• How to update a value from an apex:inputField in visualforce?May 10

    that's my second question today , i am new to salesforce and i am facing problems every day. I am iterating through a map as indicated in this visualforce code: <apex:repeat value="{!map_condidat_cv}" var="key" > <tr> <t

  • How to access dynamic VF field and parse itMay 10

    How to access this dynamically generated multi picklist in apex and how to parse it if I have a docID;docName;docFormat for each entry? Thanks <apex:outputPanel id="op"> <apex:outputLabel id="slDMlabel" value="Select Temp

  • apex: textarea return null value when trying to pass its value as a prameterMay 10

    In visualforce, I am iterating through a wrapper class and for each iteration, a textbox is displayed. My code snippet is: <apex:repeat value="{!comList}" var="com"> <b>{!com.comment.name} : </b><br/> <apex:i

  • Dependent lookup in VisualforceMay 10

    From the VF developer guide I'm learning how to create a related list in Visualforce. I have two questions: Is it possible to filter a related list other than by using Visualforce? Is it possible to use dependent lookups in Visualforce?

  • EE Add-on: SolSpace - USER, Error: Undefined property EE::$TMPLMay 10

    User Version: 3.5.3 ExpressionEngine Version: 2.10.1 Executing user_main/invite - When submitted after entering all the information I receive the following: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Undefined property: EE::$TMPL Filename:

  • Z algorithm for string matching [on hold]May 10

    Working on Z algorithm and post the link and code I am referring to, I tested the code works, but I think there are cases when Z algorithm is sub-optimal, for example, I think it is possible there is another l2, where value z[i-l2] is larger than z[i

  • Limit HTTP request rate for spray/akka-httpMay 10

    I want to limit the request rate in a spray/akka-http route. I'm not an expert with both scala and spray/akka but learning. So I came up with the following custom directive: trait RequestRateLimiter[T] { def check(ctx: RequestContext, realIp: Option[

  • Reading cell array of vectors with h5pyMay 10

    I have a data stored in .mat files, each .mat contains a cell array of vectors of length ~70. I'm trying to read these .mat files in to Python with h5py, but reading just 1000 cells takes about 7 seconds, and I have in total about 10^8 cells to read.

  • radix sort for advice [on hold]May 10

    I am learning Radix sort and learning by experiment and various forms of implementations, I post one of the code I am looking at, My question is, what is the value of globalPtr? Especially lost by statement next[bucketTail[value]] = globalPtr, why we

  • How to call a class method correctly with parameters? [on hold]May 9

    I am using axlsx gem and it works beautifully. So far I had the code for generating the code in the controller, it looked like this: respond_to do |format| format.js format.xls do Axlsx::Package.new do |my_axlsx_package| ... send_data my_axlsx_packag

  • Array-based deque in JavaMay 9

    Are the conditions which I have included for insertion and deletion from front and rear sufficient and necessary? Have I missed some condition check? Or have I included some redundant condition? import java.io.*; class Dequeue { int arr[]; int lim; i

  • Cancelling a job in ExecutorServiceMay 9

    I wrote code which demonstrates how to cancel a job in Executor: ExecutorService executor = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(4); Future<Void> future = executor.submit(new Callable<Void>() { @Override public Void call() { // // do some long running

  • Locate enteries to the nearest date selectedMay 9

    This code loops through a given range of dates and for every 5 minute iteration pulls up the last known records of the users in the database relative to that timestamp. I'm trying to find a way to optimize this query. Right now it seems to be slow, p

  • Lightweight logging library in CMay 9

    I want to get some practice in writing C libraries and so started with something I can use straight away, a logging library. It is very basic and only has two levels: log everything and log only errors. Use logd (log debug) to log any low level thing

  • Android unit converterMay 9

    I am developing an unit converter application for android, the application is working correctly but my problem is with the optimization, is there a way to optimize somehow the code. I have different categories - speed, weight, length and so on, and f

  • Basic JSON Representation in RustMay 9

    This week I started reading "The Rust Programming Language". As I reached the chapters on enumerations and pattern matching I felt I had enough material to put together a simple representation of JSON in Rust, just to play around and get a bette

  • Java two arrays of audio, or one array? how to determine the most effectiveMay 9

    Okay so I have some code, I want to play some audio of two byte arrays, I was wondering whether it would be better to play them as two separate arrays both calling the method or to put them into one array and play it from there. Note: The starting fr

  • Optimize OrderBy Generic MethodMay 8

    Here is my OrderBy method which includes concatenated column names. Can this be achieved more efficiently? public static IQueryable<T> Sort<T>(this IQueryable<T> query, List<SortationDto> sortations) where T : BaseEntity { sortatio

  • The knight's next tourMay 8

    We've all heard of the Knight's Tour puzzle: find a route for a knight that passes through all the squares on a chess board. But let's be honest, it's a little bit boring. So, let's give the knight a bit of a challenge. Task Write a program that take

  • How-to [HTML Rain Matrix] [on hold]

    How-to [HTML Rain Matrix] [on hold]May 8

    Hello and if you're reading this you either want to know How-to make a Binary Code Raining Program or want to know how to convert it into an HTML/Binary Code Raining Program. So let's get started just [Copy And Paste The code in the #'s] # // //0){if

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