• Lyx - Referencing two papers as (author, date)a and (auther,date)b is cutting the date short. Any way around this?February 11

    I have to reference two papers published in the same year by the same first author and both are et al situations so I need to put them in the text as (Pollard et al, 2006a) and (Pollard et al, 2006b) however adding this a and b to the date is confusi

  • Creating a special symbol to use in align environment

    Creating a special symbol to use in align environment February 11

    This question already has an answer here: Emoji Characters 4 answers This is a bit of a silly question, but, is there a way of creating new symbols in LaTeX? Is it possible to make an emoji TeX-able? I want to label Burgers' equation in an align envi

  • Blank space in Minipage

    Blank space in MinipageFebruary 11

    Code: \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{amsfonts} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{makeidx} \usepackage{tkz-euclide} \usetkzobj{all} \usetikzlibrary{calc,angles,positioning,intersection

  • Counting the number of strings stored in arrayFebruary 10

    I stored a list of strings (command strings) in an array following the answer here: http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/215571/61517 . Now I wanted to access them randomly, and therefore I added a random counter (by using lcq) to it: \storedata{general}{{

  • PhD latex thesis with bibliography per chapterFebruary 10

    Good morning everyone. I am a new member of this great community where people share ideas, advices...I am a PhD student and I just started to write my thesis. I am actually using the cued template (from this website: http://www-h.eng.cam.ac.uk/help/t

  • inputenc error with romanian diacritics [on hold]February 10

    I am using this packages to write with Romanian diacritics: \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage{ucs} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage[romanian]{babel} The problem is that it worked before with this setting, now it doesn't work. What is the pr

  • Change fontsize for CJK characters?February 10

    I have the following example: \documentclass[10pt, a4paper, parskip=full]{article} % twoside can be added if two sided margin layout is desired \usepackage[a4paper,vmargin={30mm, 20mm},hmargin={30mm, 25mm},includeheadfoot]{geometry} \usepackage{amsma

  • How to set the size of a shape?

    How to set the size of a shape?February 10

    Using some custom shapes I found that the text labels are not considered for the calculation of the bounding box of my shapes. Do I need to draw some (invisible) shape to generate the bounding box or is there a direct way to specify it? Below is mini

  • Incorrect space in tabular around an array

    Incorrect space in tabular around an arrayFebruary 10

    I have searched a little in the forum, and I can't find a satisfying solution to my problem. I want to create a tabular in which I compare two different situations, and a line of the comparison is an array/matrix. I want the spacing for the tabular t

  • create bibliography in the order as the input in bibtex using elsarticleFebruary 10

    I am trying to put my article in the revised version using "elsarticle.cls", format "number" and bibtex as required by the journal. My question is that the bibliography is created in the order of citation in my article, but I want to c

  • Babel, tikz and Beamer do not work togetherFebruary 10

    The following code fails to build with the message ! Argument of \[email protected]@arg" has an extra }. \documentclass[dvipsnames,unknownkeysallowed,12pt]{beamer} \usepackage[brazil]{babel} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc} \usepac

  • Why do only some programming languages provide a Schwartzian transform like interface for sortingFebruary 10

    Introduction The Schwartzian transform -- also known as map-sort-map or decorate-sort-undecorate (DSU) --, attributed to Randal Schwartz of the Perl community, sorts elements of a list or array by a metric which maps each element to its "sort value&q

  • How much stack usage is too much?February 10

    Lately when I've been writing C or C++, I'll declare all my variables on the stack just because it's an option, unlike with Java. However, I've heard that it's a bad idea to declare large things on the stack. Why exactly is this the case? I figure st

  • OpenCL Embedded Profile and Selecting a BinaryFebruary 9

    I am developing an app for Android phones that uses OpenCL 1.1. Since The OpenCL Embedded Profile does not require the compiler to be available The GPU's and CPU's vary between different Android devices and the binaries in 1.1 binaries are proprietar

  • SOAP alone is for compatibility and with WSRF for stateful communications?February 9

    I know this might be a very basic question, but I have read so many articles on SOAP and I need to make sure I got it right. In brief, I use SOAP because it's built on XML and thus I can have a standardized way to enable compatible communications bet

  • Composite ViewModels from many Domain modelsFebruary 9

    I asked a similar question on this site before but from then on things got a little more complicated. I'm trying to find the best way to implement ViewModels which are regularly composed from different domain models. It sometimes happens that I need

  • Error handling in C++February 9

    So, in the recent weeks I delved into C++ programming, and I programmed some things in SDL. Doing so, you always have to deal with a lot of (ugly) C++ code, which looks more like C than C++. One thing I noticed I when programming with SDL as opposed

  • How to store 1:n self reference (dependencies) in relational databaseFebruary 9

    What is a clean way to store items that reference multiple other items of the same type in a relational database? Say I have a list of jar files and their dependencies: package1 depends on package2,package3 package2 depends on package3 package2 depen

  • Is it possible to parse my grammar with multi-line productions without backtracking?February 9

    I'm playing around with creating a parser in PHP for my own flavor of BNF, to match strings against grammar in this BNF variant. It's still a work in progress and subject to change (I may even end up switching to support ABNF or EBNF, in stead of my

  • Multiple search [on hold]February 9

    Suppose I have the following array {a, b, c} and additional array: {a,c,v,c,u,s,v,r,t,b,g,g} I would like to search the exact location of each of the first array in the second one and as a result to get how much each of the elements of the first arra

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