• El Capitan changes language input after reboot

    El Capitan changes language input after rebootApril 17

    every time I restart my Mac (OS X El Capitan 10.11.3), the language input is set to "ABC Extended" instead of English or German. This causes me trouble when I want to type my password. Is there a way to set this back to English or German? ------

  • iTunes playing album tracks in wrong orderApril 17

    When playing a specific album, iTunes plays the third track ninth. When checking 'Get info' the track is clearly designated as track 3 of 10. Nothing I do moves it to the correct position in the album order. How can I fix this?

  • Recover Boot Camp partitionApril 17

    I have a MacBook Pro 13" 2015, I used this with OS X + Windows 10 on Boot Camp. I prepared all to remove Boot Camp and yesterday finally removed this partition using Disk Utility and Boot Camp Assistant. But... I forgot copy something... noting cruci

  • Reading list transferApril 17

    My mobile phone has tons of items on its reading list which Iv not caught up reading yet. Now that my phone is due a reset I'd like to save these reading lists/urls to my pc. Is there a way I can simply transfer them over even email or something? I d

  • Use pc mic for iPhoneApril 17

    How can I use my pc microphone for iPhone? I want to input the sound from computer to iPhone. Does anyone know anyway that can be possible? Something more efficient than just putting the phone near the pic speaker.

  • How do I transfer apps, media, from one iTunes account to another?April 16

    This may well be a recurring question to some of you, and I apologize in advance for the repetition and hope you can excuse me, but i've really got nowhere else to ask. Here's my situation; I have a @me account associated with my iCloud storage plan

  • How to paste into Keychain protected fieldApril 16

    I wiped and reinstalled my rMBP and am attampting to restore the System.keychain found in /Library/Keychains using the password from /var/db/Systemkey. However, that contains a LOT of characters I cant type (like triangles and non-breaking spaces as

  • WP Media Uploader modal conflicts with Bootstrap modalApril 16

    I was creating a form in a Bootstrap Modal to allow users to create new posts from the frontend. Everything seemed alright until I wanted to upload a file to the media library or choose one already uploaded: This opens another modal using JS from the

  • I want my homepage navbar to have different styling to the rest of my site, how can I do this?April 16

    I am using the genesis framework, all I literally want to do is remove the navbar background colour for the homepage only. All my attempted changes have affected all the navigation menus.

  • Rewrite URL query string for all pagesApril 16

    I need to pass query string http://example.com/anypage?query=123 to look like this: http://example.com/anypage/123 and it should work on any page: ...com/anotherpage/123 I am looking for the simplest way to do this on wordpress. It would be awesome i

  • Google map api in Wordpress: lower quality / downscale

    Google map api in Wordpress: lower quality / downscaleApril 16

    I've created my first map using google api v3 (without key). Wrote everything in a js file, and tested it with a local static test.html file that basically has: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?senso

  • Where i need to hook in order to catch view,edit,create user actions and encrypt / decrypt accordingly?April 16

    I need to be able to encrypt / decrypt CPT fields automatically. This means that i need to decrypt the content automatically when i user views or tries to edit a CPT and also i need to encrypt when he is creating or updating a CPT. I come up with som

  • WP custom plugin seems to stuckApril 16

    Prehistory from How to generate slugs?: I have the following situation. I accidentally updated post_name column in wp_posts tables for all rows. Now I need to update those back somehow. I have implemented the following solution: <?php /* Plugin Name:

  • Having a forum in a subfolderApril 16

    I have a standard wp site in www.example.com Also have a smf forum in forum.example.com What do I need to do to put the forum in www.example.com/forum ? I guess this involves two parts: redirecting the old urls (which I will ask in a separate questio

  • Marking Multiple Options Selected in Different Select Boxes

    Marking Multiple Options Selected in Different Select BoxesApril 16

    I've added a multi select box to each menu item on the Menus page. How can I mark multiple items as selected for a given select box? <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(".chzn-select").chosen();

  • LEAFLET - geojson properties in bounding boxApril 16

    Is there a way to show geojson properties which are located in current bounding box? something like this http://turbo87.github.io/leaflet-sidebar/examples/listing-markers.html with geojson and its props

  • How to create SpatialPixelsDataFrame from Latitude and Longitude data?April 15

    I have a data frame that contains latitude and longitude data with density point. I want to do kriging but my main problem is that I can not create SpatialPixelsDataFrame from my data. My data is available from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zg

  • Change anchor point using ArcPy

    Change anchor point using ArcPyApril 15

    Is it possible to changed the legend element anchor point using arcpy? This is the default anchor point: and i want this anchor point loaction: I know how to changed the legend element position x,y. But if the anchor point isn't in the right place, t

  • How to read info from the CRS? April 15

    This question already has an answer here: What is/are the coordinate systems used in South Africa? 1 answer I'm struggling to understand how the geo projections work in practice. The info a the CRS is as follows: {'ellps': 'WGS84', 'no_defs': True, '

  • Renaming layer with chart pie symbology in TOC of ArcMap?

    Renaming layer with chart pie symbology in TOC of ArcMap?April 15

    I work with ArcGIS 10.3 and when i try rename layers point1 point2 in the TOC but i can't. I using chart pie symbology: This is the symbology tab: --------------Solutions------------- As you will see on the Symbology tab of the Properties for your la

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