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Rails routes for self nested models

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In my rails app I have a Task model. In my app, my tasks can have substasks and so on. Since my subtasks are tasks with only a parent task, I did a self-nested model such as

class Task < ActiveRecord::Base   ## Self Join   has_many :subtasks, class_name: "Task",   foreign_key: "parent_task_id"    belongs_to :parent_task, class_name: "Task"   ## end 

I have now a trouble making routes for this model.

I naively thought that it would be that simple. Here it is:

resources :tasks do   resources :tasks end 

The result I try to acheive is by going to this url : "/tasks/1/tasks" is that I can render (by the way, in all my controllers I curently render in JSON not using views) the tasks that have as parent_task_id 1.

Hope you understand my request.

Thanks in advance ;)

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