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  • How to set the UserInfo of a ADAL Token

    How to set the UserInfo of a ADAL TokenJanuary 18

    So im building a ASP.NET web app that uses ADAL with Office 365 but I would like to have ADAL save the tokens so that the user will not have to log into Office each Session. I've looked all over the place and have figured out how to implement a token

  • Access Bearer Token from Adal within Angular for authenticated DownloadJanuary 18

    I have a problem using Adal.JS within a Angular.JS SPA: after the user has authenticated (normal AAD redirect flow), the Bearer Token gets added to the Authorization-Header just as is it should be. Now the tricky part: in certain situations I need to

  • How to manage retrieval of ADAL auth token in a mulithreaded applicationJanuary 24

    I have high volume multi threaded java based application which needs to call REST based endpoints running on Microsoft cloud with Authorization token in the header retrieved using "Azure ADAL AcquireToken". I am using "AzureAD/azure-actived

  • adal-node Server-to-Server returns "Unsupported app only token."January 29

    When trying to use the adal-node library from here for the Server to Server via Client Credentials, the code works for the discovery endpoint etc., but when trying to use it with Office 365, I get the "Unsupported app only token" error. I'm wond

  • Difference between AD token obtained using ADAL & ADAL JSFebruary 12

    I have a unique scenario where the authentication is done against Azure AD using Open ID Connect middle-ware, now once the application is authenticated and session established, I would need to make AJAX calls to WebAPI services sitting on the same se

  • Acquire token silently using ADAL JSFebruary 12

    I have already established session with Azure AD through Open ID Connect, how do I acquire token silently from the browser, I mean without browser redirect, is it possible using ADAL JS? --------------Solutions------------- it is possible. If you are

  • ADFS 2012 R2 (3.0) JSON web token validationJanuary 26

    Our client would like for us to utilize ADFS 2012 R2 (aka 3.0) as the primary means for two security features in internal apps that we are building: The web app (there are two .NET & Angular) and an iOS app will use the OAUTH flow within ADFS Upon co

  • Obtaining bearer token for Sharepoint REST API callsMarch 16

    Our scenario is following: User logs in through SSO (using Azure AD) to our website. On the site we have a page that will show links to some documents from SharePoint. The page will query SharePoint 2013 on prem through its REST API to get a list of

  • Querying share point online Search via CSOM in provider hosted app using App only Access TokenAugust 27

    The Scenario I am developing a Sharepoint provider hosted app. the Sharepoint app web is only used as a repository for storing documents in document libraries and The web application use O365 multitenant app to authenticate users by using ADAL Tokens

  • Azure Active Directory - MVC application best practices to store the access tokenJanuary 19

    I've set up a simple MVC Application using Azure Active Directory(AAD). I need to query the AAD Graph API in order to manage application roles and groups from my application. In the Startup class, I received the AccessToken like that: public void Con

  • Cordova app using angular & ADALJanuary 29

    I'm building my first mobile app using Cordova. The back-end services live on Azure so I'm trying to get authentication working by using the ADAL plugin for Cordova. First of all I found out that the library does not do intercepts as the ADAL library

  • Single-Sign-On between web app and native app using ADALFebruary 8

    We have a web application (Multi-Tenant) and a WPF application and we use ADAL to sign in to them. We want to have a single sign-on experience between these two. i.e. when user signs-in on the web app, then don't prompt them to sign-in on the WPF app

  • Hardware error encountered when using ADAL AuthContext.AcquireTokenAsyncFebruary 9

    I'm using ADAL to authenticate a user in an Android app. After logging in, the screen went black and the Application output showed this error message. [HardwareRenderer] An error has occurred while drawing: [HardwareRenderer] java.lang.IllegalStateEx

  • Cordova ADAL Azure AD acquireTokenAsync fails with certificate error

    Cordova ADAL Azure AD acquireTokenAsync fails with certificate errorFebruary 10

    I'm following this Microsoft Azure Cordova ADAL tutorial. I deployed the sample app to my android device using Visual Studio 2013 with all the latest updates. When I type in the text box and press search, as expected, the app redirects me to the Micr

  • Making SharePoint online REST Call through ADAL and AzureADFebruary 11

    I have integrated an office 365 trial domain into my Azure AD. In the Azure AD I have created a custom application and given it the client key and client secret. Now I am trying to authenticate a simple application using the client id and client secr

  • SSO from ADAL in WPF Client to ADFS 3.0 on Windows Server 2012 R2

    SSO from ADAL in WPF Client to ADFS 3.0 on Windows Server 2012 R2February 15

    I am trying to write an WPF client which uses ADAL to authenticate against ADFS on a Windows Server 2012 R2. I have successfully implemented this using "Forms Authentication" where the user is prompted for the domain username and password. Howev

  • Adobe aquires MacromediaApril 18

    Not it's not a joke. Adobe and Macromedia will be one. "Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR) in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $3.4 billion." How bi

  • Index of PHP tokens for Emacs and beyondNovember 18

    I've been using Emacs as my primary editor for a while now. A lot of people prefer IDE's, but I've never been comfortable with them. I kind of like the ability to show a list of classes & functions in a file though. Emacs can use ctags to generate a

  • Why is my global security group being filtered out of my logon token?June 25

    While investigating the effects of filtered tokens on my file permissions, I noticed that one of my global security groups is being filtered in addition to the regular system-defined filtered groups. My Active Directory environment is a single-domain

  • Which multi-factor access tokens are most suitable for use in an enterprise network?July 23

    I am interested in exploring all of the options to enable multi-factor domain authentication on an Active Directory network. I exclude no technologies from this question however I do prefer simpler implementations to elaborate configurations. Fingerp

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