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Has anyone tried Brian's 'How To Build A Spam Filtering Mail Gateway' tutorial? If yes, does it really help in fighting spam?


If you would give us a link we could have a look, but basically all these SPAM-Filtering-GATEWAY tutorials are the same:

they usually are built around clamav as a virus scanner because its free and around spamassassin (althogu hI already saw one using another tool) the only difference there is, is that they are built different mailers - the tutorials from howtoforge usually use postfix as far as I have seen, while other s sometimes use qmail.
Also some tutorials use amavis...

Basically I think there is no better or worse system as long as clamav and SPamassassin are integrated. It is just: use what you understand - if one tutorial looks easier and understandable use that one, BUT if you want to use ispconfig I suggest you stick to the Perfekt Setup Guides which are available for a lot of OS-es.
didn't know it was a howtoforge tutorial, still I think my comments were valid though.


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