• Windows Server 2012 Power Users can Install software?January 5

    can a user of "Power Users" group install software in Windows Server 2012 ? I have created a standard user then added it to "Power Users" group then tried to install any software but it failed and asks for Administrator password... Any

  • Get specific content from a websiteJanuary 4

    I need to get some content from a website. The problem is, when I use HTTrack Website Copier I get only the HTML. But the content I want is requested in PHP. Is there some tool which visits each link and can save the content (or the whole page, I can

  • Dumping current .zshrc from terminalJanuary 4

    I've wanted to make quick edit in a .zshrc, but vim said that it can't be written or something. So I quit, with :q!. Then I wanted to reopen this file... and it was empty. I still have terminal open which works with previous configuration. How can I

  • No vocal voice through headphones with built in microphonesJanuary 4

    I am using an Asus n550jx with Realtek sound card. I have a headphone with a built in microphone and Apple's earpods that doesn't produce the vocal voice. I have tried. All of the audio devices that connect through the audio jack cannot be detected i

  • mDNS in the context of a DNSJanuary 4

    Yesterday we have been discussing mDNS in the context of a lecture at the University. We did not exactly come to a result and I can't stop to think about it. The project in the lecture was about configuring a Unix (in this case OSX) system in order t

  • Headphone not detected but working partiallyJanuary 4

    I am using ASUS n550jx laptop that has a built in Realtek sound card. I have had a lot of problems before with Realtek and here's another one. All of the audio devices that connects with the audio jack input is not recognized in sound option in contr

  • USB mouse stops working on restartJanuary 4

    I have a Corsair mouse which has worked great for about 6 months. A few days ago, I also bought a wired Xbox 360 controller to plug into my PC. Ever since plugging it in the back with my mouse, headphones and keyboard, the mouse has stopped respondin

  • Enable Virtual MachineJanuary 4

    I have a Gateway LT41P05u mini laptop and I want to install a virtual machine on virtual box but it does not allow me. I tried to enable virtualization but there is no option available in Bios. Is their any hope that I might be able to run virtual ma

  • Internet stops working after few minutesJanuary 4

    My internet stops working after few minutes and have to disconnect and then reconnect to wifi to make it work. This issue is only with my laptop other devices mobile/tablet/pc works fine with the same wifi My internet setup is like this MODEM ==> (vi

  • Python: Write to new file line January 4

    This question already has an answer here: Python: Write to new file line 3 answers I have been looking around to see if I can find a way to write to a new line in a file every time the user inputs. The basic code is this: while True: f = open(server,

  • Do I need RAID 1 if I have a backup?January 4

    I have a main PC with 2 x 750 GB RAID 1 (full), another PC with 500 GB (almost full) and a NAS with 2 x 1.5 TB (ca. 1 TB used, partially with backup of the most important data from the PCs). I have also a 4-bay HP microserver (running OpenMediaVault)

  • Make HTTP Call from inside http.confJanuary 4

    I use Apache as reverse proxy to a downstream web server X that requires some headers such as Authorization (basic auth). I have an upstream system Y that needs to call X via my reverse proxy. The role of my reverse proxy is to populate the missing h

  • speech recognition app for recordingsJanuary 3

    I make voice memo recordings a lot on my iphone. But I cannot find an app that will do speech to text on recordings, only on realtime speech input. What's an app or webapp that will transcribe my audio files? I'm willing to do a bit of workflow confi

  • Windows boot error: C:\Windows\system32\config\system Error code: 0xc0000185January 3

    I experienced some issue with the Windows 8 boot phase and I tried to solve them ( you can find here an explanation of what I did). Now, the problem I have is that I followed the procedure in this tutorial: How can I repair the Windows 8 EFI Bootload

  • How to limit PIN attempts in Windows 10January 3

    I want to limit PIN attempt to only one, so that if somebody entered wrong PIN once, it will get locked for that session and he must have to enter the correct password (which will be relatively longer and much secure). And of course wrong PIN enter c

  • Security: Is the Raspberry Pi really stateless?January 3

    The Raspberry Pi has become very popular. Because it is rather cheap and simple it could be an attractive device for people living in so called developing countries. However in many of these states it is important for journalists and political activi

  • How do I apply my background image to putty tabs in conemu?

    How do I apply my background image to putty tabs in conemu?January 3

    What should I do to get the background image applied to all of my tabs? --------------Solutions------------- Putty doesn't support background images and transparency, you can use Kitty instead.

  • Text mode at startup + startx?January 3

    I'm trying to boot my Trisquel GNU/Linux distro directly from text mode, as I don't want to load the GUI if it's not necessary. I would like to work in tty1 until I type startx, which would start all the graphical stuff. Is there a way to do it? I us

  • Why do mobile browsers go vertically bananas when I go BackJanuary 3

    Open the default browser your Android or iPhone Go to a long article page with some ads (Example) Scroll down a few screenfuls Click any article Go Back You may have to repeat step 3-5 a couple of times, but notice finally how after going back, the p

  • Computer likes to trigger random keys while typingJanuary 3

    After running a hitman-pro, malwarebytes and Junkware removal tool, chrome browser started pressing random keys. Before running those programs, there were none of these symptoms. After running the programs, I opened chrome browser and I was logged ou

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