• Under what kind of Licence must I register songs made with Apple Loops?February 11

    I'm starting to use GarageBand for making music, and I have several songs of my own; but I find xtremly funny mixing loops, so, I have another ones that are only loops mixes. I know that they are royalty free if you mix the loops, I've read a lot, an

  • enable dictionaries in dictionary app under el capitanFebruary 11

    os x el capitan, new mac book air with fresh os x installation. In dictionary app preferences, no foreign language dictionaries appear in the the list of available dictionaries. However, in /Library/Dictionaries there are many available dictionaries.

  • How to undo removal of "Google Search" icon in launchpadFebruary 11

    I've followed the orders of how to remove "Google Search" icon in Launchpad permanently in here. However, now I want it back again, but even if I re-install Chrome app, it doesn't make the folder ~/Application/Chrome App.localized to appear. Any

  • Is there any way to enable El Captain Spotlight features in unsupported countries?February 11

    I know that Spotlight Suggestions and Natural Language Search are only available in a few countries. How does OS X decides if I am in these countries or not? I switched to US locale and region in System Preferences and I use US VPN, so I have US IP A

  • 10.11.3 - launchd to start a job either at startup or at time of dayFebruary 11

    I am attempting to use launchd to have SelfControl be active from 8am to 8pm. My first attempt was to just use launchd and have a little bash script which starts self control (for 12 hours) at 8am, but this isn't really flexible enough because if my

  • Location of Title Bar Resources in OSXFebruary 11

    I'm running OS 10.9 (Mavericks) and looking to change the title bar color using system files. A grey gradient is currently used for most open windows. 10.8 and less likely 10.10 may use files in the same location. A program called Flavours is current

  • How to unlock an iCloud accountFebruary 11

    My apple iCloud is locked for security reasons, when I try to unlock it using my recovery gmail account, I don't see the link sent to me. I mailed to the iTunes Store customer suport team more than thrice where they gave me steps to follow but still

  • Outlook for Mac notificationsFebruary 11

    I'm used to Outlook on Windows where if a meeting reminder jumps in I can close the reminders window (clicking the x) and the reminders window will jump in again in a few min (great). Far easier than finding the little snooze arrow. In Mac closing th

  • iPhone 5s battery case with ability to charge with Lightning? [on hold]February 10

    I have an iPhone 5s and I want to get an external battery case for it. However, most cases that I see come with a mini USB charging port. The last thing I want is yet another thing to keep charged up. Are there any external battery cases that can cha

  • 2008 Mac Pro Won't Shut Down (Black Screen - Gray Loading Wheel)February 10

    One of our Mac Pros at work is having issues shutting down. On shut down, the screen will turn black and a small gray loading wheel will come up in the center of the screen. It will stay like this no matter how long you let it sit until you physicall

  • Can I have one picture for all sizes in a product with Woocommerce?February 10

    I have a hoodie product that comes in 30 different colours. It has 6 different sizes. This creates 180 "products" that I have to click on and set an image for. This seems massively overcomplicated. I'd like to be able to set an image for each co

  • Resposive admin classes?

    Resposive admin classes?February 10

    Does WordPress have default classes that makes possible to use several (resposive) columns in admin area / meta boxes? Take a look at the example below: I need inputs to be in separate columns. Yes, I could do it myself but I find it poinless to load

  • wordpress tool bar on the top of theme not working correctlyFebruary 10

    I am not new in wordpress development. I am developing a theme from very scratch. But, when user logged in as admin, the tool bar in the main site is hanged up on the top over the theme, which shaded the part of the theme. Theme should be below the t

  • Empty 'terms' in 'tax_query' returns an empty arrayFebruary 10

    I would like a simple search on the products page, so I built a custom WP_Query. $args = array( 'post_type' => 'products', 'meta_key' => 'product_price', 'meta_value' => array($query_from,$query_to), 'meta_compare' => 'BETWEEN', 'meta_type' =&

  • Author link after infinite scrollFebruary 10

    So I have this website. While in homepage, if you click on author name popup with author details is shown, but it doesnt work if you scroll and infinite scroll activates. How can I fix this?

  • reversing the script user role [on hold]February 10

    How can I reverse this script? this script works,if the user role is premium, do the script. what i wanted is if the user role is NOT premium, do the script. which part here i'm doing it wrong? function roles(){ $role = $user->roles; $user = wp_get_c

  • PHP array to JS array to use in google mapFebruary 10

    Hi I want to use some data stored in a php array to use it in google map api, to populate multiple locations in a the map. I use the loop to create my php array. <?php while ( $the_query->have_posts() ) : $the_query->the_post();?> $locations_d

  • media_handle_sideload is resizing my image?February 10

    I'm uploading a list of images via my wp plugin using the media_handle_sideload function. The problem is it's resizing and croping my images. Is there any way to upload the image without changing the dimensions ?

  • Create slug for Custom Post Type Under two Parent Page with WPMLFebruary 10

    I would like this structure, WPML plugin with subdirectories, event default one. Desire structure: /en/2016-xxxx-xxx/ -> Page with Custom Template /en/2016-xxxx-xxx/term1/ -> Page with Custom Template and the above as parent. /en/2016-xxxx-xxx/term1

  • Create a a form for custom taxonomy termsFebruary 9

    Currently i am displaying a list of my custom taxonomy (contenttags). These are displayed in a list using the code below, which then displays the posts under that taxonomy. <?php $taxonomy = 'contenttags'; $terms = get_terms($taxonomy); // Get all te

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