• Acquisition in live view, Nikon D3sJune 9

    I want to acquire consecutive images saying in 1/100 s exposure time in live view mode, i.e. keeping the shutter up the whole time and take e.g. 200 images without closing the shutter in meantime. 1. How can I do this using a Nikon D3s? 2. can the da

  • Backup for windows VMs and DataJune 9

    My Setup Lab1 Server has two drives M: Data around 1.7GB V: VMWare Virtual Machines around 2GB Z: I use this drive to backup both M: and V: i used Windows Servers backup, a Full backup takes 24+ hours, i am okay with it and increment backup is not co

  • Any file compare tool that matches function names and then compares them instead of line by line comparison?June 9

    I need to compare two files as .txt or .c or anything. These files have the same class name and same functions. But the functions are not in the same order for two classes. The first file is: class A { int subtract (int a, int b){ //some code here in

  • A document management system like Alfresco, but written in Python or Haskell?June 8

    See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfresco_(software) It's written largely using JSP. I'm wondering if there's something extensible like Alfresco Community Edition (LGPL v3), but written in Python or Haskell?

  • How to get a point inside area bounded by bézier curvesJune 8

    I have an area bounded by a closed path that consists of cubic b├ęzier curves. This area might not be convex. Is there an easy way to determine whether or not a point belongs to this area? Or better yet, how can I get a point that is guaranteed to lie

  • What are Google Webfonts alternatives to F37 Bella?

    What are Google Webfonts alternatives to F37 Bella?June 8

    I'm looking for fonts, available from Google Webfonts, that would look similar to F37 Bella: Any similar-looking fonts, with good cross-browser rendering? --------------Solutions------------- The line contrast isn't quite as stark as Bella but the cl

  • How to have a running footer showing section name alongside a running header showing chapter name?June 8

    I want to have a Running Header that will show the Chapter name on top of my page and a Running footer in bottom of the page that show the section name. but indesign choose just the chapter name in both top and bottom of pages.

  • Photoshop pen pressure not working

    Photoshop pen pressure not workingJune 8

    This problem occurs when i'm using Cs5 and cs6,i have same problem in both version,when i try to make hair brushes i got result that shown on picture.i'm not using any tablet.

  • How should I match Pantone / CMYK / RGB colors for my designs?June 8

    I am going to buy Pantone (C/U) and CMYK (C/U) patterns. How should I choose the colors for my designs? First CMYK, then Pantone and RGB last? --------------Solutions------------- Pick your Pantone colours. It's important to pick these in a light tha

  • Get 33+ Hours of Videography Training for $39

    Get 33+ Hours of Videography Training for $39June 8

    Whether you're trying to learn how to work the video on your DSLR, want to perfect your video after you've shot it, or need secrets from industry pros on marketing your indie film, you'll find it all in the eight-course Videography Bootcamp. It's 97%

  • Login to flickr account from my own appJune 8

    I'm trying to build a dll (for wpf/cmd) for downloading images from flickr. For that,I want the user to sign-in to the site and after typing the desired string it will returns all the photos that are available for this user (public + his private imag

  • Web API: Reading JSON file using StreamContent converting Caffè to Caff (è is missing)June 7

    I am reading a big JSON file stored on the server, using WEB API. Following is the code snippet: public HttpResponseMessage Get() { string filePath = "file path"; var response = Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK); if (File.Exists(filePath

  • How can I bind additional data to a Telerik Kendo Drop Down ListJune 7

    I have a Kendo drop down list. It's set up with a location name as the text and a location ID as the value. However, I have a third field that I need to have bound to the model (or at least returned in some way back to my controller). Is there a way

  • Symfony How to create empty SELECT (ChoiceType)?June 7

    I'm on Symfony 2.8. I've got Movie entity, which has Actor entities (ManyToMany). Lately I realized I will have a problem with creating entity, when there's a lot of actors in the DB, so I want to do have ajax-autocompleter on Actor field. On admin s

  • How to create MYSQL FULLTEXT index for very large table?June 7

    I have a table in MYSQL database that is about 45GB and my disk available space is 30GB. The table type is MyISAM and MySQL version is 5.6. I want to create FULLTEXT on two columns of the table called name and text where name is varchar(255) and text

  • reading input from webcam using python-opencv- preview window always shows not respondingJune 7

    i tried this code , my inbuilt webcam switches on, i'm a geting a preview window but video is not displaying it simply says not responding... i tried this code with opencv 2.4.10 , python 2.7.... i even tried this with opencv 3.0,3.1 but no result ..

  • Multiple columns transmute (dplyr) without specifying them manuallyJune 7

    Could you please help me to find out how to transmute certain columns using dplyr? For example, this works just fine try <- df %>% transmute(BL_AGE,INCIDENT_CVD, KOL = KOL) But, what if i need to include in the above formula multiple columns as (df)

  • Does Azure ACS support OpenID Connect providers?June 7

    is there a way to add an OpenID Connect identity provider to Azure ACS (access control service). I know we can add OpendID 2.0 as described here, but I do not think it will work with new OpendID Connect protocol.

  • PageeTabStrip with icon drawable selectorJune 7

    I implement PagerTabStrip with icon it will working fine. But i need when i change tab the current tab icon change selected image. Below my code my drawable icon selector code <selector xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android&quo

  • 404 error deployng production mobilefirst 7.1 environment with ant-cliJune 7

    Im trying to deploy with an ant script wich works fine with my local developer server, buy when im moving to production this is the error that im getting: deploy-environments: [echo] **************Deploying all environments************* [wladm] Error

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