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app2sd not working on marshmallow

  • App2sd - Changing the SD CardJune 7

    I plan to purchase a new micro SD card for my phone, I use app2SD for most of my programs, so what I wonder is what will happen if I get the new SD card, will I be able to copy the content of the old card onto the new card and still operate the phone

  • Do I need to (re-)partition my SD card for app2sd to work?September 20

    I have a rooted HTC Hero, currently running VillainRom (Android 2.1). I want to install FroydVillain (Android 2.2), which supports app2sd, but I'm not sure whether I need to repartition my SD card before I install 2.2 and if yes, how, if I want app2s

  • App2SD doesn't work - I don't even have the optionJanuary 30

    So I got a Verizon Samsung Stellar (it has Android 4.0.2) a few days ago. All's going well, but I don't have the option to transfer an app to my sd card. However, I can move files etc with a file manager, so the phone recognizes the SD card is there.

  • When will my device get the Android 6.0 update (Marshmallow)?

    When will my device get the Android 6.0 update (Marshmallow)?May 28

    Android "M" was officially announced on at the Google I/O conference on May 28, 2015 and revealed to be 6.0 Marshmallow on August 17, 2015. You can review the high-level changes at the Android website and the announcement on the official Android

  • getColor(int id) deprecated on Android 6.0 Marshmallow (API 23)July 23

    The Resources.getColor(int id) method has been deprecated. @ColorInt @Deprecated public int getColor(@ColorRes int id) throws NotFoundException { return getColor(id, null); } What can I do? --------------Solutions------------- UPDATE 2015-08-22 Start

  • Marshmallow USB connection typeOctober 6

    I just flashed the Android 6 Image to my Nexus 7 (2013) LTE a few minutes ago. It was a clean flash, so I copied my files over to my PC. When I plugged it in after it booted, Windows detects it, installs the drivers automatically and shows the device

  • Boot loop after flashing Android 6.0 Marshmallow on my Nexus 5October 7

    I had Android Lollipop installed on my Nexus 5 (Was Rooted, had TWRP and MultiROM installed) and wanted to simply start fresh with new clean install of Marshmallow. So I followed the instructions (step 1 to 6): https://developers.google.com/android/n

  • "Google Now" swipe from Home button is not working in MarshmallowOctober 8

    After updating to Marshmallow I was playing around with settings. I don't know what I changed, but now when I swipe from the bottom, "Google Now" is not coming. I used to assign that with Greenify to lock the screen. How to get it back? --------

  • Boot loop after updating to official Android 6.0 Marshmallow on my Nexus 5October 9

    Last day I got the notification to download and install official Android 6.0 Marshmallow in my Nexus 5, which is not rooted, was running Android 5.1.1 and no custom ROM. As I downloaded and installed it, from that point its gone to boot loop state (t

  • How to access sd card from computer in marshmallowOctober 10

    Recently I upgraded my cell phone from Android Lollipop(5.1.1) to Marshmallow(6). While setting up the SD card, I choose Use as internal storage option. Now when I plugin my cell phone to my computer I can not see any SD card. So I can not read or wr

  • How can I install Marshmallow?

    How can I install Marshmallow?October 11

    Apparently there's this really fun flappy bird game built into Marshmallow that's even better than the one in Lollipop. I've got a Nexus 5 and really want to play it ASAP. How do I go about doing this? I'm looking for both a Multirom-compatible zip a

  • Strange WiFi battery usage on Marshmallow Nexus 5

    Strange WiFi battery usage on Marshmallow Nexus 5October 13

    I have a question about the WiFi battery usage on the Nexus 5. In the first screenshot you see my battery/WiFi usage. The second screenshot shows the battery/WiFi usage for the Nexus 5 of a colleague of mine. Strangely enough, my WiFi is disabled. Wh

  • How to enable the landscape mode on the default launcher on Android Marshmallow?October 16

    I can read on various news websites that in Android 6 Marshmallow, it is possible to rotate the screen on the launcher. I can't find any setting about this on my Nexus 5 and when I activate automatic rotation, it doesn't rotate on the launcher. Any i

  • Why is Play Store still asking for all app permissions on install on Android Marshmallow?October 16

    From everything I've read, when installing a new app from the Play Store under Marshmallow, it is supposed to just install with no permission questions (e.g. Slash Gear article). The app is then supposed to ask for each permission it needs as you run

  • Calculator WiFi usage on Marshmallow, Nexus 5? What?

    Calculator WiFi usage on Marshmallow, Nexus 5? What?October 19

    I have not used the calculator app. I also don't know why it would be using the wifi or any kind of external data. Yet behold, below: I flashed 6.0 recently and restored some apps from an old backup, but nothing that looked like calculator. Should I

  • Issues after using SD card as internal storage in Android MarshmallowOctober 23

    I got an update for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and there's an option to use the SD card as internal storage. I did that and am now able to install apps, etc to it. But the problem is, all the apps which needed an SD card stopped working (e.g. Camera, W

  • Why "Services Exchange" drains my battery since Marshmallow update?October 24

    I have a simillar problem since Marshmallow. Unfortunately, as suggested I did clear the cache and I did a factory reset but the problem persists... "Services Exchange" continues to drain my battery in less than 3h without using my phone at all,

  • How does Marshmallow encryption work technically?October 26

    I just installed Marshmallow on a Nexus 5 through a pushed update. I am confused about the way encryption works. I have good technical knowledge of encryption on computers. I would like to gain similar knowledge about Android 6. The following is what

  • Manual update to marshmallow possible for rooted phone October 31

    This question already has an answer here: When will my device get the Android 6.0 update (Marshmallow)? 2 answers Can an unlocked phone such as Moto be updated to Marshmellow upon release, or are we stuck waiting for Motorola or the carrier? --------

  • Marshmallow only displaying https sitesNovember 5

    The network connection on my Nexus 6 with Android Marshmallow (rooted) is messed up, and right now the only pattern I can see is that only pages with HTTPS are displaying. I can supply a bug report. --------------Solutions------------- Don't know why

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