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Secure Wordpress: Change admin

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I'm sorry if this is an extremely stupid question.

I've been looking for ways how to secure my WP and a lot of websites suggest to create a new admin user account and delete the old one. Now, if I use a different screenname as author (when writing comments etc.) - how could hackers still find out what my admin username is anyways?

I'm just wondering if this step really makes sense unless your administrator username is "admin".

Thanks a lot for clarification.


Sorry, if your username isnt admin (older versions) you really dont need to do that.

What i would reccomend is for you to install 2-3 plugins
ordered here by their importance:

  1. wordpress firewall 2
  2. Limit Login attempts
  3. Wp Security Scan

Wordpress Firewall should stop must hack attempts directly on your site, Limit login should end any change of a brute login attemp and wp security should show you any loop holes in your file permission structure and othere stuff...

Hope this helps :)


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