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Switch Maven version after installing from jpackage?

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I've installed maven3 on CentOS from the JPackage repository. Problem is my installs also seem to have pulled in maven2 which is the default. Is there any way to switch /usr/bin/mvn to be maven3? perhaps using the alternatives application? (note: I can modify the path, or symlink I know, just trying to find out if there's a more correct way)


I would remove the maven packages and just install the maven3 packages. This is only going to give you 3.0.3, however.

If you want to get a more recent version of Maven I'd go with dchen's repo from the "Fedora People" unofficial repositories. It seems to be tracking the latest version, apache-maven-3.2.1-1.el6.noarch.rpm. Here's the top level link to dchen's repository as well.


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