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Registering pageComponent using ClientObjectModel

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is there any ways to register PageComponent using client object model? I want to add custom action on the edit form with dynamically populating FlyoutAnchor. But when page has been loaded i recieve following error "Uncaught ReferenceError: CUI is not defined ". I think this is because my page component was not loaded. I'm trying to do this by this code(C#):

ClientContext context = new ClientContext(TargetUrl); var site = context.Site; var populate = site.UserCustomActions.Add(); populate.Title = "PopulateDropDown"; populate.Location = "ScriptLink"; populate.ScriptBlock =          "Type.registerNamespace(\'COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent\');" +         "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent = function () {" +              "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.initializeBase(this);" +         "};" +          "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.initialize = function () {" +              "ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(Function.createDelegate(null,   COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.initializePageComponent), \'SP.Ribbon.js\');" +          "};" +          "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.initializePageComponent = function() {" +              "var ribbonPageManager = SP.Ribbon.PageManager.get_instance();" +              "if (null !== ribbonPageManager) {" +                  "ribbonPageManager.addPageComponent(COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.instance);" +              "}" +          "};" +          "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.prototype = {" +              "init: function () { }," +           // some code there           "};" +          "function PopulateDropDown(commandId, properties, sequence){" +             "var sb = new Sys.StringBuilder();" +             "sb.append(\"<Menu Id=\'Sample.account.form.Menu\'>\");" +             "sb.append(\"<MenuSection Id=\'Sample.account.form.MenuSection\' Title=\'Menu Section Title\' Sequence=\'15\'>\");" +             "sb.append(\"<Controls Id=\'Sample.account.form.MenuSection.Controls\'>\");" +             "sb.append(\"<Button Id=\'Sample.account.form.Controls.Button.FirstButton\' Command=\'Sample.ButtonCommand.Command\' LabelText=\'First Button\' ToolTipTitle=\'First Button\' ToolTipDescription=\'The first button\' TemplateAlias=\'o2\' Sequence=\'20\' />\");" +         "   sb.append(\"</Controls>\");" +            "sb.append(\"</MenuSection>\");" +            "sb.append(\"</Menu>\");" +            "CommandProperties.PopulationXML = sb.toString();return true;" +         "};"  +   "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.registerClass(\'COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent\', CUI.Page.PageComponent);" +         "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.instance = new COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent();" +         "NotifyScriptLoadedAndExecuteWaitingJobs(\'COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.js\');";          populate.Update();         context.Load(site, oList => oList.UserCustomActions);         context.ExecuteQuery(); 


This should be added in the end of script. It's work.

            "ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded ( function () {" +
            "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.registerClass(\'COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent\', CUI.Page.PageComponent);" +
            "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.instance = new COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent();" +
            "COB.SharePoint.Ribbon.PageComponent.initialize()"" }, \"CUI.js\" );";

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