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Android crashing after factory reset

  • Android: "wipe data/factory reset" won't delete all directories in '/sdcard'July 19

    I'm trying to reinstall my Asus Transformer TF101 with Cyanogenmod, I select the "wipe data/factory reset" option in the ClockworkMod Recovery menu, but after installing it I find that the original directories remain in '/sdcard' (I expected the

  • Can't get back into android phone after factory resetAugust 20

    I returned my phone to factory reset after I had certain issues witht he device. The factory reset was successful, however I am now prompted to the configuration menu of the phone, as expected. The only thing is, that when I select my language and wi

  • Password protect android device manager factory resetSeptember 3

    I've just got a new device and am setting android device manager up in case I ever lose it or it gets stolen I want to enable the remote factory reset but I leave my google account logged in on my home computer. If someone was to visit the android de

  • My Samsung Galaxy Spica crashed, a factory reset didn't fix the problemFebruary 18

    After a factory-reset on my Samsung Spica, followed by a recovery setup the phone keeps hanging with the setup-wizard. Does anybody has a solution for that? OK, it's not recovery setup, it's the recovery mode by pressing volume down, call and stop. w

  • Factory reset for every Cyanogenmod Update?December 16

    I plan to install Cyanogenmod on my new Android phone. For this first install, I've to do a factory reset - what's no problem on a factory new phone. But do I have to perform this factory reset on every minor and major update of the mod in the next m

  • com.phone.android keeps crashing immediatelly after factory resetJune 4

    I am having the very-well known problem where com.android.phone keeps crashing all the time. I have done a factory reset and the problem had immediate effect just after the 1st reboot. So, we can exclude cases like crappy applications. I know that th

  • All of my launchers keep crashing, my only fix is to factory reset. I need help for backing up valuable dataJune 21

    I have a Galaxy S2 running on ICS. It is not rooted. Recently it keeps crashing. No app will start with the exception of lock screen and the notification curtain. My menu button does not work so during my research on this problem the "download GO Lau

  • How-to unlink the main Google account from android device without a factory resetNovember 2

    While setting up my HTC Hero phone, I have entered my gmail account in the setup. But now I want to remove it (I don;t want to change with another account). How do I do it ? I have searched a lot on Google and everywhere I found that I have to do fac

  • How can I have android reinstall my installed apps after I do a factory reset?March 30

    I have a nexus one and I installed a bunch of apps on it. After I do a 'factory reset', I go back to 'Android Market' and I see it is trying to download the apps I installed before. However, all of them are stuck in 'Downloading...' - they do not get

  • Will factory resetting my device remove the Android upgrade?August 20

    I have upgraded my phone to Android 2.1. I need to reset my phone but I don't want to lose the upgrade. Is it possible to do this? How? --------------Solutions------------- Don't worry, a factory reset will not change the version of the OS installed.

  • Will my Android device change to Gingerbread when I factory reset it? August 20

    I have upgraded my phone to Android 2.1. I need to reset my phone but I don't want to lose the upgrade. Is it possible to do this? How? --------------Solutions------------- Don't worry, a factory reset will not change the version of the OS installed.

  • how to prevent accidental factory reset in android? January 31

    Is there any way to prevent a factory reset, like password protection? I would basically like to protect my phone from resetting if it gets stolen. --------------Solutions------------- Not possible on any stock recoveries that I have seen. A custom r

  • Can you factory reset an Android device but not wipe away info on the SD card?December 1

    I am looking into factory resetting my 2.2 Android tablet. Is there a way to do this without wiping the contents of the SD card? --------------Solutions------------- Factory resets do not normally affect the external SD card, e.g., /sdcard/external_s

  • Factory Reset Android Developer Phone without passwordDecember 18

    I used to have an Android developer phone (an ancient HTC Innovation) that I recently gave to a friend. Now we're trying to unlock it so he can use it. We put in the unlock password too many times, so now the phone is asking us for my Google password

  • How can i do factory reset using adb in android?February 4

    How can i do the factory reset in android using ADB command? I had used adb reboot recovery command to get reset. But third party applications couldn't be cleared somehow.Is it correct way to achieve using ADB? Actually, I want to do factory reset an

  • Recovering encrypted SD card after Android Factory ResetFebruary 28

    I was using Active Sync on my Android Galaxy S2 and as a result it enforced encryption of the phone and SD card. Phone did a factory resync and now data on SD card is still encrypted. Is there a way to recover the data off the SD card? Is the key req

  • Factory Reset NYX mobile Android 4.0March 25

    I have a Nyx Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, running Android 4.0. I need to do a factory reset, but I'm still not able to do it. How do I do it? I'm able to get the little android man with the red triangle and exclamation mark. Thank You guys! -----------

  • Factory reset Cynogenmod 10 OS in LG P-500 makes applications crashApril 10

    Previously my friend installed cyanogenmod 10 OS in my LG P-500 phone. It was working so superb. I had to do factory reset to the phone for deleting some files, after which I am unable to open any of the applications, not even browser and play store.

  • Update to Android 4.2 disappeared after factory resetJune 21

    My Galaxy SII recently updated to Android 4.2. I then had to reset to factory settings and the update has disappeared. If I search for updates, a message comes up saying the latest updates have already been installed. Can I get this back somehow?? --

  • How does an android factory reset work? August 25

    This question already has an answer here: Should i do the factory reset? If yes, what will i lose? 5 answers Is it safe to Factory Reset my tablet to improve performance? Will I lose the uninstallable apps? 2 answers When performing a factory reset,

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