• Arduino controlled regulator circuit to control two Peltier devices,March 15

    I am needing to find an arduino controlled circuit that will control the temperature in a box enclosure utilizing peltier devices. So far, I have a SR7021 temperature sensor wired to an Arduino Nano via I2c. What I have envisioned is a Peltier device

  • ATMEGA328P send MIDI via USBMarch 15

    I've created a circuit on my breadboard including multiple shift registers and a teensy 2.0++. My program takes inputs from the shift regs and converts them into MIDI messages. Using my teensy in MIDI mode, my project works just fine. I'm now moving

  • Digital water curtain [on hold]March 15

    I would like to do a project at my college . ie., to make a small version of a digital water curtain. Are their any available solenoid valves with very fast response available online? Please let me know the details

  • How to power multiple LED chips using single driver and several DC-DC CC convertersMarch 15

    Due to logistical problems I must power multiple 100 Watt LED chips rated 30-35V @ 3A, using only one LED driver and several constant current DC-DC converters. Should I go for a lower voltage driver (12V or 24V) and step-up converters or higher volta

  • Signal in the cord of headphonesMarch 15

    Normally what kind of signal flows through the cord connecting the headphone jacket and the headphone? I wonder whether there is a standard regulating them. And what wavelength, volts, watts, amps, noise acceptable. --------------Solutions-----------

  • Calculating SPI clock speedMarch 15

    I am new to the forum and the EE world so forgive me if technical terminology is a bit off. I may be thinking about this too much, but what is the procedure for calculating SPI clock speed for a bus that needs to transmit large amounts of data (28Mb/

  • On Android time and date appMarch 15

    I want to refix the time and date app as i've accidently wiped it out on my Android device i've tried various ways but failed

  • How to delete hidden files consuming internal memory in Android?March 15

    I have 16gb internal memory in my Android phone (Asus Zenfone 5). I am using only around 3gb of memory and rest is being consumed by some hidden files. I am facing problem of memory shortage (only around 100mb left). I figured out there are two large

  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 problems after update to LollipopMarch 14

    I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S GT-7582 from Jelly Bean to Lollipop. It worked properly for one week, but then problems occurred. Screen goes black sometimes , shows System UI not responding suddenly and other apps also stops responding. How

  • Error unlocking HTC 626s bootloader?March 14

    I have a HTC Desire 626s purchased from virgin mobile and I wish to unlock my bootloader and root the device. So I have been following the HTCDev bootloader unlocking instructions. But whenever I execute the downloaded RUU given to me by the instruct

  • Create a playlist of Offline videos in YouTubeMarch 14

    YouTube's offline feature allows downloading selected videos so that they can be viewed later, without internet. I downloaded few of these from different publishers and now have set of such videos in my device. However, I could not find an option to

  • Fastboot is not providing a token when trying to unlock HTC One M9March 14

    I am trying to unlock my HTC One M9 following the instructions on the HTCdev website. When I get to the part where you're supposed to obtain the identifier token, it doesn't give me any errors, but it also doesn't give the token. I have the phone boo

  • Connecting Raspberry Pi to Android WearMarch 14

    I have a Raspberry Pi with a Bluetooth Dongle and an Android Wear Device (LG G Watch). How would I connect my G Watch to my Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth? Thanks!

  • What is the 'Chat' function on my Smart Prime 6March 14

    I just got my new phone (Vodafone Smart Prime 6) and have a function called 'Chat' when in Message settings. The messages sent on this chat function are shown in green (compared to the blue ones when sending a standard SMS). They also show when someb

  • GPG Public Key changes after removing master keyMarch 14

    Why does my gpg public key change after removing my master key (leaving just my subkeys) from the gpg key ring? I'm doing this so i can move my daily use keys (subkeys) to my online machine while leaving my master key completely offline. What i'm fin

  • Are there any C++ STL alternatives which is bulletproof against timing attack?March 14

    Just out of curiosity, I wonder if there are any packages of popular algorithm/data structures which are secure against timing attack. I think GNU libstdc++ std::string::compare(), std::unordered_map (which employs open addressing) and so on are all

  • Adding a Field 'Name on Credit Card' to Product Payment PageMarch 14

    I'd like to add a field called 'Name on Credit Card' to the product payment form on my site but I can't figure out how to add fields to that form. I'm using Commerce and the PayPal WPP module. The default fields for the payment page include only cc n

  • Cannot install any themeMarch 14

    I new to drupal and am facing an issue whereas any theme that I try to install will fail with the following message: Installing light_skeleton An error has occurred. Please continue to the error page An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 403

  • cannot clone site aegirMarch 13

    whenever i try to clone one of my sites i get this error : Drush command terminated abnormally due to an unrecoverable error. Error: Cannot redeclare entity_features_get_controller() (previously declared in /data/disk/dd/distro/005/drupal-7.41.1-prod

  • How to give the image path in the check box field option for a content type

    How to give the image path in the check box field option for a content typeMarch 13

    I am creating a checkbox field in my content type and I want images to be displayed as checkboxes option. In Drupal 7, there is a feature to add images as field list, but I am unable to give the full path for that image. See the below screenshot for

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