• Passing a Matrix from C++ to MATLABSeptember 15

    I've reviewed questions with similar (almost identical title) but found no definitive answer, so I will restate the question very simply. I am trying to pass a Matrix (multidimentional array, where both dimensions are superior to 1) from C++ to MATLA

  • system.indexes in mongodb for backupSeptember 15

    I am using mongodump tool for collecting backup,during this I am excluding some of the collection which I dont need using excludeCollection options. As part of mongodump we have a system collection system.indexes ,is there any impact during restore i

  • Not able to build Release APK in Android StudioSeptember 15

    In my Android application, We have integrated Paypal Payment method. It's working Fine. But we are not able to generate Release Apk. Please help me to find out the solution for this. Here is my Log Information:Gradle tasks [:app:assembleRelease] :app

  • How to configure secondary DNS?

    How to configure secondary DNS?September 15

    I bought a dedicated server from a company and they give me a secondary DNS server: Debian 8 64bit with ISPConfig I added my domain to that server and they told me I need to add this domain as a secondary DNS with option allow on my dedicat

  • How to change canvas fillStyle with collision detection?September 15

    So i've made a Breakout game following this tutorial which was fairly simple but one of the optional exercises is to get the ball to change its colour whenever it hits the side of the canvas. The site doesn't tell you how to do this, and i've not bee

  • t-sql, select words with specific hebrew dots using dot codeSeptember 14

    the code of one of the hebrew characters which is a dot(=vowel) is 1463 or 0x05b7 I try to select only words that contain this character, but I get the whole list of words. I try: DECLARE @d NCHAR set @d = NCHAR(1463) select * from words where word l

  • Function select same and similar, count them, return friendly name and count

    Function select same and similar, count them, return friendly name and countSeptember 14

    Hey guys this question is kind of a followup with my question here. I created a function to count votes per column for a contest that we hold annually. The problem is that, with text fields people don't always spell things correctly, or use punctuati

  • Combining plain text and HTML in a mail sent with email/smtplibSeptember 14

    Using the example given here, I've written some code to send a mostly plain-text email with a hyperlink in the footer: def send_mail(subject, removed_ids, added_ids): parser = ConfigParser() parser.read('config.ini') from_address = parser.get('smtp',

  • How to infer Fbound parametrized type?September 14

    I have a f-bound type and other types that depends on it. I'm struggle to declare them in a way that does not requires explicit specifying fbound for operations. Details are in the example object WhatIWant { sealed trait FBound[F <: FBound[F]] sealed

  • Youtube related video - how to play 2 videos only in sequenceSeptember 14

    I would like to embed 2 videos to play in sequence: play Video A then a prompt and option to play Video B. Only videos A & B should play - no other related content. Can this be handled with related video parameters or playlist settings?

  • comparing string vectors to get the differenceSeptember 14

    trying to store the different elements of 2 vectors into another vectore. here is what I have so far but its not giving me the right output! for (long i=0; i<(long)v2.size(); ++i) { for (long index=0; index<(long)v1.size(); ++index) { if (v2[i] == v

  • Python - Find the sum of a Nested listSeptember 14

    I'm having trouble of this recursive nested lists. The problem I have right now is the code work fine if the list isn't at the end of the list... I can't figure out what should I do to fix this. def rsum(l): # Sum of all num in the list print l if is

  • Fit a curve to a histogram in PythonSeptember 14

    I am trying to make to fit a curve to the values in a matplotlib generated histogram: n, bins, patches = plt.hist(myData) Where "plt" stands for matplotlib.pyplot. Basically, I want bins to be my x-data and n to be my y-data. However, I cannot g

  • Rebus: Combining Pub/Sub and Request/Reply patternsSeptember 14

    I have a requirement to use one publisher with multiple subscribers where each subscriber only receives messages that have a unique ID for that subscriber. Each subscriber needs to be able to respond to the publisher.

  • Angular2 and gapi: isSignedIn.get() returning falseSeptember 13

    Angular2 and gapi: isSignedIn.get() returning false My template code is executed before gapi has time to initialize. This leads to errors saying gapi.auth2 is undefined (in compiled typescript). I can fix these errors by running the following in inde

  • XML parser error on Windows 2012 r2September 13

    I ask this question not knowing much on how to create production servers and disaster recovery servers. We have a production system which works great. Essentially I coded this to take an XML request do every day SOAP stuff with it. production is on w

  • Splitting data in a char array in CSeptember 13

    So, I am very new to C, and have been trying to figure out this problem for several hours now and it does not seem to be working out for me. I have a dataset of Unicode values that looks like this: 0000..007F; 0080..00FF; 0100..017F; 0180..024F; 0250

  • Accessing my mapView var from another function: mapView = nilSeptember 13

    I am trying to place some annotations on a mapView from a function, but the mapView shows up as nil in the debugger. I'm calling the below function from a different class and the call seems to work by setting up some breakpoints. It just errors out w

  • C# and MySql, select between two dateSeptember 13

    Sorry for my english, this is very bad. private void loadDetalle() { DateTime today = DateTime.Today; string todayS = today.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd"); DateTime fechaComparativa = DateTime.Today.AddDays(-30); string fechaComparativaS = fechaComparat

  • How do I add HornetQObjectMessage to my wildfly (ear) application's path?September 13

    Can anyone tell me how to get the HornetQ API to my ear application on Wildfly? My Message Driven Bean receives a Message msg message. msg.getClass().getSimpleName() returns HornetQObjectMessage. I try to cast msg to HornetQObjectMessage and the Wild

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