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Spring Async, Relationship between TaskExecutor and TaskScheduler's backing executor

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I'm attempting to customize my spring-boot applications async properties and am pretty fuzzy on the relationship between the backing Executor and Spring's TaskExecutor and TaskScheduler.

I have a @Configuration class where I create a ThreadPoolTaskScheduler and a ThreadPoolTaskExecutor

@Configuration @EnableScheduling @EnableAsync public class AsyncConfig {      @Bean(destroyMethod = "shutdown")     public TaskExecutor taskExecutor(){         ThreadPoolTaskExecutor threadPoolTaskExecutor = new ThreadPoolTaskExecutor();         threadPoolTaskExecutor.setCorePoolSize(5);         threadPoolTaskExecutor.setMaxPoolSize(10);         threadPoolTaskExecutor.setThreadNamePrefix("executor-group");         threadPoolTaskExecutor.setQueueCapacity(Integer.MAX_VALUE);         return threadPoolTaskExecutor;     }      @Bean(destroyMethod = "shutdown")     @Autowired     public TaskScheduler taskScheduler(WebServiceDatabaseLogger webServiceDatabaseLogger){         ThreadPoolTaskScheduler threadPoolTaskScheduler = new ThreadPoolTaskScheduler();         threadPoolTaskScheduler.setPoolSize(1);         threadPoolTaskScheduler.setErrorHandler(webServiceDatabaseLogger);         threadPoolTaskScheduler.setThreadNamePrefix("scheduler-group");         return threadPoolTaskScheduler;     }  } 

I have a single @Scheduled method and various @Async methods. I'm attempting to define a ThreadPoolExecutor with a max pool size of 10 and a core pool size of 5. From this pool I am looking for a single thread to handle my @Scheduled method and the others to execute @Async methods as needed.

I'm attempting to do this by setting the pool size on my ThreadPoolTaskScheduler to 1 but I'm not entirely sure that this is correct since I'm not sure if my ThreadPoolTaskScheduler creating its own ThreadPoolExecutor.

Also, since I'm using a fixedRate on my single @Scheduled method would there even be any benefit to increasing the ThreadPoolTaskScheduler's pool size? IE: If the pool size was 2 would it continue to execute the method sequently on different threads or would it invoke the same method in parallel according to the size of the pool?


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