• Export the Infopath Repeating table to ExcelMarch 13

    I am having bunch of rows in the repeating table and I am fetching this based on some dropdown box conditions.Now my client is expecting to get the repeating table data into excel sheet.Can any one help me how can I achieve this.

  • How to add office 365 outlook email as SharePoint add-inMarch 13

    I have a requirement to add Office 365 outlook (https://outlook.office.com/owa/) as an add-in in Office 365 SharePoint site. When I search for Outlook add-in in store it shows "Site Mailbox" add-in and this is creating a new mail box altogether

  • Can a users software application use my library files from SharePoint without being seen by the user?March 13

    My users have a software application that utilises my workspace files which contain libraries of technical data and specifications, they are specific to the application. Can I use SharePoint in a way that will let the application on the users local m

  • FindDistributionParameters failing for a TransformedDistributionMarch 13

    I would like to estimate the parameters of a distribution that I obtain via TransformedDistribution: bDist[σ_, λ_] := TransformedDistribution[real + noise, {real \[Distributed] ExponentialDistribution[λ], noise \[Distributed] NormalDistribution[0, σ]

  • This input is incomplete [on hold]March 13

    I'm sorry if this is a totally simple question, but I'm new to Mathematica, and I've just spent 30mins looking through the documentation, but I can't seem to figure out why this code won't work: Quadratic[n_, a_ , b_] := (n^2 + a * n + b) \; And[Abs[

  • Test different parameter values in DiscretePlot

    Test different parameter values in DiscretePlotMarch 12

    I have a discrete dynamic model with two variables $x$ and $y$ as: $x_t =ax_{t-1}+by_{t-1}$ $y_t =cx_{t-1}+dy_{t-1}$ where $a, b, c, d$ are parameters. I would like to plot how the movement of x[t] changes when a model parameter changes using Discret

  • Using Manipulate, How can I display a list of coordinate pairs as a drop down list within the controls?

    Using Manipulate, How can I display a list of coordinate pairs as a drop down list within the controls?March 12

    First post on this forum so I apologize if my formatting isn't perfect. My problem: I'm attempting to pass a list of coordinate pairs as a parameter for a control in manipulate. The goal is to be able to display all the coordinates in a drop down lis

  • Efficient maximisation of log-likelihoodMarch 12

    I would like to efficiently find the maximum $(\sigma,\lambda)$ for the log-likelihood of the derived distribution below. I only need $\sigma$ and $\lambda$ to one decimal place - so not very precise. I have tried lowering both the AccuracyGoal and P

  • How to reorganize the graphs in the GraphicGrid in a reopened notebook without re-generating themMarch 12

    How to reorganize (add some and remove some within the same notebook) the graphs in the GraphicGrid in a previously saved notebook that was closed and reopened, without re-evaluation to re-generate those single graphs? --------------Solutions--------

  • How to clone parent SObject to child SObjects with field restrictionMarch 12

    I have a requirement where I have to clone a parent Product2 to all of it's child Product2s. I know we can achieve this by using clone() function of Product2, but I want some field values should not pass from parent Product to child products. Is ther

  • Rendering an Email Template with merged valuesMarch 12

    A while back I accidentally discovered this GREAT feature of Salesforce where I could display a merged email template via a URL. It was a great feature to show sample emails in my help documentation. I documented it in my wiki at the time. The syntax

  • Testing Batch Class that triggers Chatter PostMarch 12

    I have a batch class that needs a test class. In creating the test records, the insertion of a necessary object record triggers a Chatter Post via another trigger. That chatter post references a CollaborationGroup and uses the ConnectApi feature so I

  • Random Winner Based on Percentage Weighting

    Random Winner Based on Percentage WeightingMarch 12

    I have 3 variables and each one has their own percentage to win out of 99.99...%. (The 3 percentages don't act up to 100% perfectly) When button1 is clicked, it will go through 100,000 simulations and afterwards it will output how many times each var

  • Controlling parallel jobs with condition_variableMarch 12

    I'm trying to set up a system where I can have an arbitrary number of parallel tasks, all of which wait for a go signal, do their work, and then stop while a manager collects the results, prepares for the next batch of work, and so on. The easy way I

  • Java REST WS with DBMarch 12

    I want to get the feedback this code about the best practice I should follow and if I am using the connection pooling properly. I have classes as follows: DAOConnectionFactory- to fetch pooled connections from the Datasource WatcherService- the REST

  • XOR 256 Block Encrypting and DecryptingMarch 11

    I am quite new to Go but have found it to be very useful for my use case (game server). I have a routine that encrypts/decrypts the game packets which was written in C++ which can be seen here and here as DecryptDirect. My current Go code: type Crypt

  • Type-Safe Event SystemMarch 11

    I have recently started writing C# from a strong JavaScript background, and found myself wanting to do something I do all the time in JavaScript: events. Since I have a type system at my disposal, I figured I'd make use of it and make the event syste

  • Basic template engineMarch 11

    I wanted to know how I can improve it. I mainly want to look at speed and performance, but if there are any improvements please give a suggestion. <?php defined("SECURE") or exit('Please define SECURE keyword to continue.'); class template {

  • Shortest solution for stable marriage problem [on hold]March 11

    Given N men and N women, where each person has ranked all members of the opposite sex in order of preference, marry the men and women together such that there are no two people of opposite sex who would both rather have each other than their current

  • How can I implement the algorithm in the picture properly? [on hold]

    How can I implement the algorithm in the picture properly? [on hold]March 11

    String n1="1010100000000010",n2="10000111"; int div=Integer.parseInt(n1,2); int divisor=Integer.parseInt(n2,2); int div_Hi=0; for(int i=0;i<8;i++){ dividend<<=1; if(dividend_Hi>=divisor){ dividend_Hi-=divisor; dividend=divi

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