• Downloading files using Python-requestsJune 11

    I wrote a Python script to download files using multiple (source) IP addresses -- kindly suggest any improvements. import cgi import os import posixpath import Queue import threading import urllib import urlparse import random import re import shutil

  • Custom Navigation Bar View Implementation

    Custom Navigation Bar View ImplementationJune 11

    In one of my app, i m using custom navigation bar view to handle all Navigation Bar Properties. Is it good practice to use custom navigation in given below way? Any Optimizations need to be done. It would be helpful to me, if you have any valuable su

  • Processing R data frame with window functions / dplyrJune 11

    I would like to have a more memory-effective solution using R windows functions / dplyr / etc for next code. Please send me message to [email protected] and I will send You example data set. Unfortunately I can not create some "dummy" random datase

  • Replacing Skype, reinventing the chat clientJune 10

    I'm creating a chat client and chat server after a several month programming hiatus. The goal is to make one with features I want but it's also a learning project. Although it's mostly because I'm annoyed at cough skype. I've realised I don't know if

  • Sort stack in ascending orderJune 10

    I am using two more helper stacks to sort. Kindly suggest improvements in terms of space and time. import java.util.ArrayDeque; import java.util.Deque; public class SortStackAscendingOrder { Deque<Integer> stackhelper1 = new ArrayDeque<>(); De

  • Find the optimal sliding door widthJune 10

    Sliding doors have varying prices based on the width of the doors. The different prices are as follows: 60 - 80 cm: ¤150 81 - 100 cm: ¤200 101 - 120 cm: ¤220 When buying a closet you would obviously want to minimize the cost, so your task is to find

  • two way function (reversible) mapping of small alphabet to bigger one [on hold]June 10

    Suppose I have a fixed length String in an alphabet which only permits the following characters: abcdef0123456789 and I wan to be able to map it into a String with a larger set of possible characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvw

  • The state of the checkbox, which was set in Robot Framework is not storedJune 10

    I'm new to Robot Framework and Selenium. I can not set a checkbox. There are several settings, which is controlled by the checkbox. I see that it was set by Robot, but the result is not stored. The test is successful. In manual test if check box was

  • Send a failure report after running Selenium IDEJune 10

    I implemented Selenium IDE on Firefox on a server and, because I don't always wanna start a connection to the server to check the results, would like to get something like a test report via mail, if (only if) a failure occured. I couldn't find a good

  • Firefox error while creating proxy change for burp suiteJune 10

    Once I do Firefox manual proxy settings for burp suite, I am unable to run any live sites. How can I run and login from a live site hosted in GoDaddy to do a security test using burp suite?

  • How to set the path for maven(or where the maven directory is present) if it comes pre-installed with eclipse marsJune 10

    Eclipse Mars comes with pre-installed maven plugins. Now, I want to set the path of maven in the environment variables, inorder to execute it from the command line. I am not sure about the directories where maven is present as this was integrated wit

  • Assert in TestNG (Actual int value, Expected int value)June 10

    Is there anyway to assert that, actual int value = expected int value not equal to 0 Something like, Assert.assertEquals(length, 0); --------------Solutions------------- The TestNG Assert documentation talks about a function assertNotEquals Assert.as

  • Showing save and open window even Preference set as neverAsk.openFile ,neverAsk.saveToDisk for firefoxJune 9

    I wanted to download file and save at specified location so I have created firefox profile and set the above mentioned parameter in profile but it is not working for me Here is my code : Application(MIME) Type: application/json Note:xlsx file build o

  • What is a good mobile application testing training plan?June 9

    As per my understanding, I have created following training plan. Please review and let me know if I'm missing something or anything needs to be update? Topics Introduction to Mobile Testing 1. What is Mobile application testing? 2. Why is Mobile test

  • What are some tools for testing Mobile web apps?June 9

    I'm thinking along the lines of a Firebug for the iPhone/iPad/Android/BB that can truly give more insight on the markup/scripts. Even when testing on the simulator/device, it's hard to truly simulate the exact rendering of the mobile browser. I know

  • Is there an AES identity key?June 9

    The following questions are of pure theoretical nature. I don't have an application in mind. Is there a key that makes AES the identity function? Is there a key that makes AES the identity function for certain inputs? Is it known whether such keys mi

  • Private Key for encryption, Public Key for decryption, but how? [on hold]June 9

    I need some kind of encryption/decryption where the private key is used for encryption and the public key is used for decryption. But maybe you have another idea if I explain why I need sth. like that. I need to write a program which generates some k

  • AES initialization vector use within OpenSSLJune 9

    I have binary data to decrypt. The 128bit AES key is encrypted with RSA and supplied alongside the AES-128 encrypted data and I can decrypt the AES key with RSA. Only the four-32bit-words AES key seems wrapped. What value should I use for the initial

  • FHEW key generation killedJune 9

    I downloaded FHEW library, for implementing Homomorphic encryption. However, when I tried to run the library the key generation process is being killed automatically, and I dont know what is the reason, I appreciate any help in this regard

  • Mobile phone fallback with custom basestationJune 9

    If a custom base station was placed in an area with mobile devices nearby, would they automatically fall back to 2G from 3G, since the 2G signal was stronger? Or would the 3G signal need to be suppressed completely by a noise generator for a fallback

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