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add sim card to azpen tablet

  • How do we transfer, or save games, apps, videos etc on external sd card on AZpen tablet A727September 19

    My daughter has an AZpen tablet A727 I believe, it has a slot for an external micro sd card, we placed one in and it shows what it on it but it does not seem to let her save anything on it,or transfer anything on it. The tablet has not enough space f

  • What SIM card size does the Nexus 7 use?December 11

    The iPad uses silly little SIM cards that pretty much need to be purchased ad-hoc. This means that in a pinch situation you can't e.g. swap SIM cards between your tablet and your phone (e.g., if either's ran out of credit). What size does the Nexus 7

  • Lenovo IdeaPad tablet K1 but there no place for a SIM cardDecember 27

    Hello I just got a Lenovo IdeaPad tablet K1 but there no place for a SIM card but it is Wi-Fi and that works but i want to know if I can add a wireless network adapter of some kind to get it to work in a park or in a place were there no Wi-Fi is ther

  • How can I make my phone/tablet ring remotely without a SIM card?January 27

    I appear to have lost my Streak somewhere in my apartment, and I can't call it since I don't have a SIM card in it. I've remotely installed Plan B just because, but unfortunately the GPS coordinates are not specific enough to find it inside my apartm

  • Can I make and receive phone calls using a tablet with a SIM card slot in it?April 19

    I have an Android tablet without telephony capabilities. I can put in a SIM card. When somebody calls my SIM card number (mobile number), can I receive this call? What application do I need? --------------Solutions------------- No, you usually can't

  • How does Google Play determine the region on a tablet without SIM cardOctober 30

    I know Google Play uses SIM card to determine the region on cell phones. And I know Market Unlocker and Market Enabler. How does Google Play determine your region on a tablet without SIM card? And how to change it? I have access to IP address where G

  • Does iPad 2 3G's GPS work without SIM card inserted?September 18

    I own an iPad 2 with 3G but I've not inserted SIM card and I'm not planning to unless it's really necessary to get GPS working. I was wondering if iPad 2 3G can navigate without SIM card (thru Navigon for example)? --------------Solutions------------

  • Changing home network on SIM cardFebruary 21

    I have an iPhone 4S from Verizon, which they've "unlocked" for international use. I say "unlocked" in quotes because it's still restricted from US SIM cards. I'm able to use any international SIM, but I can't use a SIM from AT&T, T

  • How to disable PIN on SIM card

    How to disable PIN on SIM cardMay 28

    My SIM card is stuck inside the slot of my laptop and I can't get it out without causing further damage to my laptop. Every time I log in gnome-shell prompts me for the PIN. Whether I am about to use it or not. On my phone I know I can disable the PI

  • Verizon GSM SIM card for unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 September 20

    Sometimes it's desirable to use a device on a carrier that does not officially sell it. Often this is due to regional differences and travel (for example, using a US phone in Europe) but also because some carriers simply do not offer phones that othe

  • How can I stop my phone sending an SMS every time I insert a SIM card?February 14

    I have one Samsung tablet and one Samsung mobile phone. When I insert my Airtel SIM in tablet then it automatically sends one SMS to an unknown number, and when I insert the same SIM card into my mobile then it again sends one SMS to an unknown numbe

  • Using Mobile SIM card with an iPad MiniApril 10

    If I buy a Wifi and Cellular iPad Mini, could I cut down my mobile SIM card and use its cellular data with the iPad? --------------Solutions------------- A simple question but there is no simple answer. You'll need to know the frequencies and protoco

  • Why is there no network in my new Samsung Galaxy S2 when I insert my Prepaid Sim Card?April 11

    I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S2 and insert my Prepaid Singtel Sim card. When i turn it on, it doesn't have any network and states 'no service' --------------Solutions------------- Summing up from the comments: Your device is most likely sim-locked b

  • Combining Facebook contacts with SIM card numbersSeptember 10

    I have a new HTC One Mini and I can only import all of my contacts from Facebook, not just the ones I want in my phonebook contacts list, so that is really annoying. Also, I added a few numbers to the SIM card, but I can't combine them with the Faceb

  • Are there any problems caused by setting up my phone before the SIM card arrives?September 25

    Bought a brand-new Samsung S4 mini and ordered a new SIM card which is due to arrive in a week. So far I've inserted the battery and charged it. Should I turn it on, even without a SIM-card in it, or would all the settings go awry? For instance, I he

  • SIM Card not detected after encrypting deviceJanuary 17

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo (Model GT-S5310B) running Android 4.1.2 The device is not rooted and the update notifier tells me I have the latest available version installed. Today I tried encrypting the device (I did a full encryption). The enc

  • Remove "No SIM Card in Phone" message

    Remove "No SIM Card in Phone" messageFebruary 3

    I recently changed to a newer phone and currently using my old android phone as a sort of "ipod". However, it always shows the message that there is no sim card. I know this is just an annoyance but is there anyway to disable it? I am rooted run

  • Cannot access google after SIM card changeSeptember 10

    I am currently on a vacation in Portugal and bought a local sim card for a Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock ROM. Now I cannot access any google services anymore. The rest of the internet works fine but any site using google's cdn fails to load. Android o

  • Can I use my brothers old SIM card that's in an iPad he gave me?September 25

    My brother just gave me his old iPad after purchasing a new one. He accidently left his SIM card in there because he got a different SIM card for his new one. I won't be able to add to my current carrier plan for another month or so, but when I turne

  • How to create contacts on SIM card/internal memory?January 21

    I'm trying to add new contacts on a phone, but I can only create Google contacts. I really don't want to hand over data to a company that has no real understanding of the meaning 'privacy'. I just want to create contacts on my SIM card or internal ph

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