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0X8007025D server 2008 r2

  • Error Code-0x8007025D :For Windows server 2008 R2 Installation in VMWARE

    Error Code-0x8007025D :For Windows server 2008 R2 Installation in VMWARENovember 17

    I am installing Windows server 2008 r2 using ISO file in VMware and came across this error code : 0x8007025D Can any one help me in solving this issue

  • How to enabled Printer Sharing on Web Server 2008?March 27

    I am installing Web Server 2008 for my home network. I have 2 USB printers that I am connecting to this machine and want to share these printers so that my other machines can print to these 2 USB printers. (I previously had Win Server 2003 on this ma

  • Windows Server 2008 Upgrade to R2 with Hyper VApril 30

    I would like to upgrade two Windows Server 2008 servers to Window Server 2008R2 and would like to know if anyone else has done this and if they ran into any issues. I am running Hyper V on both of these servers, I dont' know if that complicates thing

  • How do you back up Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008?April 30

    There is a well known deficiency in the Windows Server 2008 backup utility that does not allow you to easily back up Exchange 2007, the way you could with NtBackup in 2k3. The Exchange team promised a solution but never provided one. What are some (h

  • How do you set up DNS in Window Server 2008 in a Hyper-V environment? May 1

    I have a laptop running Server 2008 and Hyper-V. I have created a virtual machine that is also running Server 2008, that I used dcpromo to create as a domain controller. I disabled IPv6 because I had no idea how to enter a default address, and I just

  • SQL Server 2008 - 2005 CompatibilityMay 5

    I want to use SQL Server 2008, but I'd also like to maintain a fall back position of switching back to SQL Server 2005. I know I cannot backup 2008 to restore 2005 and detach/attach won't work - what are my options? [Update] To those asking why, two

  • Install GUI on Windows Server 2008 CoreMay 5

    We have a Server 2008 Core install whose requirements have changed - is it possible to install the GUI components in place, or is a reinstall necessary? --------------Solutions------------- A reinstall is necessary. This is covered in this Microsoft

  • Server 2008 email on Event variablesMay 6

    One of the new features of Server 2008 is the ability to attach a task to a specific event in the event logs. One of the actions available is to send an email through a SMTP server. This is working great, however it would be ideal if in the message b

  • Hide users when connecting to Windows Server 2008May 7

    If I RDP to a Windows Server 2008 box without proving any username or password information I get to see a list of the users on the computer. In Windows Server 2003 this list was not broadcasted. How can I make WS2008 not advertise what users are on t

  • How to enable remote connections for SQL Server 2008?May 13

    How do I enable remote connections on an SQL Server 2008 installation? I have created a rule in the windows firewall to allow traffic through port 1433, but that does not seem to be enough. --------------Solutions------------- SQL Server Configuratio

  • Problems with using non-identical machines in Windows Server 2008 failover clustering?May 14

    In a two-node Windows Server 2008 failover cluster, is it required that the machines be identical? We're looking to utilize existing hardware to reduce downtime using one very fast server and one only moderately fast server, both Dell PowerEdges but

  • Using SQL Server 2008 Management studio to connect to SQL Server 2005 databasesMay 14

    I have a shared hosted SQL Server 2005 at an ISP, that I can connect to from SQL Server 2005 Management Studio. However, I cannot connect from SQL Server 2008 Management Studio. I log on with SQL Server authentication (username+password). When I conn

  • Security tab on Windows Server 2008's IIS7May 19

    I have Windows Server 2008 Web edition installed on a server with IIS7. I'm trying to change the security properties from a file/directory inside an asp.net webiste, but I can't make appear the security tab. I looked on google but did not find anythi

  • Problem restoring a SQL Server 2008 DB running Windows 7 64-bitMay 19

    Has anybody else had this issue? I am running SQL Server 2008 Express and am attempting to restore a database from file. When I click the 'Add' button to choose my backup file SQL Server stops responding. I tried running in Vista SP2 compatibility mo

  • Recurring event log corruption on Windows Server 2008May 20

    I didn't get any help on the TechNet forum so I'm going to try my luck here :). Our web server is running Server 2008 SP1, 64-bit Standard Edition. For the past week or so, we've been experiencing repeated corruption in the Application event log. Eac

  • Upgrading Windows Server 2008May 20

    I'd like to update a Win 2008 server from Web edition to Standard edition. Is this possible as I haven't been able to find an easy way of doing it? --------------Solutions------------- It looks like you can, provided you're on Web R2, or can upgrade

  • Windows Server 2008 roaming profile data synchronisation issue with VistaMay 21

    I have a Windows Server 2008 Standard server and a network of Windows XP machines and one Windows Vista machine. The Windows server is the primary Active Directory server for the network and all users have roaming profiles. All the Windows XP machine

  • Installing TFS 2010 beta on Windows Server 2008 R2 RCMay 22

    I am trying to get an install of the new TFS 2010 beta so I can demo it to my co-workers (on Tuesday). I am not really a systems person, so I did not know that Windows Server 2008 R2 is a Release Candidate only. I thought it was the current version.

  • I cannot connect to my local SQL Server 2008?May 24

    I've just installed SQL Server 2008 and I cannot connect to it with SQL Server Management Studio. My intention is to just let my local windows user be authenticated but I am not totally sure how to do that. In the connect dialog I'm writing: Server t

  • IIS 7 on Vista Home Premium and Windows Server 2008May 25

    I am a developer, when i bought a laptop, i got Vista Home Premium installed on it. I have IIS 7.0 running on it. Is the IIS 7 running on my Vista Home Premium machine the same as the one that is on Windows Server 2008? --------------Solutions-------

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