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Postfix integration with Exchange Server

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I am new to Postfix. We are using Postfix for longer time which consists of more than 300 users. Now we have planned to go for Exchange Server 2007. So initially we want to move 20 users to the Exchange Server and let the other users still use Postfix. We want all the mails should hit the Postfix first and then only for those 20 users mails should get forwarded to the Exchange Server. As I am new I am struggling to configure this in Postfix but I know to do this in Exchange Server (Our management want let the mails hit Postfix first then redirect it to Exchange for 20 users).

Please provide me the step by step guide to do so

Thanks in advance

Vinu Kumar T K


You can use Postfix transports for this. See


man 5 transport


I couldn't understand anything from that help. Can you please tell me the steps to proceed.

Thanks in advance

Vinu Kumar T K
What exactly is it that you did not understand?


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