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  • How do I set the clock speed fuses on an ATtiny85 when using an Arduino as a programmer?December 14

    I'm following this tutorial, programming the ATtiny85 with an Arduino, using it to play some tones (through a piezo speaker). I'm struggling with getting the tones at the right pitch (I'm creating the wave forms manually, as the tone() function is un

  • ATTiny85 and USB with Android?February 3

    I have developed an Android app which talks to an Arduino Mega through USB. The C code is 1.8kb and will fit on an ATTiny85 chip in order to shrink the circuit to almost nothing. The problem is... How do I introduce USB to the circuit so I can still

  • Changed fuses on ATtiny85, now Invalid Device SignatureMay 30

    I changed the clock fuse bits on my ATtiny85. Now I can't flash anything to it or even change the fuse back. I get the error: avrdude.exe: Device signature = 0x000000 avrdude.exe: Yikes! Invalid device signature. Double check connections and try agai

  • attiny85 drops voltage level on an output pin- why?

    attiny85 drops voltage level on an output pin- why?February 7

    I am in the process of building a wireless transmitter that is driven by an attiny85. I have programmed the MCU to encode the data using Manchester encoding and I have used an oscilloscope to show me the wave form that results on the output pin of th

  • ATtiny85 + shift register + IR demodulator April 8

    I had the ATtiny working with the shift register, but when I added the IR receiver to the code the shift register did not work as desired. I have a shift register connected to 8 LEDs and controlled by an ATtiny85. I also have a button and an IR recei

  • ATTiny85 not working after burning bootloaderApril 23

    I am having a problem with my ATTiny85. I should mention I use Arduino as an ISP to program it. My ATTiny worked fine until I decided that I need to step up the clock speed from 1MHz to 20MHz so I selected ATTiny85 at 20MHz from the Boards menu and t

  • ATtiny85, ARduino IDE, TinyDebug: Error sending int valuesMay 24

    The setup: An ATtiny85 is programmed using the Arduino IDE, it is supposed to read the ambient light from an LDR and turn on/off an LED accordingly. To get a better understanding of what my sensor readings are in different lighting situations I'd lik

  • Short String overflows.text area on ATtiny85, Arduino IDEMay 29

    I'm using the Arduino IDE with arduino-tiny (https://code.google.com/p/arduino-tiny/) on an ATTIny85. My code is maxing out the RAM, or so it seems: Adding a single String to my code, even just carrying one character, throws a compiler error: (...)re

  • ATtiny85, timer 1B does not work if COM1A1|COM1A0==0June 27

    I read the datasheet, and checked http://www.avrfreaks.net forum, but I cannot understand why on an ATtiny85: int main() { TCCR1|=_BV(CS10); GTCCR|=_BV(PWM1B); GTCCR|=_BV(COM1B1)|_BV(COM1B0); DDRB|=_BV(PB4); OCR1B=0x80; while(1){} } Does not work unt

  • Memory management problems with ATTiny85July 4

    The setup is as follows: I have a little program to drive single color 8x8 led matrix using 595 shift registers that are supplied with data by ATTiny85 through USI as SPI Master. I upload program to ATTiny85 using Arduino Uno. Program is compiled and

  • How many external interrupts has attiny85?July 17

    The title is quite self descriptive. I ask this question because I found contradicting information in the atmel web page. I need two external interrupts to control one rotary encoder. One interrupt control pulses from one pin (both rising and falling

  • i2c + 7 segement serial display + ATtiny85July 31

    I have a project that requires a 7 segment display and I was trying to get away with using the smallest micro controller possible. Does anyone see any problems with connecting an ATtiny85 to a 7 segment display or have an experience with it? https://

  • How to wire a button for input on an Attiny85 using Arduino code?September 21

    I am trying to "shrink" my arduino project to an Attiny85. But for some reason I cannot get an input button to work on the Attiny85? To simply the circuit and to make sure I didnt make a mistake somewhere I took everything off except for a butto

  • Problem programming ATTiny85 "Invalid device signature."

    Problem programming ATTiny85 "Invalid device signature."October 6

    I am trying to program ATTin85 using Arduino I used the hardware support file from "High-Low Tech" here http://hlt.media.mit.edu/?p=1695 With this schematic: After downloading the ArduinoISP sketch to the board, I tried uploading the blink sketc

  • ATtiny85 PWM: why does COM1A0 need to be set before PWM B will work?

    ATtiny85 PWM: why does COM1A0 need to be set before PWM B will work?January 25

    I want to enable high-speed PWM output on PB4 using an ATtiny85. Having read the datasheet, it appears that the following conditions need to be met: PLL and PCK need to be set to enable the high-speed peripheral clock The prescaler needs to be set to

  • ATtiny85 simulation in AtmelStudio 6.1 (build 2730, SP2)

    ATtiny85 simulation in AtmelStudio 6.1 (build 2730, SP2)February 22

    I have written a piece of code which manipulates the DDR for port B: #include <avr/io.h> int main(void) { DDRB = 0; DDRB = 1; DDRB = 2; DDRB = 4; DDRB = 8; DDRB = 16; DDRB = 32; DDRB = 64; DDRB = 128; return 0; } I'm using the simulator and I'm havi

  • How many servos can I run on an ATtiny85?

    How many servos can I run on an ATtiny85?March 1

    This is my first time asking a question on this website, so please correct me if I'm doing something wrong... I have been working on a small project which runs three Servo motors on an ATtiny85, using C on Code::Blocks on a Mac. So far, I have accomp

  • Problems Re-Flashing ATtiny85 After Setting prescale to 0x00April 21

    After flashing the ATtiny85 with code including setting the clock prescale to 0x00 (in code, not flashing the fuse), the next time I try and flash I get the following errors preventing me from doing so: avrdude.exe: error: programm enable: target doe

  • Mystery while driving a NeoPixel Ring (WS2812) with a GEMMA (ATtiny85)June 18

    I am working with an Adafruit GEMMA and NeoPixel Ring 16 LEDs (ATtiny85 and 16 WS2812 leds) and trying to get a program to light the LEDs according to my "pattern" structure below, representing R, G, B, R, G, B, R, G, B. The code below works but

  • ATtiny85 power consumption double expected

    ATtiny85 power consumption double expectedAugust 10

    I'm trying to get an ATTiny85 to run off a battery. I have it clocked from a 16.384 MHz crystal, with the divide-by-8 fuse set. Vcc is 3.3 volts. Figure 22-7 in the datasheet says that at idle ( set_sleep_mode(SLEEP_MODE_IDLE); sleep_mode(); ), it sh

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