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SonicWALL Bridging WLAN VLAN Sub-Interfaces to LAN

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We have a WLAN with two sub interfaces, one for a WPA wireless network and the other for an open wireless network. The WPA wireless network is on the 172.31.2.* ip address range and the open network is on the 172.31.3.* range. Our LAN is on the 192.168.1.* range. We have some Mac servers on the LAN that will automatically show up in finder for other computers connected to the LAN. For our staff that is connected via our WPA wireless network, they do not automatically see these servers in Finder, but instead have to manual connect to the server every time they want to use it.

Ultimately, I want the people that are connected to our protected network to be able to automatically see the servers that are on the LAN in their Finder.

From what I understand, by Bridging the WLAN to the LAN this should do exactly what I need. The SonicWALL however does not let me bridge one of the VLAN Sub-Interfaces. I don't want to bridge the entire WLAN Interface as this will bridge both Sub-Interfaces, and I don't want the unprotected wireless network bridged to our LAN.

What can I do to get just the Protected WLAN bridged to the LAN in such a way to achieve what I need?

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