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Port forwarding to windows rdp

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I need assistance with a port forwarding related problem.

ssh [email protected] -p2222 -L 3389: 

Have to connect to this ip via rdp standard port from my windows machine. I got the linux command which should work but I just don't know how to use it properly in windows via putty?


The same way:

putty [email protected] -p 2222 -L 3389:

From the PuTTY GUI:

  1. Go to ConnectionSSHTunnels
  2. Enter 3389 as "Source port"
  3. Enter as "Destination"
  4. Select "Local" and "Auto"
  5. Click "Add"
  6. Go back to Session
  7. Enter [email protected]:2222 as "Host Name"

From command line only:

plink [email protected] -p 2222 -L 3389: -v -N

(-v -N are optional, they just enable verbose logging.)

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