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Propagate VLAN through VPN (IPsec)?

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I have a question about connecting two LANs (logically same LAN) over a VPN. In picture below you can see overall representation of our implementation.


On each side, we have distinct sites with AAA servers (both servers share same base). We have 2 VLANs. For normal users (who can pass authentication) and guests.

Guests can only get to the Internet. Normal users can get to the Internet, and, if needed connect to co-workers at the other site.

So, an IPsec + NAT configuration should work well.

The main problem is outgoing IPsec packets from one router will be "stripped" on the site side of another router. How, in this situation, do we put this packet in VLAN 10 (for normal users) if we lose the VLAN tag information?

I hope I was clear in description of problem.

In short: How do we put packets, coming from IPsec, in VLAN 10 (for normal users), or is there any way to propagate a VLAN?

Propagate VLAN through VPN (IPsec)?


If the packet's destination address belongs to the IP subnet on VLAN 10, then the router will forward the packet onto that VLAN. I am assuming that the IP subnet for VLAN 10 is different at each site.

"VPN" is the wrong term here. That implies a layer-3 (IP) transport between sites.

Based on your diagram, 10.0/16 is the subnet on both sites. For that to work, one would need a bridge between sites. An IOS tunnel interface could achieve this. (as could several other methods) Bridge "VLAN 10" (whatever interface that may be) and the tunnel interface, and it should work [tunnel and vlan remain layer-2 interfaces; the BVI handles layer-3.] Some tweaking would be required to keep the DHCP domains isolated -- since this creates one broadcast domain.

A better solution would be to segment each site into it's own subnet. And place each guest lan into an isolated, local-only VLAN. Then let routing and VPN(s) (tunnel or not) handle everything. VRF and/or ACLs can isolate and restrict guest access.

VLANs are layer-2 domains, and they end at a layer-3 boundary (router). A layer-2 frame is stripped from the layer-3 packet at the first router it encounters. When the layer-3 packet reaches the second router, a new layer-2 frame will encapsulate the packet for the VLAN of the destination subnet.

VxLAN can perform what you needs.

Basically, it's VLAN encapsulation in IP (UDP) packets.

If your routers do not support it you can insert VxLAN gateway in front of them.

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