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  • Openwrt on Airlive AirMax5December 14

    We are tyring to install openwrt firmware on Airlive Airmax5 which is running DD-WRT by default. Can anyone please help me, how to install openwrt on wireless router. Waiting for reply. Caterpillar... --------------Solutions------------- Since its ru

  • ddwrt client brigde acces point lostAugust 11

    Ok I have an AP with ddwrt firm (i know its not the best, but continue reading!) AP is configured to work like a wifi "transparent" brigde, also it had a virtual wifi network card to expand radius of wifi signal in that same AP. The brigde is wo

  • Dynamic DNS update script for a DDWRT router - Help with scripting neededDecember 23

    I'm running a WRT54GL with DD WRT, and having my domain hosted at zoneedit. For some reason, automatic dynamic DNS clients don't seem to work- they get the ipaddress of what i believe is a proxy server., so i want to throw together a script. In short

  • DDWRT or similar as repeater in a networkMay 16

    I have a friend with sever connection issues due to her wireless router being on the bottom floor of her house, and the computer being a story or two away. I have several old Linksys routers lying about, one of which is currently running DDWRT for my

  • Duplicate the functions of the ddwrt xsl namespaceJune 16

    I am creating a custom print function for our Sharepoint data as we have some requirements about the way the data is formatted and some of this depends on the content. I am using xml and xsl for this as we are not really allowed to use xslt dataview

  • how to change the frequency my buffallo router w/ddwrt uses?October 21

    how to change the frequency my buffallo router w/ddwrt uses? getting bad connections in one of my rooms in a house. old router didn't have any issue so I am guessing it could be a frequency issue? --------------Solutions------------- I'll assume you

  • ddwrt:IfNew doesn't work in SharePoint Designer 2010November 4

    I used to use the ddwrt:IfNew in SP 2007 to show if docs or items are new but trying the below doesn't work. Any ideas.... <xsl:if test="ddwrt:IfNew(string(@Created))"> <img alt="" src="../images/GMAILNEW.gif" width=

  • Ubuntu Server On Airlive Access Point DeviceFebruary 25

    Is there anyway to install Ubuntu (server) on Airlive WL-5460AP access point device? --------------Solutions------------- With 2MB Flash, 16MB SDRAM and an unknown processor architecture, I'm going to have to say no. The server kernel alone would fil

  • Factory reset on a DDWRT hacked routerMarch 20

    I installed DDWRT on a linksys router and changed the default ip for the admin login. I'm trying to get back into the router but forgot what ip I changed it to. What would happen if I were to try to do a factory reset on this router? --------------So

  • How to install a program on a DDWRT hacked routerMarch 20

    I need to install a program on a linux router. Can this also be done on a linksys router that has ddwrt installed on it? How? --------------Solutions------------- To install things on a router with DD-WRT, you must enable a few things in the router a

  • Content Query Web Part Error Message - 'ddwrt' is not definedMay 10

    I'm following this web article on configuring content query web part - http://erikswenson.blogspot.com/2010/03/sharepoint-2010-content-query-for-blog.html When I try to add this line to my xsl <xsl:variable name="StartDate"> <xsl:value-

  • Having trouble getting ddwrt repeater to do more than half workJune 2

    I did this: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Client_Bridged And it half works. I can ping the client bridged router from my wired network and I can get to the ddwrt admin page on the router via the wireless bridge it made to my main wireless rout

  • Unable to connect to Airlive Wireless AP through Ethernet

    Unable to connect to Airlive Wireless AP through EthernetDecember 16

    This is crazy. I've connected the Airlive WL5460AP with an ethernet cable to the computer. The computer detects the access point, but doesn't establish connection. The LAN port is LAN1 according to the manual. The Service Line told me to configure my

  • Can ddwrt change port number when forwarding?January 31

    I use RDP all the time at work to remote to my home pc. Trouble is that port 3389 is blocked by our company firewall so I tweaked the RDP service at home to listen on the telnet port (23). My old router (3 years ago) used to be able to change the por

  • Handle the event generated by ddwrt:GenFireServerEvent('__name')February 9

    I have a custom DataFormWebPart that renders some content based on an XSLT. Inside the XSLT I have a button that does a postback like so: <input type="button" value="..." name="..." onclick="javascript: {ddwrt:GenFire

  • DDWRT, redirect LAN IP requests on port 80 to external proxy serverFebruary 16

    I'm trying to redirect all port 80 requests on a single LAN IP to an external squid proxy server outside of my network. For debugging purposes, I'm attempting this from the router level as the application does not have proxy support but does send its

  • ddwrt Schema Unavailable?April 30

    So: I'm trying to use the ddwrt:FormatDateTime function in an XSL transform, but I'm getting the following error: Exception details: Method: System.Collections.Generic.IList`1[System.Xml.XPath.XPathItem] InvokeXsltLateBoundFunction(System.String, Sys

  • Problems with Netflix Streaming, DDWRT, and Xbox 360September 3

    Basically, I have been having problems getting Netflix Streaming to play on my Xbox 360 with my DD-WRT router. The thing is, it will play some movies, sometimes. For example, the other day, I could not get it to play Nikita, now today, it will play N

  • Users not getting ip when connected through wifi,but wired connection getting ip in ddwrt routerNovember 23

    I am having DD-WRT v24-sp2(05/08/11) running on Asus RT n 13 u B1 router,with dhcp on. But users not able to connect through wifi...its showing obtaining ip address and disconnects there after. Wired Devices are getting ip address and able to access

  • How to set the DDWRT router to use only opendns?November 28

    I need to setup my router to use opendns. It have the latest DDWRT firmware. But I want the router to act as a DNS server so it will cache the queries. I have set the Additional DNSMasq Options as follows : no-resolv strict-order server=

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