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Reinstalling purchased apps on a new phone?

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Move paid apps between devices?

My contract is getting close to finishing so I'll be upgrading to a new Android phone and giving my old phone to a family member.

When I move my Google account across to my new phone will I have to repurchase or just re-download my paid for apps?

Also will I'll have to remove the paid for apps from my old phone before it is associated with a new Google account?


You will not have to repurchase them if you associate the same Google account with the new device. They will be available in your market to re-download.

I don't know if you can have more then one phone associated with the same account, but I did not do anything when I got a new phone, except associate my google account to the new phone.

You just have to re-download them, not re-purchase them. The apps are tied to your account, not your device.

As far as I know you don't have to do a thing to your old device before your apps are available for download and installation on your new one.

Post #2 in this thread states the same, for what it's worth.

Amazon App Store also follows the same model. I had to switch to a different ROM after clearing cache and reinstall on my NotionInk Adam Tablet. Through the browser I reinstalled the AmazonAppStore App. I used the same amazon UserID and passwd. It immeidately recognized all the apps I had purchased and provided option to download and re-install them.

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