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  • How can I read SMS messages from the inbox programmatically in Android?May 11

    I want to retrieve the SMS messages from the inbox and display them? --------------Solutions------------- Use Content Resolver ("content://sms/inbox") to read SMS which are in inbox. // public static final String INBOX = "content://sms/inbo

  • Android Studio Error: "R" can not be resolved

    Android Studio Error: "R" can not be resolved May 19

    I just downloaded and installed the new Android SDK. I wanted to create a simple application to test drive it. The wizard created this code: package eu.mauriziopz.gps; import android.app.Activity; import android.os.Bundle; public class ggps extends A

  • How to automount an Android phone as USB mass storage?

    How to automount an Android phone as USB mass storage?July 16

    When connecting my Android device to a PC, it prompts to mount it as USB mass storage. Is there a way to force it to auto-mount? --------------Solutions------------- While the answers on here were correct at the time, since then a few apps have come

  • Converting video for Android using Adobe Media EncoderJuly 17

    I'm trying to convert some video to H.264 and play it on my Android mobile phone. I have Adobe Media Encoder and can easily create files that play on my PC but when I copy them to the phone the media player app just complains that it can't play them.

  • How to make a sound your ringtone in Android Studio August 13

    I'm trying to find a way to set a new default ringtone by code from my Android activity. I have already downloaded the ringtone into a bytearray. --------------Solutions------------- Finally, I managed to set the default ringtone to one that i downlo

  • Itunes conversion to HTC Android Thunderbolt - how to achieve September 26

    I have just bought a shiny new HTC Hero. Is there any way to get it to sync with iTunes. In particular I'm looking at Podcast management. Same question targeted at the Zune Sync Android with Zune Update I am running Windows, but I feel that Mac users

  • Cannot take screen shots of my Android phone from windows 7October 2

    I'm trying to connect my HTC Magic to take screenshots on Windows 7 but's it's not getting detected by DDMS application. Windows 7 seems to list the Android Phone among the "devices and printers", I tried to update the drivers to the ones within

  • android studio pause counting loop October 5

    I want to make a pause between two lines of code, Let me explain a bit: -> the user clicks a button (a card in fact) and I show it by changing the background of this button: thisbutton.setBackgroundResource(R.drawable.icon); -> after let's say 1 sec

  • Standard Android Button with a different color

    Standard Android Button with a different colorOctober 5

    I'd like to change the color of a standard Android button slightly in order to better match a client's branding. The best way I've found to do this so far is to change the Button's drawable to the following drawable located in res/drawable/red_button

  • Why is the Android emulator so slow? How can we speed up the Android emulator?

    Why is the Android emulator so slow? How can we speed up the Android emulator?October 12

    I have a 2.67 GHz Celeron processor, and 1.21 GB of RAM on a x86 Windows XP Professional machine. My understanding is that the Android Emulator should start fairly quickly on such a machine, but for me it does not. I have followed all the instruction

  • Using Android 2.0 with Exchange server behind firewallOctober 28

    Blackberry has an enterprise server that works with MS Exchange, and pushes all updates to the user's blackberry devices. We are considering switching to Android phones, which supposedly support Exchange servers. Will there be a similar program for A

  • Android (Verizon) Push Mail from enterprize serverOctober 30

    Our Company currently have blackberry phones, and I would like to add a android (Verizon) to the mix. We are a Enterprise 2003 mail server (windows) My admin is stuck with the possibility of using a blackberry enterprise mail server along with a push

  • How to require "password" when booting into Android on Acer Aspire One AOD250?November 4

    I have an Acer Aspire One AOD250 which comes with a dual-booting system with Android and Windows XP. When I boot into Android, it goes straight to the home screen without any verification of my identity, unlike Windows requiring a user password, or t

  • How do I send SMSes from my computer through an Android phone?

    How do I send SMSes from my computer through an Android phone?December 21

    I have an HTC Hero Android (European version) unlocked phone. Is there an app that will let me type away all my text messages on my PC and send the SMSes directly from the PC through my phone? I'm basically looking at something like a Nokia PC Suite'

  • Android - Loading, please waitDecember 30

    Is there a standard "Loading, please wait" dialog I can use in Android development, when I invoke some AsyncTask (downloading some data from remote service for example)? --------------Solutions------------- You mean something like an indetermina

  • can I sync contacts, calendars and music from Android to Ubuntu?January 5

    The only thing preventing me from moving over to Ubuntu completely is my iPhone. I'd happily consider switching to an Android phone if it had proper sync support in ubuntu. I'd like to sync contacts (Google contacts) calendars (Google calendar) music

  • How do I install Android applications from the PC?January 25

    Currently I don't have an Internet connection available on my cellphone and I would like to install some applications on it. Is it possible? Do I have to use the market? --------------Solutions------------- You can use the Android Debug Bridge (adb)

  • Sync contacts on Outlook 2007 with Android 2.0 via usb

    Sync contacts on Outlook 2007 with Android 2.0 via usbFebruary 1

    My boss got a new HTC something from Verizon. He wants to sync his Outlook contacts with the handset. He doesn't need to do it that often, maybe once every month or so but everything I see is for syncing Google contacts. Any ideas? --------------Solu

  • "Debug certificate expired" error in Eclipse Android pluginsFebruary 3

    I am using Eclipse Android plugins to build a project, but I am getting this error in the console window: [2010-02-03 10:31:14 - androidVNC]Error generating final archive: Debug certificate expired on 1/30/10 2:35 PM! How do I fix it? --------------S

  • Ordered lists inside an Android TextViewFebruary 4

    I want to display an ordered list inside a TextView, for example: 1) item 1 2) item 2 Using the following layout: <TextView android:text="<ol><li>item 1\n</li><li>item 2\n</li></ol> /> I get: item 1 item 2 Ho

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