• How can i mute/unmute sound from command line or shell script?May 17

    I've been looking all over for this, but can't find anything! What i need to do is mute and unmute all audio streams (ringtone, media, ...) from a shell command. Device is a Samsung Galaxy S3 running android 4.4.2, rooted. I also have Tasker and Macr

  • In android, how come thetherinng and wlan can't be on at the same time?May 17

    If I turn on wlan, tethering is off. If I turn tethering on, wlan is off. Say I have an internet connection and I want my phone to amplify existing wifi connection. How would I do so?

  • Knock Off Galaxy Note 4 RootMay 17

    I got a knock off note 4 someone on craigslist a while back (he said it was genuine, it looked it, 350$) by accident. Well I was wandering if I could remove all of the apps and put on Cyanogen mod. Its a GSM knock off note 4. I didn't know if it is t

  • touch screen and usb not working: any way to remotely control my phone?May 17

    I recently had my phone water damaged during my vacation. The phone still boots up but it doesn't respond to any touch input. When connecting to PC, a notification would appear on my PC that the device is not recognized. So I'm wondering if there's s

  • Automatically Launch App by sending a SMS May 16

    This is the only thing that is unsolved for our project. Assuming the app is already installed on someone's phone. Then we want to launch the app by sending him/her a message that matched the message's body parameter in our program. I followed some c

  • LG G3 -504 bug (also cannot install .apk) of FacebookMay 16

    my friend has LG G3, recently updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow and he gets -504 error code when he tries to install official Facebook app. I even tried to download .apk and tried multiple version but no progress. It doesn't looks like it's a gatewa

  • HTC One m8 Gets Marshmallow 6.0 IndiaMay 16

    Finally got 6.0 Update for my HTC ONE M8. I do like feel of 6.0 but though it's a little bit buggy on the start.

  • Emulator does not pop

    Emulator does not popMay 16

    AVD not starting the emulator from Android Studio. No errors displayed. But when the application is being closed it says "do you want to stop the app". i am not finding any options in the menu that wasn't searched. I am using Windows 8.1. Any as

  • How to tilt Google Maps in an emulator?

    How to tilt Google Maps in an emulator?May 16

    I am using the emulators (AVD) by Google to run an application which contains a Google Map Activity? On a real device I can use two fingers to tilt the map and see 3d buildings in certain zoom levels - as shown in the screenshot. How can tilt the map

  • "Insufficient memory problem" while updating Google StoreMay 16

    I'm trying to update Google store on my samsung Galaxy Grand 2 it has free memory space available of 4.73 GB (According to the Storage in settings ) but phone continue to prompt that your phone is running out of internal storage. Any help would be hi

  • Cable from charging port on Samsung S4 to full HDMI in car

    Cable from charging port on Samsung S4 to full HDMI in carMay 16

    I bought new Honda Civic 2015 and could not afford the model with GPS so dealer told me no problem, just hook up the android phone to the HDMI cable and use the phone GPS. I need to know 1. If the normal charging cable (see attached) is a micro cable

  • Capture Network Packets in Android?May 16

    I am working on a project where I need to capture the incoming/outgoing packets and store them in a pcap file. Android has provided VpnService for this purpose which was added in API Level 14. Although there seems to be a lot of questions regarding t

  • Why can I write to a read-only system partition?May 15

    I have a rooted phone running android 4.4. When I check the output of 'mount' it says system is read only. My root file manager or terminal can't make any files or folders there, though only the file manager shows an error occured. But I found I am a

  • Is Xiaomi Redmi 2 truly 64-bit ? Seller says soMay 15

    My Phone was sold to me as 64-bit architecture, but the Apps like device control, show that it is actually 32-bit. What is correct? And if anything is wrong, how should I proceed? --------------Solutions------------- Redmi 2 has a Chipset that suppor

  • Did somebody now about this product ?May 15

    I whant to exchange crédit card number to my supplier. Can i take this product ? https://www.secure-exchanges.com thank you

  • XMLHttpRequest for injectingMay 15

    i'm watching tutorial about XMLHttpRequest for injecting but i try to exploit the bug like the tutorial i don't get any result <script> var req = new XMLHttpRequest(); req.onreadystatechange = function() { if( req.readystate == 4 && req.stat

  • Can my Linux-mint become vulnerable after updating? May 15

    According to Linux Mint's blog post: The website of linux-mint is hacked and some ISOs are replaced with backdoored operating system. I am installing my operating system from a few weeks ago. How can I check if my operation system is vulnerable or no

  • Signatures for an antivirusMay 15

    When anti-virus software compares an MD5 signature for malware, does it execute the malware on my computer in order to generate the appropriate signature to compare against? [ORIGINAL QUESTION] MD5 has been used to detect malware for a long time. I k

  • which algorithm/hash can possibly encrypt and decrypt certain data regardless of size?May 15

    I have intercepted some data for which i don't know which algorithm has been used to encrypt this data, this data has been for sure encrypted before transmitting, to decrypt the data i should certainly must find the algorithm being used as well key i

  • Can username/passwords be intercepted on an App using public wifi?May 15

    I use the ADVFN finance app for stock prices every morning on the public wifi on my train to work. This requires me to login with my username and password on the app(which are saved). Do apps provide an extra layer of protection against potential hac

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