• Do bi-directional level converters connect either input directly to ground?

    Do bi-directional level converters connect either input directly to ground?April 13

    So I have the following circuit, which is a bi-directional level converter: I am using it to convert a 5v logic signal (which at high is actually 4.2v and low is ~0.2v) to a 3v3 logic signal. I have already tried my own, one directional level convert

  • is this a virus or not - googleApril 13

    https://blog.malwarebytes.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/tapsnake02.jpg?w=564 this pop up from google saying theres a virus or something on my phone or battery keeps pooping out of nowhere even though I'm not on the web or anything I have a new Samsu

  • Trying to enable USB debugging by ADB from my PC

    Trying to enable USB debugging by ADB from my PCApril 13

    In Device Manager, my phone is connected as portable device. My phone's driver is MTP USB Driver. I checked connected devices by using the command "adb devices" in Command Prompt, there is no device on the list. My phone is rooted. My phone's sc

  • sd card partition align to: MB or Cylinder?April 13

    I planning to partition my sd card. There's an option "partition align to: MB or Cylinder" Which one should I choose?

  • How to ensure accurate import of Google contacts on first-time device setup?April 13

    I'm about to buy my first Android phone. I have a "newbie" question about contacts. I understand that when setting up the new phone, I'll enter my Google account details, and my Google Contacts will be imported (if that's the right word) to the

  • Help finding p2p_cli compiled for Android 5 and newer (WiFi Direct shell tool)April 13

    Here is my situation: Android 5.0 and newer has a security feature that requires binary (c / c++ code) to be compiled differently. "Error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported". p2p_cli is a shell program to allow you to con

  • Updated to CyanogenMod 12.1, tablet now stuck in bootloop with TWRPApril 13

    I just updated my tablet (Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1) to the latest CyanogenMod 12.1 snapshot, via the built-in updater. It worked perfectly, and booted into my homescreen just fine. I decided to factory reset it because I had some issues with Google Play,

  • can i unlock SIM on Sony Experia C1505?April 13

    i want to unlock SIM on my Sony Xperia C1505, is this possible? also can i use developer.sonymobile bootloader to do this?

  • Samsung S3 boot loop TWRPApril 12

    My mistake to do a Factory Reset on S3 with root cyanogenmod. Now the phone is looping on teamwin screen. I'm not familiar with Android root system. Could you guys gave me step by step how to fix it? --------------Solutions------------- You will find

  • rebooting into recovery using CMWApril 12

    Is there any big difference between rebooting into recovery using ClockWorkMod and using volume up + power button when wiping cache?

  • Can't restore stock rom, and no ROOT access in Cyanogenmod 10 with the GT-S5830April 12

    So, I got this phone to update Android with Cyanogenmod. And I flashed this (CM 10.1) version of Cyanogenmod with 4.2.2. The problem I ran into is that this version takes a lot of space on the small storage on this phone. (179MB). In this version I h

  • Sd card partition. What will I do?April 12

    Please see step 3: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/SD_card_partitioning It says: "If you want to create both: do not assign all the space for the first one :) this way you will have space for creating second one" "do not assign all the

  • How to stop touchpal providing a daily summary?

    How to stop touchpal providing a daily summary?April 12

    I like this keyboard app as it has a lot of flexibility with accessing symbols for markdown that I use on stackexchange as well as its edit screen. But it also 'helpfully'(!) provides a daily summary of what apps you use (creepy?) along with a half-s

  • Ott tv box will not resetApril 12

    My ott TV box m8s running kitkat4.4 is stuck showing main screen will not move, blue light remains solid. I have tried the hard reset with holding the rest button with no success the screen goes blank but no android robot never appears need help. Tha

  • Is Viber now securedApril 12

    Does viber have the key to decrypt our messages and photos sent through viber? They claim that they use The state of art encryption and messages are secured. Also they says that when ever we send photos through the app, once they are downloaded to th

  • How can I force-stop all user applications that are running?April 12

    I found that first of all System>Apps>Running is not helpful always and secondly I we stop the services, it may star again if corresponding application is running. The correct way to stop application is force stop. (that's why ram booster may not he

  • How do I get the information about the memory Usage?

    How do I get the information about the memory Usage?April 12

    I've a Micromax A74 with (rooted) Android 4.2.2. Recently I've faced the crashing of some application and started to analyze the usage of RAM. Settings>Apps>Running is not helpful: Sometimes I found only 2 MB free! I want to know which applications

  • Are the 'silent' cryptolockers around?April 12

    A few days ago I noticed a discussion on a website about cryptolockers. Someone said a cryptolocker operates silently untill it has encrypted all files and then comes visible to the user. The working method was to silently encrypt all files. After it

  • Running windows in virtual machine, should I bother with security?April 11

    I'm running Windows in a virtual machine on my mac (via Parallels). Should I bother installing antivirus, firewall and using other conventional wisdom practices (like don't open unknown .exe etc)? I don't care about data in the virtual machine since

  • Using Two Brands of Firewalls or Two Encryption Algorithms back to back to fight nation state threats?April 11

    There's this idea of using 2 brands of firewalls both inline that is usually brought up: {Internet}<-->FW(A)<-->FW(B)<-->{Internal Network} Or using 2 algorithms: {Plain Text}<-->Alg1(e.g AES)<-->Alg2(Custom Algorithm)<--&

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