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applescript check if file exists

  • Shell script check if file exists?November 30

    I wrote a simple backup script which back ups my stuff on a remote server, everything is working great but I'd like to have some sort of report like "backup successful or not". this is my script # backup CHECK date1=`date +"%d.%m.%y - %H.%M

  • Applescript giving error 1728 when checking if file existsFebruary 8

    I'm trying to make compressing a video file using HandBrake easier through applescript and have been basing most of the code off of templates I've found. At this point in the code, the user has specified the source file and the destination folder. In

  • How to check a file existsAugust 5

    How do I determine that a file exists using a shell script? I.e: #!/bin/sh if [ Does File Exist? ] then do this thing fi --------------Solutions------------- You probably want /bin/bash unless you need to use /bin/sh, /bin/sh is more restricted. So i

  • Looking for methods to Check if File ExistFebruary 10

    I'm working on a custom theme framework for educational purposes. I basically have a header.php in a child theme that i want to make smarter. I'd like to only include a stylesheet if the file exist. Getting 404 errors is not cool or efficient. Are th

  • Shell script to check if file exists in user homeMay 28

    I want to check if the User home on OS X has a file environment.plist in .MacOSX folder and if this file exists then append some new key values into it. But if it does not exists then create this file with new key values. I am new to OS X so I don't

  • Check if file exists at URL instead of pathOctober 24

    How can I check if a file exists at a URL (instead of a path), in order to set a pre-populated default store into the iPhone Simulator: NSURL *storeURL = [[self applicationDocumentsDirectory] URLByAppendingPathComponent:@"Food.sqlite"]; /* Set u

  • Is it better to check if file exists before deleting itMay 31

    Sometimes when I want to delete a file (from within a script), I will just delete it rather than checking if it exists first. So I do this: $ rm "temp.txt" 2>/dev/null Instead of this: [ -f "temp.txt" ] && rm "temp.txt&

  • How to check if file exists in remote Windows from local Linux script?December 8

    I'm writing a sh script to download a file from a Windows SFTP server. However, before doing so I want to check if the file exists. There were many questions out there that suggests downloading winexe, or doing ssh [email protected] test -f file and other al

  • Check if file exists before calling a task on Laravel Elixir 5.2January 14

    I need to check if a file exists before trying to combine all the pre-compiled frontend libraries that I'm using on my website. That's my gulpfile.js so far: var elixir = require('laravel-elixir'), fs = require('fs'), assetsPath = './resources/assets

  • ICS FTP - function to check if file exists on the ftp serverJanuary 14

    Does someone know how can I check if a file exists on a ftp server using Over byte ICS FTP? Do I have to list all files and then parse the result or there is another way to do this? Thank you. I use to code below in Indy.It works. But in my project I

  • Ajax settimout when checking if file existsJanuary 25

    I`m checking if a file exists. Using 1 second intervall to check. What I wanna achive: Firing an alert if after 10 seconds the file isnt found. I tried to settimeout inside the intervall, but with no success. Any Tipps would be great, thanks in advan

  • User file upload: Check if file exists before upload (prompt overwrite yes/no)February 3

    I have a simple form that allows users to choose a file then upload it. How can I check if the file exists before the file is uploaded, if it exists, prompt the user to confirm the overwrite (yes - overwrite, no - don't do anything/cancel). I have he

  • How does Visual Studio Code check if file exists in a directoryFebruary 17

    Whenever I am writing typescript programs and use reference paths in visual studio code like ///<reference path="../directoryName.ts">, The editor immediately gives me a error if such file is not found even when I didnt build the project y

  • Single command to check if file exists, and print (custom) message to stdout?February 1

    Hope it's OK to note this, now that I've encountered it: I'm already aware that one can test for file existence using the test ([) command: $ touch exists.file $ if [ -f exists.file ] ; then echo "yes" ; else echo "no" ; fi yes $ if [

  • Check if file exist before counting the length of the string in text fileJanuary 16

    I am having a hard time figuring up why this code of mine gives me an unhandled exception error where in fact it is an if statement.. If (Not System.IO.File.Exists("C:\file.txt") And System.IO.File.ReadAllText("C:\file.txt").Length <

  • How to check the file exists in particular directory in c#?January 28

    I am using 3 arrays with files which contain images. I can get the file name from the first array. How to check if the same file name exists in the third array? The 3 arrays are named filearray1, filearray2, filearray3. Both filearray1 and filearray2

  • Checking if files exist in some remote folders with bashMay 17

    I need to do a script to look in some folders and send an email if there are files in these folders. I've tried to do something like this but I get errors with the command variable and print of the folder. for folder in "FOLDER1" "FOLDER2&q

  • Checking if file exists to launch different programsJanuary 17

    I use the following code to check for a file named loaded in the shared folder.This works when the file is placed in the local dir but it does not write the file to the shared folder. What I'm i doing wrong? file="/Users/shared/loaded" if [ -f &

  • Htaccess - Check if file exists after url rewritingJanuary 27

    I've created this rule: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)/account/(.*)$ accounts/$1/$2 [NC,L] to point an address like this: example.com/john/account/img/1.jpg to example.com/accounts/john/img/1.jpg and it works. I kno

  • When calling Python functions that make files and check if files exist, how can I run these functions such that they run in their own directory?January 29

    I'm working on a big project, and many of the functions that I call check for metadata located within the same directory that the functions and files are located in. However, if I call these functions from a parent script, the file checking and writi

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