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Created this little config class, any room for improvements? Think I have done an alright job but would like to know if any improovements could be made?

<?php defined("SECURE") or exit('Please define SECURE keyword to continue.'); class config {     private $configValues;     private $configFile;      public function __construct()     {         $configValues = array();     }      public function loadConfiguration($configFile = "C:\Users\ashle\Miracle\config\config.ini")     {         if (!file_exists($configFile))             loadDefault();          $content = file($configFile);         foreach ($content as $line)             $this->setConfig(explode("=", $line)[0], explode("=", $line)[1]);     }      private function loadDefault()     {         /* DEFAULT CONFIG SETTINGS!!            THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE CASE... */          setConfig("database.host", "localhost");         setConfig("database.username", "root");         setConfig("database.password", "");         setConfig("database.title", "mydb");         setConfig("database.port", "3306");     }      private function setConfig($name, $value)     {         $this->configVlaues[$name] = $value;     }      public function getConfig($name)     {         return $this->configValues[$name];     } } ?> 


Things that just pop up in my mind when seeing the code (more of the architecture and robustness rather than language constructs):

1) Harcoding path to ini file

The path might have a meaning in your development environment, but it will mean nothing in a test or production environment. I would set it in an included file and use it from there. Something like:

$defaultConfigFilePath = "C:\Users\ashle\Miracle\config\config.ini";

in loadConfiguration $configFile = !isset($configFile) ? $defaultConfigFilePath : $configFile;

Hopefully, they will introduce a coalesce operator soon to simply write:

$configFile = $configFile ?? $defaultConfigFilePath;

2) Error handling

loadConfiguration function does not handle any incorrect formatting. Any line which is not in the format name=value will not be imported correctly.

You can explode into an $lineArray and check if elements are defined and exactly two.

3) A more powerful config reader

This is a good exercise, but ini files have a more complex format that seems to be handled by parse_ini_file function.

Thanks for your answer, one thing that popped into my head to ask was what is the speed on something like this like? I mean would it be faster to just make a file and havea variable for each config item? Also security.. is this more secure locating the config file outside the website folder?

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