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  • Get root component ElementRef or ComponentRef angular 2January 24

    I'm building modal service in angular 2. I resolve most of the issues but i have problem placing the modal component in the body element in a nice angular way. I use DynamicComponentLoader.loadNextToLocation function to get the modal component and pl

  • Good way to secure multiple Angular 2 componentsFebruary 4

    A common recommended way to secure Angular 2 component/routes seems to be to use @CanActivate(), like here: http://youknowriad.github.io/angular2-cookbooks/stateless-authentication.html If you have only a few components this works fine, but is there

  • Measuring angular distance with photographsDecember 27

    Is length in a photograph proportional to angular distance in the photographed scene? Example: I take a picture with the horizon vertically centered. In the picture, I know that the point 1 inch above the center corresponds to 10 degrees above the ho

  • Alternator with torque proportional to angular velocityJune 20

    Im interested in buying or designing an alternator/electrical generator that increases torque as rpms increase - is there an alternator design that increases resistance as rpm/angular velocity increases? The alternator is for an exercise bike and wou

  • Characterizing Photodiode's angular response

    Characterizing Photodiode's angular responseAugust 13

    I like to make a simple experiment to characterize the angular response of a particular photodiode. (SFH206K). Current thinking is to use a flat table, use a red laser, turn off the lights, point the laser to the photodiode at various angles and look

  • Calculating the angular direction from velocitySeptember 15

    I'm trying to calculate the angular direction of a projectile, knowing it's X and Y velocity I can find the magnitude of its movement, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around getting the angular direction (in radians) that it is moving...

  • plotting angularly-wrapped data in cartesian space with matplotlib

    plotting angularly-wrapped data in cartesian space with matplotlibNovember 23

    Perhaps I've made the title more complicated than the question, but here goes...! I have some angular data, contiguous in the x-y plane, that straddle the 360 => 0 degree line - ie, 358,359,0,1,2.... If I were plotting these and setting: plt.xlim(0,3

  • How to calculate continuous motion with angular velocity in 2d

    How to calculate continuous motion with angular velocity in 2dJune 16

    I'm really new with physics. Maybe someone would be able to help me to solve the next problem: I need to calculate position of an agent on the plane(2D) in next time step where time step is large(20+ seconds) What I know about agent's motion: Initial

  • Quaternion dfference + time -- angular velocity (gyroscope in physics library)June 20

    I am using Bullet Physic library to program some function, where I have difference between orientation from gyroscope given in quaternion and orientation of my object, and time between each frame in milisecond. All I want is set the orientation from

  • Determining the angular displacement of a steering wheelNovember 24

    I am working on a project in which I am designing a vehicle driving simulator. In this project I need to measure the angular displacement of the steering wheel. The car in software simulator environment will change its direction based on the degree w

  • Angular JS break ForEach

    Angular JS break ForEachDecember 12

    I have an angular foreach loop and i want to break from loop if i match a value. The following code does not work. angular.forEach([0,1,2], function(count){ if(count == 1){ break; } }); How can i get this? --------------Solutions------------- There's

  • How to bind 2 models to one input field in Angular?December 15

    is there anyway that i can bind two model to one input field ? Suppose I have input field which I want to be the value of two variables in the scope something like: <input type="text" model="sn_number; id" > --------------Solutio

  • c++ How to use angular velocity that derived from inertia and force(torque) in 3dDecember 17

    I am relatively new to game development. May my terminology and description are not appropriate. Please excuse my poor phrasing and help me by giving advice on how to question better if this question seems less fitting. I really appreciate your effor

  • Angular.js - controller function to filter invalid chars from input does not delete chars until a valid char is enteredDecember 18

    I have created a JSFiddle of the issue I am experiencing here: http://jsfiddle.net/9qxFK/4/ I have an input field that I want to only permit lower case letters, numbers, and hyphens (this field will be used in a URL). I have the following angular.js

  • inline conditionals in angular.jsJanuary 4

    I was wondering if there is a way in angular to conditionally display content other than using ng-show etc. For example in backbone.js I could do something with inline content in a template like: <% if (myVar === "two") { %> show this<%

  • Angular JS photo app for personal cloudJanuary 19

    I've been working on my first Angular JS app for the past few days. It's in a very early stage (no real functionality), but that will only make it easier to review what IS there. The client side is written in CoffeeScript. The app used Requirejs to m

  • How can I detect angular movements and disregard lateral movements?

    How can I detect angular movements and disregard lateral movements?January 22

    I'm working on a project that involves a flat platform that a user can tilt from side to side and forward and back. I'd like a sensor that can monitor the angle difference between the platform's original position on and its current orientation. Do I

  • Angular - clear form input after submitFebruary 4

    I have a simple form like so: <form name="add-form" data-ng-submit="addToDo()"> <label for="todo-name">Add a new item:</label> <input type="text" data-ng-model="toDoName" id="todo

  • GoodFil.ms co-founder on Angular.JSFebruary 12

    Here we go with yet another JavaScript framework to introduce you to! Angular aims to augment browser-based applications with Model–View–Controller (MVC) capability. It does so by reducing the amount of JavaScript needed to make web applications func

  • Applying Angular Acceleration in a Basic Physics ModelFebruary 27

    I'm attempting to use a basic physics system to create an arcade flight model. So far I have managed to get the aircraft moving forward, apply gravity, etc. However, after trying to implement torque I noticed some interesting behaviour in the flight

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