• How to Create a Table in Tikz with Arrows from One Cell to Another?

    How to Create a Table in Tikz with Arrows from One Cell to Another?April 15

    I would like to reproduce a table in tikz with arrows from predefined cell to another predefined cell. Something looks like this. What I did was the following: \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{calc,matrix,positioning} \tik

  • Wrong references to another chaptersApril 15

    My problem is when you click on the reference to the first definition from chapter 2 you will return to the first definition from chapter 1. Of course, I want to see definition 1 from the second chapter. (Those wrong references happen to the all defi

  • Inserting an Image in Latex - BasicsApril 15

    It is my very very first time using LaTeX and I only need this program for preparing a homework which must include some graphics. For that I've been reading what to do for inserting an image but still not being able to add one, I seek for any kind of

  • Help formatting a commutative diagram in TikZ

    Help formatting a commutative diagram in TikZApril 15

    I need some serious help getting this commutative diagram to look presentable. I've been messing around with it for literally weeks and this is the best I've got. The only suppression that I could accept is swapping $H^{n-p}(F)$ for a suppression lik

  • glossaries package: hyperlink only on first use of acronym

    glossaries package: hyperlink only on first use of acronym April 15

    By default, the glossaries package creates a link to the glossary for each occurrence of an entry (e.g. each time I use \gls{entry}). With the links visualized (e.g. using hyperref colorlinks). This becomes really cluttered if an entry is used many t

  • Bibliography formatingApril 14

    I have a question regarding bibliography. I am not a LaTeX pro, It doesn't matter for me at the moment if I have to use embedded bibliography or bobtex. The question is, how can I accomplish the formatting I need. Here is an example of a bibliography

  • \addfontfeatures attribute lost after next fontspec command (like \textbf{})

    \addfontfeatures attribute lost after next fontspec command (like \textbf{})April 14

    I'm using Linux Libertine font (from system) with XeTeX. In the body, I'm using OldStyle numerals while I want Lining numerals in the tables. I'm typesetting tables that have some cells with \bfseries text. However, the \addfontfeature setting is onl

  • Thickness of pgfplot line makes data look jagged

    Thickness of pgfplot line makes data look jagged April 14

    I am trying to plot some experimental data. When I plot the data using tikzpicture/pgfplots, the data seems "noisy". It becomes less "noisy" when I use the keyword each nth point={n}, where I increased n to 1, 10, 50, 100 (see attached

  • Drawing an ellipsoid around an external figure

    Drawing an ellipsoid around an external figureApril 14

    I have a Tikz question to pose. Is it possible to draw an ellipsoidal figure about this molecular shape using Tikz? The ellipsoidal figure would look something like:

  • Sublime Text builds that use pdfLatex failApril 14

    I'm attempting to use one of a few ST resources to build latex documents, but none of them are working. The initial attempt was to use pandoc from ST to do markdown/latex compilation. I was using this build script: { "shell_cmd": "pandoc -o

  • Write a tress in LaTeX

    Write a tress in LaTeXApril 14

    I think this would be a good question how to bring a customized flowchart (your own) in MS Word to LateX. Well, I have attached a World file, and I am trying to convert that in LaTex. The Save as "type" LaTex did not work, and generated a nonsen

  • Bibtex Chicago Style: need to change truncaation setting for lists of three or more authorsApril 14

    I am using Bibtex, Natbib and Chicago Style. However, I need a changed format for authors. If there are 3 or more authors, only the first one should be mentioned, followed by "et al.". At the moment, all three authors are mentioned and only for

  • Calendar programming apiApril 13

    I am looking for a well supported (i.e. in active development or so mature that it can be a natural and uncontraversial choice) calendar library. I primarily need it to tell me when the next one or more dates are that match criteria I specify. The re

  • 2D arrays in C++ Programming [on hold]April 13

    so i'm using Microsoft Visual Studio and trying to make a console application. And I have to Create a program that declares a 2d array to store short data types. Make the array size 3 * 3. Ask the user to enter 9 numbers and fill the array across eac

  • Who communicates with the database in MVC/MVP?April 13

    I am building a small application and want to save my business objects to a database. I have my business objects and a model that acts as a container for my business objects and provides methods for creating and deleting them. Updating the business o

  • Including code output in a book that I want to sell [on hold]April 13

    I found some code on the internet that produces an animation that I want to include in a book that I'm writing, that will be sold for profit. I have edited the code to change the animation slightly for it to fit the format I want for my book. Am I al

  • Send a Complete web page via email [on hold]April 13

    I need to develop an application to send a COMPLETE web page via email, please help me, am using cURL and preg_match_all but it does'nt work at 100%

  • A "sort of" Units of Unit of WorkApril 13

    I've read Unit of Work pattern and tons of MVC/EF Unit of Work examples but what I'm trying to do is encapsulate multiple unit-of-work into a large set. Maybe this pattern already exists somewhere, but I'm unaware of it if it does. To keep my EF DbCo

  • Should I store cryptographic hashes as a blob or as a string?April 13

    I'm new to MongoDB and am wondering how to decide to store some cryptographic hashes. Should I store the binary data itself, as a blob, or should I store its string representation as a string? My instinct is to just use a string and be done with it,

  • I need a real-world example of a class to demonstrate consistent state [on hold]April 13

    I am trying to explain to my students how a Class is a black box and that it has internal state which must be kept consistent. So, the state can be made consistent every time data comes in to the class (via constructors and Mutators / Set Properties)

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