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apex 5.0 dml update ORA-20987

  • Oracle apex issue - ORA 20987: APEX - User nobody requires ADMIN privilege to perform this operation. - Contact your application administrator

    Oracle apex issue - ORA 20987: APEX - User nobody requires ADMIN privilege to perform this operation. - Contact your application administratorJanuary 25

    I recently migrate my application from APEX 4.2 to 5.0. And now when i try to log in, error message shows up like this. ORA-20987: APEX - User nobody requires ADMIN privilege to perform this operation. - Contact your application administrator. it hap

  • Scheduled Apex Job for field updateSeptember 8

    I am new to Apex and I need help with scheduled apex job for field update. The apex job should run every day during the last 5 days of each month. It should check if "Last Status Report__c" field (type: Date/time) has the current month. If the m

  • Apex Trigger - Picklist Value Updates Separate Picklist Value - SAME Object May 11

    Very basic trigger...2 Picklists, same object (Lead)...Use custom Lead Source Picklist to update standard "Lead Source" picklist, they have exact same values...they should always be in sync trigger UpdateSource on Lead__c (after update) { for(Le

  • Design question related to Apex bulk DML updateDecember 16

    I have a bulk set of records coming in as input to my API which need to be upserted. The way I am upserting them is as follows. Retrieve all records considering account Ids ( records have master look up on Account object) Construct primary keys using

  • Chatter in Apex: is it DML?February 13

    So there's times you can't DML (getters, constructors, components without allow DML, etc). Can we use chatter in apex, or is that also considered inserting records? --------------Solutions------------- I did a quick test using the ConnectAPI, and loo

  • Apex - how to batch update a 'ranking' on all accountsApril 3

    For a simplified example, assume that all our accounts have a ranking based on revenue. Every month I want to update these rankings based on new accounts that were added. Assume we have 50,000 accounts. The logic is pretty simple, create a list of al

  • scheduled apex+Too many DML rows: 10001December 18

    I am getting this error when i look at my apex jobs UI "Scheduler: failed to execute scheduled job: jobId: 7072000002391Am, class: common.apex.async.AsyncApexJobObject, reason: Too many DML rows: 10001" All suggestions I have seen tell me to sch

  • Rerender apex:details after DML async method callFebruary 21

    I have found a strange behaviour and I can't find why does it happening. I have custom object Test2_c with custom text field Status_c. I want to change it's status asynchronously, so I prepare a VF page: <apex:page standardController="Test2__c&quo

  • Apex trigger with Field update not working for all usersAugust 18

    I have a trigger that emails the Contacts Household Email whenever a new Absence object record is created for a Contact. Inside the Absence custom object, I have a field for email. I also have a field update that, after a new Absence record is create

  • Database DML Update partial success versus Data LoaderDecember 15

    I have a Trigger On OpportunityLineItem when it's get updated, it will update the Opportunity. I need to update OpportunityLineItem in Bulk. For that, Using Dataloader I kept the (batch size =200) of DataLoader and Used DML below. if(oppListToUpdate.

  • Apex batch does not update scopeApril 25

    I just created a batch that set some null values in some fields, what I notice is that the batch sets the nulls but it does not update the Object. I need to Edit and Save in order to see the new values. Any ideas? Thank you! here is the batch code: g

  • Apex Test Class - After Update TriggerJuly 31

    I have a test class that is only covering my trigger 48% and I want to get it as close to 100% as possible. It appears there is one section that I am not covering when using the Developer Console but I am not sure how to modify the class to include t

  • Apex Batch Job and Update status of a fieldJune 2

    I have requirement to update the status of the field to "Queued" as soon as it is picked up a batch job and after the job is completed then I need to set the status to "Processed". The reason is, I have a scheduled job that runs every

  • ORA-06550: line 13, column 4: PLS-00103: Encountered the "UPDATE" ORA-06550: line 15, column 3: PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "END"February 10

    EXIT WHEN update table set counter=1 where counter is NULL; -- LOOP until condition is met END LOOP; --------------Solutions------------- EXIT WHEN FLAG=1/*give some exit criteria here .You wrote update statement which was incorrect*/; --update table

  • APEX Trigger on the updati October 10

    trigger quotepotential on Quote_Line_Item__c (after insert) { list<batch__c> b=[select batch_value__c from batch__c order by batch_value__c DESC LIMIT 1]; if(!b.isempty()){ list<Quote_Line_Item__c> quotelineitem=new list<Quote_Line_Item__c&

  • Apex test class : Dml exceptionOctober 23

    I used trigger to create opportunity when account is created. The trigger code as follows : Trigger: trigger createOpp on Account (after insert) { list<Opportunity> opps = new list<Opportunity> (); for(Account a : trigger.new){ Opportunity opp

  • Can we update fiscal year settings using apex code?February 23

    I have a situation in that suppose one condition is satisfied then a month let say 'April' is set as Fiscal Year Start Month, otherwise 'Jan' is set. I have to do this by apex code, not from the setup|administration|company profile. Can we do so by u

  • Is there a way to update duplicate leads in an apex listJune 26

    Hoping you can help.. We receive bulk email marketing data into Salesforce which creates 'events'. These events include things like the date, if any URL was clicked and if so, what the URL was. We are trying to track these URLs and increase a custom

  • writing apex DML and soql using less number of statements August 7

    i recently started working with Force.com. I use SOQL and Apex to do DML a lot. I recently learnt a way to do something i do very frequently with very less number of lines. I would like to know if there are any such other shortcuts for frequently use

  • Updates by apex class are partially successful,unable to debugSeptember 25

    I have a batch apex class in production that deals with custom objects Call2_vod__c and Hcp_Depth_Tracker. Finds out number of calls with same Account field and Territory field value and updates the number in Total_Actual_Calls_Month_OAPI__c field of

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