• Grub Recovery at BootFebruary 14

    So I'm not exactly sure what happened but when I went to start my computer today, it failed to boot and the only thing on the screen is a command line with "Grub recovery". I tried to repair what happened with Boot Repair Disk but all it was abl

  • Redhat List files does not recognizes German Special CharsFebruary 14

    I am trying to convert some files with german special chars, but what I dont understand is that I can create the files with öüä for example but when I do a list it doesn't show me these chars but instead a ? or % for example. As I want to convert som

  • How to mount vmdk images extracted from an ova archiveFebruary 14

    I was able to deploy a virtual machine from an ova archive. This virtual machine has a very restrictive shell which does not allow me to access its file system. I would like to mount its vmdk images in order to access its file system. The ova archive

  • How can I pipe only stderr in zsh?February 14

    In bash: $ echo hi 2>&1 1>/dev/null | cat $ While in zsh: $ echo hi 2>&1 1>/dev/null | cat hi $ Is there a way to pipe only standard error while redirecting standard out? --------------Solutions------------- With zsh and with the mult_

  • Why iso image report errors when burned on usb flash?February 14

    The same iso image boots ok when burned on a DVD support while reports a plenty of io_errors, bad-blocks and so on (used as boot drive) when burned on a usb flash support. The flash support has been tested with a complete cycle of badblocks test comm

  • Order Columns in CSV fileFebruary 14

    I am trying to order all columns by column name in a csv file. What I have is something like this: name ,adress ,mobile-number Ane ,USA ,12121212 Joane ,England ,234234 and the output I need is adress ,name ,mobile-number USA ,Ane ,12121212 England,J

  • pppd: LCP: timeout sending Config-RequestsFebruary 14

    I've got an embedded Linux system based on an AT91 SoC. I've built and configured the kernel and root file system using buildroot, and I'm just trying to get the built-in GPRS modem up and running, but I'm having some trouble. Every time I run pppd,

  • Script not working (shell) [on hold]February 13

    i tried to setup a new server on a new root (debian 8) right now and noticed that my sh scripts arent working? start.sh: #!/bin/sh screen -S Minecraft ./rstart.sh rstart.sh: #!/bin/sh while true do java -server -Xms10G -Xmx10G -XX:MaxPermSize=128M -j

  • Autotools: Generating the GNUmakefile starting from GNUmakefile.amFebruary 13

    After patching my Debian Jessie with Kernel 3.18.22 with the 5.0 test1 RTAI patch (www.rtai.org), I took the source code of a sample test application, provided with the patch, wanting to understand how to appropriately develop an application that use

  • How to interpret some kernel OOPS output?February 13

    I'm trying to analyze some kernel OOPS message. I'm able to understand most of the output, but there's still some lines that I have no idea how the should be interpreted. The first thing is PGD which is the page global directory, but in the kernel OO

  • How to disable media keyboard shortcuts in XFCE4?February 13

    I'd like to customize what the mute & volume buttons do in XFCE4. They do control media playback but they do that without having any entries in the keyboard shortcuts setting. They don't appear in xfconf either. And trying to override what they do an

  • ImportError: No module named '_struct' when installing setuptoolsFebruary 13

    I've installed separate Python versions on Centos 6.7 using the instructions listed here, using a local install (not my package manager). When I tried to install setuptools (e.g. python3.5 ez_setup.py) to my new Python versions, I got the titular err

  • A452 Linux help! [on hold]February 13

    I have managed to complete all of the tasks other than question thirteen: Linux enables tasks which are regularly carried out to be automated through the use of shell scripts. Plan, write and test a shell script that could automate the task of creati

  • Problems with pulseaudio - pavucontrol and pacmd not connecting to pulseaudio

    Problems with pulseaudio - pavucontrol and pacmd not connecting to pulseaudioFebruary 13

    I'm running Debian Jessie (8.3) with the following pulseaudio packages. As far as I know all sound related stuff (including pulseaudio) corresponds to the default Jessie packages. I have not customized anything. Nor have I done anything with systemd,

  • GTK_IM_MODULE=xim breaks dead keys in GTK and QT applicationsFebruary 12

    I'm using XIM to have the compose key take into account my ~/.XCompose file (it's the only input method that takes it into account, all the others I tried use hard-coded tables). However, it is breaking the dead keys in GTK and QT application: If in

  • alt-shift toggles keymap when part of a shortcutFebruary 12

    I have two xkb layouts, and use Alt+Shift to toggle between them: setxkbmap "fr,us" -option grp:alt_shift_toggle However, when I press a shorcut which contains Alt+Shift, the shortcut isn't taken into account, and instead the layout switches. Fo

  • How to install Linux on a computer without a video card?February 12

    I want to give a second life to my old computer. It has: EP-8NPAJ motherboard 320 Gb HDD 2Gb of RAM CD-ROM, USB Connection to my LAN with Ethernet cable It is fully functional, except - it has no video card. So, is it possible to install Linux or Fre

  • Are there any implications of closing every if-block with fi in a nested if-construct?February 12

    As closing "fi"s for nested if-blocks are not necessary except for when delimiting else-blocks (ref: http://stackoverflow.com/a/15328027/1942997), I was wondering if there were any implications when doing this or if it is just a matter of style.

  • How to set subnets in /etc/mail/relay-domains?February 12

    If I need to set a /27 in the mentioned config file (sendmail), how can I do it? I need to write all the 30 IP's in it? Or does it accepts /27? --------------Solutions------------- You have to write all the IP (or hostnames).

  • Linux Mint Quiana 17 xfce 32 bit - recent update has disabled internet but skype worksFebruary 12

    After a recent update from Linux Mint, firefox no longer connects and nor do other things like the updater itself! However, skype still works. After looking on some other forums and asking the same question on the Ubuntu page here I was advised to tr

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