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'Remember Property' pattern and the property used in RadioButtonGroup

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I'm trying to save the property value in registry during setup and read it next time installation is run. I follow 'Remember property' pattern as described here

It basically works as expected, but I cannot get one scenario working:

  • I run setup (property gets stored in the registry)
  • I run setup again without entering property value on command line
  • I expect value of the property to be read from registry, but it is assigned default value.

I think, I know where is the problem: I have "Value" assigned to the property, while the example I've mentioned above, declares "remembered" property without "Value". In my package, I have to define the value as I use the property in UI element with RadioButtonGroup. If I don't declare Value field of the property, I get compilation error:

 error LGHT0204 : ICE34: Property LOCATION (of RadioButtonGroup control LocationSelection.InstallationLocation) is not defined in the Property Table. 

Can anybody give me a hint how to manage it?


Here is solution draft:

Custom actions to fill properties

<CustomAction Id='SaveCmdLineValueLocation' Property='CMDLINE_LOCATION'
              Value='[LOCATION]' Execute='firstSequence' />
<CustomAction Id='SetFromCmdLineValueLocation' Property="EFFECTIVE_LOCATION"
              Value='[CMDLINE_LOCATION]' Execute='firstSequence' />
<CustomAction Id='SetFromRegValueLocation' Property="EFFECTIVE_LOCATION"
              Value='[REG_LOCATION]' Execute='firstSequence' />

Execute sequence that assignes EFFECTIVE_LOCATION either from registry or msiexec command line:

      <Custom Action='SaveCmdLineValueLocation' Before='AppSearch'>
      <Custom Action='SetFromCmdLineValueLocation' After='AppSearch'>
      <Custom Action='SetFromRegValueLocation' After='AppSearch'>

Properties declaration:

<!-- Property used on command-line. -->
<Property Id="LOCATION" Secure="yes">

<!-- Property used finally with ReadioButtonGroup. It must have Value assigned (required when used with RadioButtonGroup -->
<Property Id="EFFECTIVE_LOCATION" Value="OFFICE" Secure="yes">

<!-- Read previous value from registy (from recent installation) -->
<Property Id="REG_LOCATION" Secure="yes">
  <RegistrySearch Id="loc" Root="HKLM" Key="SOFTWARE\Company\Product" Type="raw" Name="LOCATION"  Win64='yes'>


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