• Gson nested class parameters have no valuesSeptember 13

    I have issue with parsing string to nested classes. This is my json string: [ { "DeviceName":"devtest", "StolenFlag":false, "BatteryLevel":2, "LastLocalization":{ "Geography":{ "CoordinateSy

  • Using pointers and arrays in cSeptember 13

    Purpose: Write a program that finds the edges of light and dark regions. use pointer arithmetic. process an input bit pattern in the following manner: -Assign a 1 to the output bit pattern whenever two consecutive bits (one bit and it's previous bit)

  • output each match from sed as a separate fileSeptember 12

    I have a file which contains questions with multiple choice answers. The first line of each question begins with 010. The last line of each question begins with a lowercase e. I need to output each match into a separate file. sed -n '/010/,/e)/p' Fil

  • Better way to move elements from a map to anotherSeptember 12

    I must find a efficient solution for this problem. I have two map. I must move some elements from map1 to map2 (namely erase from map1 and put into map2). I have the keys through which I find the elements in map1 namely i'm doing for now: bool temp;

  • tuple operation in python 3.5September 12

    I want to create a new tuple from an given tuple the following way: 1 1 2 3 3 6 4 10 5 15 Both tuples should have the same dimensions(number of elements). Maybe like this: old_tuple[0] move to new_tuple[0] new_tuple[0] + old_tuple[1] move to new_tupl

  • How to Sort a List of Numbers Ignoring All Characters Except NumberSeptember 12

    Please tell me how to sort a list of numbers ignoring special characters. For example: [45, 10, 15, 30, 18*] in which "18*" is a string and the rest are integers I want it to sort like this: [10, 15, 18*, 30, 45] Please tell me what sorting algo

  • Aldeed autoform array as checkbox groupSeptember 12

    I have an edit/new form that I want to update a mongo document within my collection. The videos collection - each has an array of genres [1,2,3] where I insert a genre id into each video. I have two schema, one for genre and one for video I am using

  • how to output datetime for next daySeptember 12

    I have a table - timetravel with two columns, trainID (INT) and Date_Time (datetime) timetravel trainID - Date_time 1 - 2016-02-21 08:00:00 2 - 2016-02-21 12:51:00 3 - 2016-02-22 05:20:00 4 - 2016-02-23 03:44:00 5 - 2016-02-23 06:00:00 6 - 2016-02-24

  • Eclipse Plug-in Development - use NashornSeptember 12

    I'm developing an Eclipse Plug-in where I use Nashorn. When I run the same application as a standalone Java application, I face no errors. But when I run it as a plugin, I get this error - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: jdk/nashorn/internal/runtime/

  • How to download to /res/raw using cordova-plugin-fileSeptember 12

    I'm using cordova to create a push application. I'm trying to download a 20 second mp3 file and have that file play whenever the notification is received. Android docs say it needs to be stored in /res/raw (see https://developers.google.com/cloud-mes

  • Hide Form after pressed submit and show other codeSeptember 11

    I want to hide "feed" after user pressed submit button and show other message <?php if($_GET['type'] == "status"){ echo '<section class="feed">'; echo $status; echo '</section>'; } ?> <script> $(docume

  • XML to HTML witj XSLTSeptember 11

    I would like to turn an XML file with content like this: <Item> <Name>Alpha</Name> <URL>http://www.test.com</URL> </Item> <Item> <Name>Beta</Name> <URL></URL> </Item> into an HTML fil

  • Eval() Interprter return nullSeptember 11

    I am working on Mobile app calcluator I am trying to evaluate a string as a math equation by using "bsh" library. Successfully, I imported the library and compiled. When I try to implement this part under the equal sign I am getting null all the

  • How to remove N rows, according to two condtionsSeptember 11

    My question follows on from How to find tail rows of a data frame that satisfy set criteria? and as such, my (updated) sample data is structured as: Individ <- data.frame(Participant = c("Bill", "Bill", "Bill", "Bill&

  • When to use index join?September 11

    I was wondering what is the best scenario to use index join when joining two tables besides nested loop join and merge-sort join?

  • Rotate the bits in an array of bytes clockwise or anticlockwiseSeptember 11

    In an AVR, I'm using an array of eight bytes to store a picture displayed on an 8x8 LED matrix. The picture needs to be rotated from time to time. So, given this picture: uint8_t rows[8] = { 0b00000001, 0b00000001, 0b00000001, 0b00000001, 0b00000001,

  • Binary Search Tree wont remove root when size is less than 2September 11

    public Node remove(String s, Node t) { if( t == null ) return t; // Item not found; do nothing if( s.compareTo( t.data ) < 0 ) t.left = remove( s, t.left ); else if( s.compareTo( t.data ) > 0 ) t.right = remove( s, t.right ); else if( t.left != null

  • Bigram Count using Spark (Python) producing strange outputSeptember 11

    I am trying to do a bigram count using Spark, Python API. I am getting strange output. Multiple lines of: generator object genexpr at 0x11aab40 This is my code: from pyspark import SparkConf, SparkContext import string conf = SparkConf().setMaster('l

  • Fancybox not working, how to get Overlay to workSeptember 11

    I'm not sure why my fancybox isn't working, I have jQuery, fancybox.css and fancybox.js but I haven't been able to work. I also can't seem to understand how to get the overlay to show up: Fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/jzhang172/ac5nxsup/1/ $('.section

  • for my computer science class I am working on operators

    for my computer science class I am working on operatorsSeptember 11

    how do i add totalprice of a Sandwhich that cost $3, chips cost $2, and soda cost $1 --------------Solutions------------- Okay as a fellow Computer Science student I will help you out. to get your result the codes this System.out.println(inputsandwhi

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