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Apache bulk domain parking configuration

  • Multiple domains to same virtual host on Apache? Domain parking?August 20

    I'm planning to create my own domain parking solution. I'll have some folders on my /var/www with static websites and i'll park some domains (200 or more) to some folders. Some domains will be parked on a certain folder, other on other folders. Somet

  • How to configure apache with domain name in raspberry piDecember 15

    i have a raspberry pi(IP: connected to my PC(IP: via LAN port. PC is connected to a router(IP: i got raspberry to get connected to router, i bridged the lan and wlan port so (in windows7 -> network and shari

  • Apache restrict domain May 14

    This question already has an answer here: Apache: Scammers point dozens of domain names at my dedicated IP. How to prevent this? 3 answers I would like to configure Apache (2.2)to restrict what domains users can access e.g. if apache FQDN is myapache

  • Apache Sub domains

    Apache Sub domainsMay 15

    Hello, This is my first thread. Specs: BIND9 Apache2 Debian Lenny Single I.P Problem: I'm trying to setup subdomains for my users in apache. I'd like username.mydomain.com to point to a /www folder in their home directory. Apache2.conf looks like thi

  • Do I need to restart/reload apache when adding a configuration file under /etc/httpd/conf.dAugust 4

    Do you need to restart/reload Apache when adding a configuration file under /etc/httpd/conf.d? I know that editing the httpd.conf need a restart or a reload but unsure if file placed in the conf.d need apache to get restarted. Thanks for the help EDI

  • What is the best way to automate "domain parking"? May 22

    Assume I have a domain http://go.example.com/abcdefg when example.com is server running on NGINX. The main task of that server is to proxy pass all visitors to other server and then, this other server redirects person to specific, predefined link (fe

  • Does OG Mailing List "Domain Name" configuration setting allow different mail list address than address Drupal is installed under

    Does OG Mailing List "Domain Name" configuration setting allow different mail list address than address Drupal is installed underMay 19

    Does OG Mailing List "Domain Name" configuration setting allow different mail list address than address Drupal is installed under In OG Mailinglist 7.x-1.1-alpha2 for Drupal 7 there is a setting under OG Mailinglist configuration called "Do

  • Can I put content on a subdomain for search engines to index while leaving the main domain parked?February 15

    I registered a domain example.com. I created a subdomain sub.example.com. I submitted this site sub.example.com to search engines. The main domain example.com is still parked and is not on internet. Will this plan work? Is sub.example.com treated lik

  • apache default virtual host configuration for www domain name February 20

    Here is my apache default configuration for virtual host <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin [email protected] DocumentRoot /var/www <Directory /> Options +FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None </Directory> <Directory "/var/www/mydir&qu

  • apache pass domain through mod_proxy to validate with mod_accessJune 17

    I have an apache proxy server that forwards requests to backend servers. The backend servers use mod_access to allow or deny access to specific directories. Before implementing a proxy server with backend web servers, the one web server used a syntax

  • How to serve Rails application with Passenger/Apache without domain name?January 17

    I am trying to serve a Rails application using Passenger and Apache on a Ubuntu server. The Passenger installation instructions say I should add the following to my Apache configuration file - I assume this is /etc/apache2/httpd.conf. <VirtualHost *:

  • Make Apache Ignore Domains on the Same Server (Ubuntu 9.10). How?May 2

    I'm running Apache on Ubuntu 9.10. I want Apache to ignore certain domains on my server, and let other HTTP servers make full use of them. I've used mod_proxy and other Apache modules to configure the proxy/redirect to certain ports but sometimes tha

  • apache sendmail: trying to change user "from" address from apache to domain accountMarch 30

    I apologize if I am asking a question already answered, but my problem isn't really that I haven't found an answer. I have, in fact, found a half-dozen different "solutions" to my problem, tried them all, in various combinations, and have been c

  • Apache root domain SSL virtual host doesnt work?May 26

    I have an apache installation at mydomain.com with document root at: /var/www/html/ There are three folders in document root: myapp1 myapp2 mysite I want the following configuration with subdomains: myapp1.mydomain.com --> /var/www/html/myapp1 myapp2

  • Apache + mod_python - can't configure serverAugust 15

    I have got Ubuntu 10.04 (XEN) VPS. I want to set up Django server. I use apt-get to install django packages, apache, apache-mpm-prefork. Before using this configuration I saw "It works!" title, when I use ip/domain to get access to the server. A

  • Automatical domain parking September 15

    I have a dedicated Linux server with The Planet / Softlayer. I need to set up some kind of automation so when a domain is pointing to my server it should automatically display default html page, unless I have added the domain in my Cpanel to point a

  • Apache redirect domain and all subdomainsJanuary 11

    I have an Apache configuration setup with multiple virtual hosts as subdomains. I have just purchased a new domain name, and I want all requests to this domain name to redirect to the new one, including subdomains: old.com > new.com sub.old.com > su

  • Apache log rotation not configured in ISPConfig 3?

    Apache log rotation not configured in ISPConfig 3?April 6

    I've just realized that my webserver logs were piling up in the tens of gigabytes. I have checked the logrotate.d config for apache, but it is not configured for the log files in /var/log/ispconfig/httpd/, it only handles the default apache2 log dire

  • Apache local domain not resolving [hosts are being ignored]October 11

    I'm having issues getting a local domain to resolve. In chrome when trying to load http://dashboard.example.local I get the following error code: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN But it's the typical "This webpage is not available" screen. I've tried

  • Apache - Changing domain name and restricting accessApril 15

    I have two websites already configured (not by me) on Apache server (under Debian): beta.mydomain.com that is located in /www/sitebeta mydomain.com that is located in /www/site I've also created a new "landing page" located in /www/sitelanding W

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