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Android backup app data programmatic

  • where android backup its data?May 15

    For some reason, I had to reset my nexus5. Thankfully, I had "Backup my data" on. So, most of my settings are back. But I need to access the backup to change the wallpaper position (it has reset my last wallpaper, but I need to slide it). I have

  • access iCloud backup app dataMay 10

    How can I access the iCloud backup app data, i.e. the app data from my iPhone? E.g., I would like to make a local copy of it on my computer (without accessing the iPhone directly, i.e. really just the iCloud backup app data). --------------Solutions-

  • How to backup app/data folder programmatically on android? [on hold]February 12

    I want to create an application which has the following functionality. It should backup of below files and upload it to remote server or sdcard. Video Audio Photo App/data Call History sms Contacts I don't have any idea how to start this. Any help wi

  • Backup app data without root and no micro USB port

    Backup app data without root and no micro USB portMay 9

    How can I backup an app's data (i.e. Angry Birds scores and achievements) on my Nexus 7, running Android 4.2.2? My tablet is not rooted and my micro USB port is damaged, disallowing me to connect to the computer. Any suggestions? --------------Soluti

  • Backup app data and restore across ROMsOctober 26

    I always use Titanium Backup to backup my apps' data. However, last time I tried switching to a different ROM, it didn't work very well. I let the apps be installed automatically by android, and then tried restoring their data with TB (user apps only

  • How to backup apps + data using TitaniumBackup directly to SMB shareMay 12

    I've been searching for answer to this question for quite some time now and finally decided I should as a question here. So I've managed to find a kernel module (cifs.ko) for my kernel build on xda-developers forum/site. Then I ssh to my phone (GT-I9

  • Backup app data from iOS8.3 to PCJune 28

    I'm using Windows and always used the iFunBox-classic to be able to backup save games, but after the update to iOS 8.3 trying to open the application by iFunBox-classic display anything, it is a blank screen. Backup other things is working. Updated i

  • How to Backup app data in Bluestacks?September 23

    I'm playing CaseClicker and I want to know how to backup its data in Bluestacks. I tried with ES File Explorer. But, When I go to the /data folder there are nothing. Please help me.

  • How to backup my app data if my phone is not rooted? January 27

    Possible Duplicate: Full Backup of non-rooted devices I'm going to flash (format) my Samsung Galaxy S2 (both the external sd and internal sd) . My phone is not rooted. But there are some app's data that i want to backup before formatting.Those are so

  • Does the built-in Google app data backup work?July 23

    This question is a long time coming I guess. I have been seeing claims in Android since the dark ages that our data is being backed-up to the cloud, and recently "Sync App Data" showed up as well in the account settings. However when I have to r

  • How to move App Data from rooted Gingerbread to unrooted KitKat?January 3

    I want to move App Data of some apps from my rooted Galaxy S (Gingerbread 2.3.5) to unrooted Nexus 7 G1 (KitKat 4.4.2) & I don't want to root my Nexus 7. So, Titanium Backup restore on Nexus 7 isn't possible. My Gingerbread device is already rooted t

  • Is it possible to store app data on the cloudAugust 4

    Alright. Let's see if something revolutionary works :) In theory, Is it possible to store app data on the cloud I.e a Dropbox account, and withdraw data from it as required? I have an amazing idea, but naturally I want to know if it could work. If so

  • Backup/restore data multiple sets of data for selected Android apps

    Backup/restore data multiple sets of data for selected Android appsOctober 11

    I'm seeking recommendations for an Android app that will backup/restore data for selected apps and maintain multiple versions of the data. The paid version of Titanium Backup does this, but I'm looking for a gratis solution. Note that root apps are f

  • Can I use Adblock Plus for Android and still see per-app data use?July 19

    I have a rooted device and I'm interested in installing Adblock Plus for Android. The app, that is, not the Firefox extension. The FAQ says: To filter ads, all traffic has to pass through Adblock Plus. Android considers this to be the traffic caused

  • "App Data" Sync & "App Data" Backup both are same?June 11

    May be its silly but I'm curious to know the actual fact. I searched google and this site a lot but didn't got satisfiable result. So asking. There is "App Data" sync in Settings->Accounts->Google There is also Backup My Data in Settings-&

  • Restore app data backup without access to usb debuggingOctober 24

    Google backup didn't work, and I tried Helium, but you have to connect to usb debugging in order to "enable" it. I have access to usb debugging on the phone i'm backing up, so I have the data, but my new phone only came with a usb-c to usb-c cab

  • Can you dump the contents of your phone (os + apps + data) and run that in an emulator/Android Studio?November 3

    Is there a way to dump the contents of your phone (OS + apps + data) and run them on a PC in an emulator of some sort? I feel like there are security implications to being able to do this but with physical access to a device my experience has been th

  • Cant BackUp specific app dataFebruary 14

    okay so i am unexperienced in all that stuff. software really isnt my cup of tea. i try to be detailed here so i will probably be wordy. prologue: i use a acer liquid e700 (it uses android 4.4.2 kitkat). the audio jack doesnt work anymore so i bought

  • Extract App Data from Nandroid / CWM BackupJuly 23

    I use ClockworkMod Recovery, and Slimbean. Recently, my slimbean started hanging at the loading screen and getting insanely hot. So I took a backup, and cleaned flashed AOKP rom. It's working fine so far. Initially, I tried to do a flash without clea

  • How to backup metro "app" data, manuallyOctober 21

    I'm a PC tech and I have been getting more and more Windows 8 issues. First off I hate metro, and secondly I hate "apps". I like to do fresh installs of Windows8. I backup my user's data and then fresh install. Assuming there is no recovery part

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