• Why won't my triangle render in DirectX11?April 17

    I am very new to the rendering API and I have been following a couple of YouTube tutorials. The file is being read I know that. I am very sure that I got all of the code down, but I could be wrong. So I will show you my main file where I am doing eve

  • Dynamically generating triangles from points

    Dynamically generating triangles from pointsApril 17

    I'm working on 2D lighting. I have a list of points that have been calculated and when I draw lines from the light origin to the point it works. The problem is connecting the points into triangles. It always overlaps the walls, and I can't figure thi

  • Want to start making games [on hold]April 17

    I want to start making games. I preferably want to make a 2d platformer. I was wondering what the best software would be the best for this. Please keep in mind I am a beginner with little skill. Thank you.

  • Unity crash on iOS - GameObject.SendMessage()April 17

    Unity Version: 5.3.2p2 It's crashing from within Unity's internal code when doing a GameObject.SendMessage() call, it should be noted that this particular line itself is not the source of the crash (nothing in this line of code is null): target.gameO

  • lag compensation & client-side prediction - how to handle walking?April 17

    So I read couple of Valve articles about networking (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_Multiplayer_Networking) and I successfully implemented network synchronization for my nodejs game. Similar to valve, the server is the top authority

  • LibGdx Tiled Map Rendering Problem

    LibGdx Tiled Map Rendering ProblemApril 17

    Im trying to study a book to learn LibGDX game engine but i have a problem with rendering tiled maps. i think i wrote the same code with book but i couldnt get the same result. its a simple game with a character and a map. When i rendered my characte

  • How would I create a save function to my random generated game?

    How would I create a save function to my random generated game?April 16

    I'm making a 2D Tower Defense and currently looking into making a save feature. The problem is that my game is procedural generated (based on the rogue-like tutorial posted by Unity): At runtime I generate a random amount (approx 7k) tiles of treasur

  • HLSL Buffer Data TypeApril 16

    I'm working on converting a dx11 shader from a .fx file for use in Unity3D and I'm a little puzzled by the HLSL Buffer<> type declared in the shader. More specifically, what are these and how can I implement them in Unity? I'm aware of the Structure

  • Error message using pdflatex on "R's Multiple Sequence Alignment" PackageApril 16

    I am new to using R-studio and the Multiple Sequence Alignment package. I am trying to generate a PDF of the outputs from an alignment result, but I keep getting an error message. I am inputting this code: mySequenceFile <- system.file("examples&q

  • Set default multiline environment to alignApril 16

    In LyX, when I press Ctrl-Enter, I get eqnarray, which is generally deprecated. Is there a way to change the function of the Ctrl-Enter behavior to align?

  • How Do I Draw Two Overlapping Rectangles?

    How Do I Draw Two Overlapping Rectangles?April 16

    I'm working on an interaction diagram for a programming design course. For sets of objects, I am required to draw overlapping rectangles, roughly as such: There was a post on overlapping fills that seems pretty close to what I want, but I couldn't fi

  • "Internet Reference" bibliography style for SAE papers using biblatex/biberApril 16

    Despite my lack of LaTeX skills, with the help of the forum, I have been making good progress on developing an updated SAE class for writing SAE papers with LaTeX. Next up: Properly formatting "Internet References" in the bibliography. I am usin

  • Enlarge the text area to an appropriate size to fit in the paper sizeApril 16

    Is there a package to automatically enlarge the text area to fit the paper size? Note that the purpose is NOT to put more texts in one page; the purpose is that, with the same amount of texts in one page, the text area should make better use of space

  • Text going to a new page without 'complete' the previous page

    Text going to a new page without 'complete' the previous pageApril 16

    First post here in TeX forum, I hope there's not too much trouble. Since one image worth more than words, you can see a print of the problem I'm having in this image It seems that this problems happens whenever I have an equation array at the top of

  • Error "! Missing delimiter (. inserted)." in the same line, even if I change the document orderApril 16

    The error in the line 196 in the next code, always appear, even if I change the order of my document structure. This doesn't let me compile peacefully, ┬┐Where is the error? This is my code \documentclass[aspectratio=169]{beamer} \usepackage{beamerthe

  • Is it possible to set the title for an mdframed newmdenv without specifying the frametitle key

    Is it possible to set the title for an mdframed newmdenv without specifying the frametitle keyApril 16

    I want to be able to invoke a mdframed box and specify a title without using the frametitle=Title syntax: I want to write \begin{mdframedbox}[Title] ...content here... \end{mdframedbox} instead of \begin{mdframedbox}[frametitle=Title] ...content here

  • File 'lipsum.sty' not foundApril 15

    I downloaded a LaTeX template to start writing my report, and as a first-timer in LaTeX, I get the error message LaTeX error: File lipsum.sty not found along with two other messages (Emergency stop + Fatal error occurred). I am using TeXnicCenter on

  • How do I create the following rectangular symbol?

    How do I create the following rectangular symbol?April 15

    I am interested in creating a symbol-sized tikz drawing with a rectangle half the width of the symbol (and the height of a symbol) and an arrow coming out from the middle right side of the rectangle pointing to the right (the arrow head should be rat

  • Manual numbering of Theorems April 15

    This question already has an answer here: How do I make a Theorem n followed by a Theorem n' ? 2 answers I have a setup where theorems are numbered automatically. Now I want a single theorem be numbered with special number, e.g. after Theorem 2 write

  • How to get short author lists using natbibapa option of apacite?April 15

    natbib's basic citation commands, such as \citep, produce short author lists by default. For example, the MWE below produces "(Richerson et al., 1997)". \begin{filecontents}{\jobname.bib} @InCollection{BoydRichersonEtAl:CulturalPhylogenies, auth

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