optional sage packages on archlinux? Quoting the Arch wiki page for sage: Most if not all of the standard sage packages are available as Arch packages and exposed as (optional) dependencies of sagemath, so there is no need to

  • rsync only files newer than given date, with --deleteFebruary 15

    I'm trying to use rsync to backup only the files that have been created or changed after a certain date. The reason is that on that date, the whole system has been backed up. However, those global backup files are buried into archives, so they are no

  • How to refer to any files or scripts packaged inside RPM from %pre %post scriptletsFebruary 15

    I am building an RPM package that packages the various files that includes properties files, config files, scripts, JARs etc. Now when writing the %pre, %post, %preun and %postun scritptlets, I need to make use of some of the scripts that I have in s

  • How to downgrade libgtk3 to pre-3.16 on Debian Testing?February 15

    On Debian Testing, I made the mistake of upgrading libgtk-3-0 which uninstalled gtk3-engines-oxygen. I was not able to re-install gtk3-engines-oxygen afterwards. According to https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=195882 , this is because GTK 3.1

  • How to install Build-tools and APIs from Android SDK by terminal?February 15

    My problem is that I have to install android-sdk in a linux server but I can't access to the linux server only by terminal mode. I downloaded android-sdk, I extracted it and I set ANDROID_HOME on ~/.bashrc file but when I insert this command (to inst

  • why this simple sed script didn't work "nginx -V 2 &1 | sed -r 's/--/\\n/g'"February 15

    the output of "nginx -V" is a mess. nginx version: nginx/1.9.3 (Ubuntu) built with OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015 TLS SNI support enabled configure arguments: --with-cc-opt='-g -O2 -fPIE -fstack-protector-strong -Wformat -Werror=format-security -D_FO

  • How to install 'build-essential:i386' on Debian 7.9 x64February 14

    I'm on Debian 7.9 (wheezy) x64, and I would like to install build-essential: i386. I already added i386 in dpkg --architecture, updated aptitude and installed java-jdk-1.6:i386 successfully. BTW, no matter how I try, build-essential systematically ge

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