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Subscribe to a post on Blogspot?

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If I comment on a blog post on whateverblog.blogspot.com, and I want to get an email notification when there are further replies / comments on that post, how would I go about that?

As an example http://atheistexperience.blogspot.com/2011/07/god-based-abortion-policy-fail-open.html


This largely depends on if the Blogspot user allows people to subscribe to the comments. If they do, you will see the option when you click through to view the comments for the post.

At the bottom of the page (or on the side depending on their layout) there usually is a link in the form of:

Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)

That will lead to a link of the RSS for the comments on that post. It's in the following format:


Use the above as the RSS feed URL for your reader. Or if you want to have it sent to you through email, find a feed-to-email service that suits your needs.

Go to the comments page and find out the RSS feed URL (look out for the Subscribe to a post on Blogspot?
icon on your browser, just click on it and use the URL you get (Firefox shows the icon by default but not from version 4 on (you need to get it from the advanced menu), IE shows it from version 7 on (it has a star if the website has a feed) and on Chrome you need an extension)).

Use a service that mails you updates of the feed URL you got:

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