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  • Async Routes Causes Server-Side Checksum Invalid ErrorFebruary 16

    I'm using Webpack, react, react-router, react-redux, redux, and simple-redux-router. I got this error while using react-router with async routes and server-side rendering: bundle.js:1 Warning: React attempted to reuse markup in a container but the ch

  • Policy Based Routing Not WorkingJune 5

    We've just implemented a secondary internet connection. It will be used as pure failover so for the time being I just want to avoid async routing issues. I've setup 2 routing tables: fw1 ~ # ip route sho tabl 10 | grep default default via 59.167.xx.x

  • How do apps know about asymmetric routing?July 26

    We made did a campus LAN upgrade recently, during which we migrated from a mixed EIGRP/OSPF IGP to a multi-area OSPF redistributing to/from BGP on our WAN. We have two entry points on different sides of the campus with two different AS' numbers, so n

  • Node.js Dealing with AsyncJanuary 22

    I'm trying to get my head around the async nature of node.js. I've got a express route below which I know won't give the the data I need. Essentially the first mysql query works 100% as expected and the json data that gets returned in res.json is cor

  • Reloading of page does not route to correct nested routeJanuary 23

    This used to work well when I have only 1 level of routing but after having 2 levels it does not work. I have a root router { path: '/', name: 'Index', component: Index, useAsDefault: true }, { path: '/settings/...', name: 'Settings', component: Sett

  • Use a dedicated subnet to connect all routers/firewalls?July 8

    I have a couple router/firewall boxes (pfSense, TMG 2010, ISA 2006) on my network that are stateful. Right now they all have an interface on the same subnet as most end user devices and servers. I will be making some changes and putting some servers

  • Async IndexRoute doesn't load with react-routerFebruary 8

    I can't get my index route (Home component) to load, would really appreciate some help as to what I'm doing wrong? My routes.js file looks like this module.exports = <Route path="/" getComponent={(location, cb) => { require.ensure([], (req

  • IPsec Tunnel Between Cisco and XP, Quick Mode fails When Initiated By RouterNovember 12

    I have been trying to set up a IPsec tunnel between a router and my Windows XP box. The router is, and the XP machine is However, I can't seem to get the tunnel working. I have set the tunnel to apply it ICMP, and ping

  • Setting up a Cisco router for dial in accessJune 24

    Our MPLS provider needs our routers to be setup with modems so that they can dial in and make config changes when necessary. I have connected the modem to the router (Cisco 2600) via the aux port. When I dial the # for the modem, it rings, but never

  • How to include route handlers in multiple files in Express?May 19

    In my NodeJS express application I have app.js that has a few common routes. Then in a wf.js file I would like to define a few more routes. How can I get app.js to recognize other route handlers defined in wf.js file? A simple require does not seem t

  • Structuring code to do URL routing for Node.js August 21

    What would be the best (performance, memory wise) to achieve a clean way to create a class or some way to properly structure the code, that shares 2 variables (req, res) which have a decent object size. And yes, for those who use Node.js it are the r

  • Simple Policy Based Routing for matching source packet to return packetMay 14

    I have two ADSL modem-routers and a server all in the same statically-assigned IP address range ( Internet 1 -- ( Modem 1 ( -- Switch -- ( Server Internet 2 -- ( Modem 2 ( -----/ Eac

  • How to log all DNS requests made through OpenWRT router?August 15

    I have an OpenWRT router that is running dnsmasq. I want to create a file that has each domain that has been requested through the router. My output should looks something like this: google.com cnn.com wikipedia.com news.google.com gmail.com Ideally

  • Do we need even more web frameworks in C# now that async await is hereAugust 30

    Developing endless frameworks for web application, websites and web services is always great fun. It's one of the richest areas where you have 100 different ways of achieving pretty much the same thing. Even with all this abundance, I've recently man

  • Configuring Dialout with the Cisco 2500 routerSeptember 28

    I'm working on configuring dialout with a Cisco 2511 router and external modems. The end point is a dial-in server, which will create a ppp connection. I use this guide as a reference but it only work with async1 port, when I switch to async2 and pin

  • HP MSR 30-10a Router - Route Traffic over Default RouteOctober 23

    We have a brand new HP MSR 30-10a Router. We have a fairly simple routing situation - we have two IP blocks, one which has a route out. We need things on the first block to go through the router, and out. I have an old Cisco 2801 router doing the job

  • Cisco Router as Terminal Server Buffering Issue

    Cisco Router as Terminal Server Buffering IssueDecember 13

    I have configured a Cisco 2911 with an HWIC-1T card as a terminal server using the configuration below. I can telnet to port 2003 of the loopback address and establish a serial connection to a laptop connected to the HWIC-1T card. interface serial 0/

  • Is TCP message order still guaranteed when using async IOFebruary 9

    Here the scenario I'm imagining. Two messages are transferred, both will require 2 packets each (I know you don't deal with packets directly with TCP, but on the IP level each message will consist of 2 packets [or segments as they're called in TCP])

  • HTTP routing frameworkJune 6

    I am new to JavaScript programming and would like to get your comments/input or corrections on this chunk of code. I have tried to emulate patterns from recognized GitHub projects but I still don't have good feel for what "good" NodeJS code look

  • Cisco 2611 router memory use-up

    Cisco 2611 router memory use-upJune 18

    We have an old old guy from year 2000 or so, named Cisco 2611 and he is going nuts lately. It hangs every three days and about 10 - 20 hours. I wasn't believing my Observium monitoring system at first, here's the diagram: And the peak happens to be e

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