• Cadaver bash script uploadJanuary 9

    Please note: I need to insert some spaces in URLs, because of the restrictions of StackOverflow. I have a FreeBSD server. I need to backup my previously tar.gz databases on a WebDav cloud storage as Yandex Disk or Box.com or 4Shared. Everything works

  • cmake find_library returns NOT_FOUNDJanuary 9

    I have placed a set of library files at a hard coded directory and am directing find_library to find those library files and it always fails. OS: Mac OSX 10.9.5 hard coded directory where I have placed my library files = /Users/kgeorge/Documents/proj

  • UIPageView inside Container can't create dynamic pagesJanuary 9

    I've made a Container View inside my main View Controller so I can display some data using pages. I linked ContainedViewController to the container. I also inserted a PageViewController with StoryboardID PageViewController and another ContentViewCont

  • UWP (C#) - View files in LocalFolderJanuary 9

    How can I view file created via ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder.CreateFileAsync("...") operation? I remember Windows Phone Power Tools back in Windows Phone 8 days but is there any way to do this today? Thank you very much!

  • meteorpad is down - what can be done to bring it back up?January 8

    I was trying to access meteorpad.com to retrieve a particular example, which would help with my current development task. I kept trying to log onto meteorpad , but it appears to be down. Does anyone know who to contact to bring this site back online?

  • List items in CKEDITOR_ENTER_BR modeJanuary 8

    I am using an instance of CKEditor 4.5.7 that should not allow any <p /> tags. The config looks like this: config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR; config.forceEnterMode = true; config.shiftEnterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR; Now, when I insert an ordered &

  • Resolving ascii codec can't decode byte in position ordinal not in rangeJanuary 8

    I've seen all of the other posts and done quite a bit of research but I am still scratching my head. Illustrating the problem: $ python Python 2.7.6 (default, Mar 22 2014, 22:59:56) [GCC 4.8.2] on linux2 Type "help", "copyright", "

  • ElasticBeanstalk/NodeJS ruining my month; Need to force update or get hook workingJanuary 8

    So I've been trying for several weeks to create a workaround for some issue with a node module that is giving me some trouble I still don't understand. My simple workaround which has proven to work is literally renaming a file 'Match.js' to 'match.js

  • How to download .rar file(Attachment) containing .exe file in gmailJanuary 8

    I am trying to download a .rar attachment in Gmail with .exe files, But Gmail virus scanners blocked the attachment from downloading. How can I download it ? --------------Solutions------------- Try sending them with WeTransfer.com. http://www.wetran

  • Replacing nth item of a list in schemeJanuary 8

    My code looks like this: (define replaceNth (lambda (nth item list1) (cond [(and (= nth 1) (eqv? (pair? list1) #f)) (cons item (cdr list1))] ;; If nth = 0 and there is more to the list, replace element at that location and add rest of list [(= nth 1)

  • Auto System Backup and SiteMap Update not working in MagentoJanuary 8

    I have Magento I have configured SiteMap update and System Backup in Magento on the backend. I have also setup the cron job to run. The cron job does work because I see the cron_schedule table getting updated. +-------------+----------------

  • Zookeeper compiling error: syntax error in VERSION scriptJanuary 8

    I am trying to compile the C bindings for Zookeeper, but I am unable to do so. When I run make, I receive the following error: /usr/bin/ld:.libs/libzookeeper_st.ver:2: ignoring invalid character `\033' in script /usr/bin/ld:.libs/libzookeeper_st.ver:

  • iOS - UINavigationController is reloaded after dismissing viewJanuary 8

    I have a UINavigationController. In my app, I navigate (push) through 3 view controllers. At this point I want to temporarily present a view controller, instead of pushing it. self.presentViewController(imagePicker, animated: true, completion: nil) O

  • Fisher.test returning need to have at least 2 rows and colums??January 7

    When running I am continuing to get an error. I am not sure how to make it able to run with more rows and colums or did the previous code not set it up to run correctly. Error in fisher.test(table(previous.demand, current.demand)) : 'x' must have at

  • Rendering sprite of 8 monochromatic colorsJanuary 7

    I want a 16x16 monochromatic sprite to be displayed on my screen. The sprite has 8 different shades, which correspond to 8 different colours. Each color can have his own shade as well, but I want to limit that to 8. So instead of FF00FF, I want it to

  • How can I keep this git hook from forming an endless loop?January 7

    I push to a bare repository. From there I use a post-receive hook which causes a working directory on that server to do a pull/push on that bare repository. This not only updates the working directory with changes, but it also pushes any user added c

  • C# Accessing controls from one form that is opened in another form that was opened by that formJanuary 7

    so I have looked this up so much and nothing fits exactly what I want. I have one form open called "Main" it has a button in it that opens up a form using the code AddModification modification = new AddModification(); Modification.Show(); Now th

  • Altering (refining) delegate type in swiftJanuary 7

    I have a (swift) class which has a weak pointer to a delegate like this: import UIKit @objc public protocol DRSlidingPanelViewControllerDelegate : class { optional func didSlidePanel(panelHidden : Bool , sender : DRSlidingPanelViewController) -> Void

  • GPUImage does not update when MotionShake detectedJanuary 7

    I have a fuction, which after a shake, resets all sliders to their defaults and calles -proccesImage after the slider's value has been changed. The problem is that each of the sliders do, in fact, get reset to the defaut positios but GPUImage does no

  • Excel - how do I transform my maths totals, into a time duration?January 7

    At work we use a spreadsheet to calaculate how long delivery will take to complete, depending on people working on delivery and the amount we receive. It frustrates me that we end up with a value of say 3.75 hours. The .75, actually represents .75 of

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